Wednesday, July 12, 2017


In May, our babysitter had to take a week off and I didn't really know what to do with Sloane for an entire week. I figured I would probably have to take time off work to cover a couple of the days and I decided that if I was taking time off work, we were going to do something fun. I booked a trip to Atlanta pretty spontaneously (for me) to visit my besto, Erica. 

Everything went really smoothly and while it was a little difficult traveling alone, people were super nice and we got some nice perks out of it. (In the SLC airport at least, people were a lot less nice in ATL airport). The flight there was pretty rough, I was in a middle seat with Sloane on my lap and she was not having any of the things I brought to keep her busy. She hated her headphones, so she wouldn't watch anything, she was not interested in the markers or the magna-doodle (all NEW toys btw). She kept dropping/throwing everything on the floor and it was near impossible to get any of it until the end of the flight. The two people on either side of me weren't much of "kid people" and were getting a little annoyed because Sloane was so rowdy. She didn't sleep a wink (wha??) and didn't want to eat any snacks. Also, it was pretty rough air the whole time, so the "seatbelt" sign was on the entire flight, so I couldn't just go let her run wild (which was one of my 'Plan D' ideas prior to the trip). It was the longest 3 hours and 45 minutes. I was just watching the flight tracker in disbelief that time was passing so slowly. Finally we landed and Erica was right there in the perfect spot to take us home and take real good care of us. 

Sloane was in heaven! She loves play kitchens and Erica's girls had so many fun toys! 

Making and feeding herself some dinner. 

The first day we went to this awesome park and played for a few hours before naptimes. 

Sloane saw this duck, goose? and sat right in front of it and started motioning it to come here. It was really cute for 2 seconds and then the duck-goose started getting all weird and puffing up and looked like it was going to strike so I scooped Sloane up so fast and we high tailed it outta there. 

Later that day it rained and the girls could not have been happier playing in the water. 

One night after the kids were in bed, we snuck off to a place called "treat your feet" and got hour long massages on just our feet. At first, I was like an hour for feet is wayyy too long, but at the end I couldn't believe a whole hour had passed. They did all kinds of weird stuff to our feet and calves. It's a place where you sit in the dark and several other people are in the room getting massages at the same time. It was so hard for us to keep it together. When we get together we are so giggly and this night was no different. At one point they started slapping our feet around SO loud. I was holding in my laughter so hard until I heard Erica finally burst because she had been holding it in too. Then it was over, we were both out of control laughing and everyone in the room thought we were ridiculous immature grown women, and we were. 

These kids trying to get their shoes on every time we left was pretty great to watch. 

One day we went to the Atlanta Aquarium and it was so great. That place is super impressive and Sloane loved it. These two are only about a month and half apart. 

Kennedy was such a good little mom to these babies. She kept them happy in the car and even kept them awake when we really needed them not to fall asleep. 

My favorite part of the aquarium was the dolphin show. It was LEGIT. We were in the splash zone and so nervous that we were going to get soaked, but luckily didn't get it too bad. Sloane was a little nervous with the loud music and flashing lights so she cuddled up on my shoulder and she watched and it was the best. She almost never cuddles me these days, so I was soaking it up!

The rest of the time we spent playing with toys, eating such good food (Erica made the yummiest food ever, felt like I was at her house growing up again, she's got her mom's skills.) We also went to a couple of yummy places, none of which I can remember the name of, but there were some delicious tacos, pizza and burgers involved. 

Georgia is really pretty and super green, I should have realized but I have this weird stigma with big cities and when I hear Atlanta I just assume it's gross and desolate. Not so people!

We went on walks and drives and talked non stop, we also took family pictures one day and it was ridiculous and so funny to us at the same time. Erica did my hair and while we watched Bachelorette and then ate cookies. I stayed up way too late almost every night. Sloane would wake up way early and I would always get so sad, but luckily she was in a cuddly mood and would lay in bed with me for a few minutes before forcing me out to play. It was a perfect trip. But after 5 days Sloane and I were both very ready to come home. 

The airport was a disaster. Security took forever and we made it to the gate just in time to go to the bathroom and board the plane. Also, it was girl times for me and because security took so long I had a blood bath situation, it was not good. I was so frazzled already and the plane ride hadn't even started! Luckily, the plane ride home was just a little bit miraculous. I was in a middle seat again and stressed about another 4 hour wrestling match. But the people were much nicer and Sloane hadn't taken a nap all day, so I prayed hard that she would. After we took off and a miserable 30 minutes with her freaking on my lap, I decided it was time to get serious. I took her to the back of the plane and did the only thing that gets her to sleep outside of the house. I pin her to my body, restraining every single body part, keeping her still. She SCREAMS, she hates it so bad, but I figured that if people on this plane could endure 5 minutes of terror, the rest of the flight would be bliss for everyone. And I was right, after about 5 minutes of crying and rude looks from strangers she fell asleep. Hard. Usually a lap nap for her is like 40 minutes, and that's all I really wanted, but she slept for for 2 and half hours!!! That's longer than her regular naps guys. I sat and watched La La Land and drank Coke that my friendly neighbor let me put on her tray table. It was the best flight of my life. T

he drive home on the other hand....We were both so done and there was rush hour traffic and it was LONG and miserable. Sloane really doesn't cry much but she had had it on the way home and cried from the middle of canyon until we got home. It was rough! I took this pic when we made it home because I felt victorious. At that moment, I vowed to not travel alone with her again.