Thursday, December 22, 2016


In September we went to Portland. I had some extra miles and was itching to go somewhere, so we booked a weekend trip to the PNW.

The flight left at 10PM and for some reason I thought Sloane would just sleep right through the flight (have I ever met this child?) Well, she didn't. She was wide awake the whole time and had so much to do. We finally made it to the hotel and settled in about 1am. We were tired. 

But the next day we went and explored the gorge and hiked to Multnomah Falls. It was awesome. The hike was harder than I was expecting and I wore the stupidest shoes. It was a pretty hike, but not much to see at the top, so a little disappointing. 

This face. 

These two are so in love and I want to be in their club someday. But I never will be. 

Nate carried Sloane all the way up, I thought I'd be nice and carry her on the way down. Sadly, it was way harder than I thought it would be, I made it, but my hips were lying the next day. 

After that we drove out to coast. We stayed in Seaside and it was the cutest town. I loved it. 
The drive out there was SO cool, it was rainy and foggy and just a little spooky and a lot pretty. We played at Canon Beach for a while. Sloane was chowing down handfuls of sand and we weren't doing anything to stop her. It was a really nice day.

Nate found a sand dollar that I took full credit for. 

We walked around Seaside the night we got there. There were so many cute and fun little shops. One of the best candy stores ever and an arcade that I couldn't get enough of, plus all kinds of other quirky shops. Not a whole of food options, I think we walked up and down the street two times (about an hour walk) before deciding to go to Dairy Queen. We are such foodies. 

That sign behind my lame face says Seaside. 

Arcade Party


After staying on the coast for a night and day, we headed back into Portland to check out the city and see if we could find Fred Armisen. We found some food trucks and ate lunch there and then wandered around for a while. By far the best part of the city was Powell's Books. That place is INSANE. It just goes on forever and forever. We hung out in the children's section for a while and found two of the cutest books and now they are my favorite to read to Sloane. 

The second I put Sloane down, this was the first book she pulled out. For a minute she couldn't get it all the way out, so it just said "My dad is the best" and all I could say is, "YOU WOULD!"

These pics are so cute. I really loved that place. 

After that, we went to a park and played on the swings. I wasn't that impressed with the city of Portland, gotta say it was probably my least favorite part of the trip. Next time we'll just stick to the waterfalls that we're used to....wait, that's not right. 

Peace out PDX. 

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