Thursday, December 22, 2016


Fall was particularly great this year. 

Here comes October. 

Conference Half Time. 
We took a walk on one of my new favorite paths. 

I took Sloane to a pumpkin patch one night when Nate was on a scout camp out. Did I go just to take pictures? Yep. Worth it. 

She kept on trying to pick up the hugest pumpkins and after heaving with all her might she would get too frustrated and give up. 

We went to a corn maze one Saturday because Mom thought it would be fun. 
But Mom was wrong. 
Sloane just kept eating nasty dried ears of corn and walking super slow and not staying on the path. We made it about 30 yards in and then turned back. 

I also dragged Sloane to the Pumpkin Walk, I figure I've only got a couple years of that before she realizes it's lame. I always want to do so many stupid activities and it's so nice to finally have a child to blame those on. It's all for you baby girl. 

This one was particularly relevant, because the next day I was flying to NY for another gnome reunion....also, we got tickets to The Tonight Show. But we'll talk about that later. 

Moving on to other Fall times....Halloween

We carved pumpkins and it was actually one of my favorite times. It was fast and fun and I had little to no expectations, which always makes for a real good time. 

She wasn't as helpful as it looks. 

Halloween was a weird time, but also fun. We got some extra costumes from my mom, and so Sloane was a cheetah, I think. She looked hilarious walking around with a little tail and that hooded animal face.

We went trick or treating to a couple houses, and then she got a sucker and it was all over. She didn't care about anything else. We were so scared to take it away from her because she usually freaks her freak, but she was so tired she didn't care. Phew! 

Holidays are so much better with little ones. 

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