Thursday, December 22, 2016

NYC Round 2

The gnomes decided to go on one more trip to NYC before Riana moves. It's a good thing we did, because they ended up moving even sooner than they were planning. These pictures are so out of order, but I'm losing steam real fast on this massive update, so deal with it. 

This trip had less pictures and more food than the last trip.

Here's a little video Riana made, which will tell a much better story than this post will.

 I forced everyone to do Top of the Rock and I don't regret it. I hope they don't either. It was freezing and it had been a long day, but it was really fun.  
So much cuddling. 

This pizza hit THE spot. I am still thinking about it. It was perfect. I want so much more. Joe's Pizza, btw. 

 A little stroll through Central Park. The leaves were way further behind on changing than Utah, but they were still gorgeous. 

We ran into the Travelocity gnome in Central Park and we all lost our minds. It was just such a fateful coincidence. This is how our conversation went with the travelocity photographer: 

Us: Hi, we have kinda this weird thing with gnomes and we were wondering if we could take a picture with that gnome and maybe you could take it for us?

Lady: Yeah, but I have a weird thing too. I can take your picture, but you have to promise not to post it on social media until the end of the week, because the gnome is supposed to be in Mexico right now. 

We all agreed, except Riana apparently had crossies, because she posted it the next day, she was too excited to wait! 

We went to Occulus, which is new WTC buildings/monuments? It was pretty cool. All the stores there were way out of our price range so we ended up just talking on the balcony for like an hour about nothing and then leaving. We are such bad tourists. 

We took a food tour, we had just eaten and had plans for dinner, but that didn't stop us from eating at every single stop. Also, we were all holding cronuts and desserts from our morning. We are so gross cool.  

I think this was my favorite thing on the tour, creme brulee donut from donut plant. It was soo good. 

Ryan came out with us the first day and we made him take pictures of us. He didn't come out with us again after that. JK, I think he did, he's too nice to care. 

One morning we woke up early to get in the cronut line. If you don't know what a cronut is, look it up. It's this insane craze from the baker Domnique Ansel. Every month he creates a new flavor. They sell out every single day, usually within an hour. You have to wait in line if you want a chance of getting one. We were so worried we wouldn't get one, but we got pretty good places in line and ended up with plenty to spare. 

This one was banana, dulce de leche combo. It was SO good. I want to eat one every day. 

Subway times were weirdly fun again. We had some extensive talks about the subway villages.
Juje raised a great question: "Do they just jump down and run to their house?" 
We may never know. 

Riana's friend scored us tickets to the Tonight Show. It was the thing I was most excited about it and it totally lived up to my expectations. 
They were super strict about no pictures, no cameras, no phones, and I was so nervous I was accidentally going to pull mine out and get kicked out. Natalie almost got kicked out for bringing a backpack for her breast pump, but luckily people are scared of breast pumps, so she made the cut. 

The guest was Ricky Gervais and we got a free book! Woot Woot. 
I had so much energy, I was AMPED up. We had to wait in a room for what felt like forever before they brought us into the studio. Then some funny guy came out and made sure we knew how to laugh. Then it was JIMMY time. He is just as charming and friendly in person. He did his monologue and the interview and then while Michael Buble was setting up for his performance, Jimmy came out into the audience to chat. He stood right next to our row and just answered everyone's questions for about 10 minutes. He was so great. I love him even more now. At the end of the show, he runs around the audience and everyone reaches out to touch him. We mauled him with high fives and hand holds and back pats, we love you Jimmy. It was such a great night! 

Another stop for treats. These cookies are legit. I bought for Nate but like a fool I left it out on kitchen table and Sooky (Riana's dog) got to it. Sorry Nate, better luck next time. 

The last thing on our to-do list was the TODAY show. We saw the whole crew, sneaked into a selfie with Hoda and had a good real good time. Those guys are real pros. 

It was such a great trip. I love these gnomes of mine. See ya next year. 

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