Monday, July 18, 2016


Summer is happening and it's going real fast. 
We went to Bear Lake twice. Two times. 

Here's some pictures. 
I accidentally have WAY more pictures of my family's trip than Nate's family trip, but it doesn't mean that I don't like them. I like them a lot. I didn't separate them into different sections, I guess these two memories will just be forged into one. 

Lola loves me so much more than anyone else. Besides her mom and probably her dad. 

Making dreams come true with marshmallow covered strawberries. 

Cute little besto cousins. 

More cousin times. 

Sloane needed some uninhibited crawling time, so I threw her in the back of Lindsay's van. Anytime I put her down, she would not stop eating rocks and dirt and sand. I consider myself to be pretty laid back with this, but when she starts pooping sand (which tears up her poor baby bum) and selecting the most perfectly sized choking rocks, I have to tighten up the leash a little. 

We sat and watched Nate make breakfast one morning and did NOTHING to help him at all. 

She loved the water. I was so happy she did, we had so much fun! 

Ignore Nate and I and check out that baby. Someone got all the photogenetics. (photogenic genes) 

Alright, alright paddle-boarding is fun. Get off my back about it. 

Those cheeks got so rosy at night, they aren't sunburnt, I promise. 

Trying to force Sloane to be more interested in toys than in eating sand. (Didn't work)

Sloane was just starting her separation anxiety phase on this trip, so unfortunately for the fam they didn't get much face time with her. We left her with my mom for a minute while we went paddle-boarding/kayaking and came back to the saddest baby. It was so weird, it was the first time she's ever been such a little baby about us leaving her. 

I couldn't get enough of her in this little bear suit. And she couldn't get enough of our bed in our tent. We brought an 8inch memory foam queen sized mattress and it was incredible. If Sloane wouldn't have been there, I think it could have been the best night sleep of my life. 
I have lots more pictures of that trip, but I can't get to them right now, so this video will hopefully fill in the rest of the gaps. Yes, it's just 2 straight minutes of Sloane in a swimsuit, get excited. It's my first ever video. I'm probably going to become a famous youtuber pretty quick. 

9 Months old! I can't believe she's already been out as long as she was in! 

I went to a raging "girls only" dance party last month. The theme was Cachella (Coachella+Cache Valley) get it? You were supposed to dress boho/hippie ish, but that was not an easy theme for most cache valley-ians to wrap their heads around. People were wearing some weird shiz. 

And others who totally nailed it. 

Being supes candid. 

Those flowers say Cachella. And the friend on the left is a no-nonsense kinda woman. I was disappointed in but respected her decision to be too mature for this ridiculousness. 

At one point they handed out 2 or more sparklers to everyone and lit them at the same time. We were all so close that it was probably the most dangerous stunt ever. People were burning each other, Lauren stepped on a hot stick and charred her foot, but the worst part was the smoke inhalation. EVERYONE was coughing and hacking like they the emphysema. It was cute. And totally boho. 

This was before the terror set in. 

I'm trying to act like it's fun, but if you look at Lauren, you will see the truth. 

We went to a cookout cooking competition in Green Canyon with some friends.  
I always forget how nice that place is. 

The cruise in was really fun this year. We went to our favorite place right now (Even Stevens) and ate dinner and watched the cars. After we were done we went out and walked the street for a while. 

Sloane was a little scared of the super loud engines, but once they passed she would realize how awesome they were and smile real big. 

I love my peeps.