Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pictures and Captions Edition

This is a post where I just post a million pictures and then write captions below. 

4 Months. What what! 

We had the storm of the century in January and got over a foot of snow. It was so fun and made me feel like a child again. Snow is more fun when you have your own house, and when you have windows and can watch it fall all day. 

Sloane took the first nap of her life and Nate and I went and played in the snow. Girl has got some serious FOMO, but she only falls asleep when there's something to actually miss out on. 

When she woke up, we looked out the window and watched Nate shovel snow for like 8 hours. After he came in, we bought a snowblower. 

We got to go the Provo City Temple open house and it was so gorgeous. We are still talking about how we are going to copy some of the designs. 

Nate got a smoker and started smoking things left and right. This was our (his) first attempt at brisket and it was tasty!

Video chats with the gnomes are becoming a (hopefully) regular occurrence. So crazy to see all these babies. And so fun to have a mom club to talk about all things postpartum and baby. We share tips and compare husbands, but not in a bad way. 

5 Months! Sorry about the boots in the pic, I'm not very good at these progress pics. Most of them are taken like 2 weeks after the actual milestone, oops. 

This tiny has started "eating" solids. She kinda hates purees and won't eat themShe loves gnawing on anything and everything. She mostly just bites off pieces and then spits them out, but every once in a while a bite will get swallowed. 
I love hanging with these two every night. I thought I would miss "going out" at night (because we used to have such a hot night life!) But it's so nice just to be home and with my people. 

My mom and dad came up to visit a couple weeks ago. We went to crumb brothers and made fun of the hipsters. Then we walked around campus and got a tour of the sweet new rec center. 

This is pretty much all we do when I get home from work. I maul her with love and she acts too cool. We also sit by the window and watch for dad to come home. When she hears the beeping from the door unlocking she gets a huge grin and sometimes starts excitedly hyperventilating. 

Sloane can now scoot herself backwards, so she gets herself trapped under the couch all day. She gets pretty upset about it. 
You can see the worry in her eyes.

6 months! What the. I have no idea how that happened so fast. The past 6 months have been crazy and awesome. Our lives are completely different, but so much better. I can't believe how much I love this little lady. She is way better at napping now than she used to be, but still wakes up 1-2 times a night. She is still nursing, but she is getting really distracted and rarely gets in a full meal before she wants to go explore something. She is still in 0-3 clothes. BUT she did finally make it onto the "weight charts". She is now in the 3rd percentile range. Don't worry, her diet starts tomorrow! 
She has two teeth and can roll around and scooch herself backward. She is dangerously close to crawling, gets up on all fours and then lunges herself forward, etc. She'll be crawling in no time, and then life will be all kinds of different. 

Sixth month pics-Take 1

She was super scared of that bear for about a week when I was trying to get her 6 month pic. She would get really quiet and anytime I moved the bear at all she would flinch and start crying. It was weird how I simultaneously wanted to scare her with it and also protect her from it. Motherhood, ya know? (Yeah, me either) I was always trying to hide it or keep it out of her view and she was always side-eyeing the places she had seen it last. She got over it after about a week after Nate played with it with her. It's only fun if he does it, not me. She's already such a daddy's girl. But I don't blame her. 

That fateful night, when she suddenly LOVED her bear again. 

Happy Easter! 
I loved picking out a little Easter dress and shoes. It made me so giddy.
And Sloane loves the shoes as much as I do, she chows on them anytime she gets a chance. 

Her dress is kinda covering her big smile, but if she with Nate, she's smiling. 

But when she's with me....stone-cold. She'll come around someday. I bet. 

The house is coming along. We just got rid of the last of the turquoise paint and it feels real good. The previous owners liked turquoise a lot and had it covering 3 rooms and both the front and back door. It wasn't the worst color, but I wouldn't have ever chosen it or used so generously. It feels much more like OUR house with it gone. Now that things are mostly finishing up inside, it's time to direct our efforts outside. First up, taking down the tree in the middle of our driveway. It is huge and pretty and probably the first tree ever planted in the city, but it is old and dying and needs to come down. Don't be mad, it's had a good life. We (Nate) will then be working on building a garage, and driveway, digging out the backyard, putting up a retaining wall and creating some sweet A outdoor areas. I'm so excited to have a yard. It's been so nice to have somewhere to be as the weather warms up and I get antsy to be outside.