Tuesday, March 1, 2016

San Diego!

 Nate got a flight voucher from when he worked at Color Vibe and it was about to expire back in August, so we decided to hurry and book a flight as far out as we could to anywhere. We chose San Diego, those commercials really got to us. We were so excited for a little getaway and to see a new place. And also, to see how Sloane did. She was mostly great, didn't sleep much and got enough attention and praise to last a lifetime. In true Hayley fashion, I got sick the day before we left and Sloane was obviously sick too. (I think her healthy days are just barely starting to outnumber her sick days. Poor little baby.)

About to board the plane. 
She hadn't slept much and was getting really tired. We had to wait for a while because they told everyone to get up and get ready to board and then they were like, "But actually we don't have a flight crew yet, so sorry to all you suckers who stood up and lost your seats" So we stood in line for a while. Sloane was wide awake and then all of a sudden a super loud alarm starts going off because the guy opened the door and he wasn't supposed to or something. I looked down at Sloane to cover her ears-because deafness was sure to follow a noise that loud- and she was asleep.
Wtf little baby. Apparently, super loud screeching alarms are her favorite lullaby. 

She took a little nap and then woke up to watch us get de-iced. Here we go! Baby's first flight and all that stuff! 
She did so good on the plane, I don't know why I was even a little bit worried. I fed her during take off and landing to make sure and she was pretty happy with that. The guy next to us was sure to tell us that he was on his way to Southern California. We were like, ummmm, yeah man, us too...Let me guess, San Diego??

The day we got there we settled into our hotel and then went to Coronado Island first thing. We got some travel tips from the San Diego master, Lauren, and she was so scary and threatening about us going to Coronado, that we decided we needed to go first, just in case something terrible happened and we could only do one thing.  It was an adorable little island. It was pretty crappy weather when we were there, rainy and cold, but I still loved that place. It was charming and clean. We walked along the beach and went to dinner and explored the Hotel Coronado.

 There was a lady in one of the shops who lost her mind when she saw Sloane. She made us stop, and come in her shop and then she talked to Sloane like she was the Queen of England for 5 minutes and Nate and I just stood there, and didn't really know what to say. She gave her a gift bag with a picture of the hotel on it. It was great. Sloane was SO popular everywhere we went. I can't believe how many people made us stop and ask us all these questions about her. It was really fun to have her be such a novelty. So many people said, "thank you so much, she just made my day" or some variation of how seeing her was the best part of their day. I think she must have been smiling at everyone we passed. We were such proud parents.

It was a sweet hotel and we heard the cheapest rooms were $1000 a night, but then we looked it up and they are actually only like $300, much more budget friendly. 
We were SO tired, and Sloane hadn't slept like ALL day, so we headed back to the hotel at like 7 and felt a little lame for it. Little did we know that that would be our latest night out of the trip! 
The next day we went to breakfast the Crest Cafe, because it was on food network. It was good, but not as good as Guy made it out to be. After breakfast we went and took a tour of the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier. It was really cool and fun for the first hour and then I was over it, but Nate wasn't quite yet. It also happened to be the sunniest day and I was really anxious to be outside. Also, Sloane hates being in the baby wrap and we didn't have a stroller, so we had to carry her the whole time. Yes, she only weighed like 10 pounds max, but she wasn't really good with head control, so she was still kinda awkward to hold. And going up and down steep ship stairs and ladders was difficult/dangerous at times. BUT it was a cool thing to see and I'm glad we went. It was HUGE and it really was a little city on the sea, there was dentist/doctor office, metal shops, a tailor, and post office. 

After the Midway, we went to Balboa Park. We got there a little later in the afternoon so most things were just about to close up when we got there. But we didn't mind, because it gave us a pretty good excuse to go back to the hotel and die rest.

We were back to our hotel by about 6 that night and we just laid around and it was glorious. 

The last day we ventured up to La Jolla. We walked along the beach for a long time, watching the seals, and the big waves. We stopped and sat on a bench over looking the water while I nursed Sloane and it was probably my favorite part of the trip. In the beginning breastfeeding was such a burden and I didn't understand how some women claimed to love it. Now, I finally get it. It is so much more convenient than packing formula and bottles around, and it forces you to stop and take a break every few hours. There are still hard things about it, but I feel so lucky that it has worked so well and so happy that I didn't give up when I really really wanted to. Oops, got a little off subject there. Anyway. We sat and watched the waves and talked and spotted a WHALE. It was awesome, and very hard to see, but since we stopped and watched for a while we were able to see when no one else did.

After that we stopped by the temple. That temple is impressive. I loved walking around it and being there with my tiny little family.

 Sloane liked it too. 

After that we went to the Mormon Battalion center and were kinda disappointed. It wasn't what I was expecting at all. It was pretty cheesy and bless those sister missionaries who have to perform in it all day. I couldn't do it. Sloane hadn't slept all day and so we I was feeling pretty anxious about it. We decided to go through the tour and Nate finally got Sloane to sleep right before it started. About 5 minutes the start a super loud movie and then the sister mish starts hooting and hollering and clapping her hands and everyone joins in. It was a shock to us and it made me way more mad than it should because it about woke up the insomniac baby. She stayed asleep for about 5 more minutes and then woke up as annoyed as I was. 

After that we went back to the hotel for the night. It was about 4pm. We ate a little dinner and I was asleep by 7. The next day we got up, did a little shopping and then went to the airport. We had some time to kill so we went searched for a fast food burger because that's the only thing we wanted the whole time. Luckily, Jack in the Box did not disappoint. Also, the meal we ate at the airport was the cheapest meal we ate the whole time, wait, wha?

It was a nice little change of pace, but the most tiring weekend ever. It took a while to recover from that one. It was so nice to see the sun and escape winter for a minute and fun to see a new place. 

Highlights of the trip:
-Denny's accidentally being the best meal we ate. 
-The little boy at Denny's who said, "Nice Baby!" (It was so sarcastic and so funny. I wish you could hear the way he said it. We laughed about it for way too long.)

That's all I can think of right now. Turns out, Denny's was the best part of the trip. Oops.