Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sickness, Christmas and Elk.

Lots has been happening lately! I went back to work and it wasn't as bad as I was anticipating, but it was still pretty sad. The first day back I couldn't talk about Sloane without getting a little choked up, which made things pretty tricky because for some reason when you come back from maternity leave, all anyone wants to talk about is your baby. I cried when I drop her off at daycare. I got in my car and for some reason decided that I needed to blast some Macklemore as loud as it would go to get me pumped for the day and to make me less emotional. It kinda worked. I rolled into work with less tears and feeling like a bad-A (probably because I hadn't listened to music that loud for like 4 months). The first few days were rough emotionally. And the first month was rough physically. Sloane caught every bug imaginable and was literally sick for an entire month straight. She started off with a nasty gastro infection that consisted of her throwing up every single ounce she ate. FOR 2 WEEKS. She took 3 day break in the middle and then started up again and I about lost it. It's so sad to see such a tiny baby barfing their brains out, but she took it like a champ and wasn't even that upset by it. The first day we took her to the ER because she hadn't kept anything down for hours and we were pretty worried she was dehydrated. The nurses were so freaking nice and all thought she was adorable. They had to take her temperature (rectally) and put in a catheter to test her urine and she barely flinched. The nurses had brought in a big breakfast for the staff, and one of them brought us some of the food and it was delicious. They were so nice, I can't get over it.
Breakfast and my poor lil babe trying to sleep. 

They gave us some zofran and Sloane was finally able to keep things down for about a few hours. I ended up getting a weird version of it too and almost threw up about 10 times but then didn't throw up ever. I was sick for like 3 weeks but the only night I was too sick to move was the night of my company Christmas party, and I'm still ticked about it. They had the best prizes this year and I know I would have won, if I could have gone. After the terrible barf-i-ness wore off, Sloane was hammered with some nasty colds and could barely breath while we were in Highland for Christmas. I cursed the daycare all day every day in my head. Everyone kept saying stuff like, "At least it'll build up her immune system" and all that shiz, but I didn't care, one month of sickness is too much. We could not stay healthy. We just kept/keep passing things back and forth to each other. I complained about this to Nate and his response was, "It's probably because you two are always licking each others faces". hahaha! That doesn't transfer germs, does it? I don't lick her face, guys. But I can't stop/ won't stop kissing her just because she's sick.

 She is finally pretty healthy and it is so nice! All that sickness really threw off her sleeping game though, she is now waking up 2-3 times a night and it is pretty brutal. I'm hoping she'll figure it out soon because I'm pretty freaking tired. My mantra (that I repeat to myself multiple times a day) is "If my worst problem is sleep-deprivation, I am so so lucky! SO lucky." It usually works in cheering me up, but when it doesn't quite do the trick, I resort to more specific things like, "At least we aren't sick" or when I'm really really tired, "At least we aren't dead".

We got to have a little gnome reunion because Riana was in town. Juje drove up from St. George and Mckay almost missed it, but finally made it. 

These two love birds met. They were born within 10 minutes of each other and will someday be married. Sloane kept trying to touch Rocco, but he still thinks girls have cooties. Turns out, he was right. That innocent little face was secretly carrying the gastro virus and poor Roc-man ended up getting sick too. He'll never touch her again. I don't blame him. (Sorry Riana!)
This picture kills me. Mckay and Sooky, oh man! 
 (Riana had a polaroid camera, and it was so weird and unexpected how much I loved it and wanted it. It is so trendy and silly, but they are so fun.)

I also got to meet up with my besto for life and meet her cute little baby who is a couple months older than Sloane. Brooke was teaching us how to look good in pictures while taking a thousand pictures of us, most of them were about 10 times more awkward than this. We had so much fun talking and catching up and I wish so bad she didn't live a million miles away.

Nate's mom put up their tree and we put Sloane under it and she went crazy. She was cooing her life away and would wind up her arm and then swat as hard as she could to try and touch an ornament. I could have watched it all day!

 El Nino has been happening and I'm not even mad about it.

3 months! She is still so tiny, but she finally is a little too small for newborn clothes. She is moving into 0-3 month size and it's really exciting. I didn't have very many newborn clothes and they were getting kinda old. This new size is way too exciting for me.

I'll never forget our first Christmas with this girl. Even though she is too little to get into things, she was so fun to have around and it made things just a little more magical. 
Which brings me to....Christmas. Christmas Eve we hung out with my family, ate some good food and did the nativity.

Eating good food. I like that brother of mine a lot.

 Sloane rocked her part of baby Jesus.  

Cousins and Christmas PJs. Can't wait for these cousins to be bff's. 

Christmas Eve. Sloane was pretty dang tired, as shown by the red eyes and glazed look. 

We spent Christmas morning with Nate's family and watched the blizzard of all blizzards. 

Nate's family always has mini boxes of cereal for Christmas morning. They are always wrapped and you have to guess which one you want to eat by shaking them. It's a fun tradition and I think we'll adopt it for our kids too. 

Whitest Christmas in a looong time. 

Nate's dad "took" 10 pictures of us before finally actually taking one. We got the camera back and were surprised to only see 2 pics on there.  Also, Nate surprised me with Christmas jim jams (PJ's) on Christmas Eve and it was the best surprise, I can't believe how happy I was to have them.


The whole group. It was fun to open presents with everyone. Also Jami is pregnant with another little bff cousin for Sloane. This girl is gonna have so many cousins to play with. (2 are here and 3 on the way!)

These two love chillin together. 

I told Nate about how much I loved the polaroid camera and he said what all men say about those, that they are silly and that he wasn't gonna get me one because he doesn't buy presents that he isn't onboard with. Or something to that effect. But then I bought myself some boots a week before Christmas and ruined his present for me. He brought my present out of the hiding spot and said he would have to return it. I felt SO bad! Like the scum of the earth, bad. BUT it ended up paying off. Without that idea, he was forced into buying me a camera and I have been loving it! He had me open the album first, then the film and then didn't give me the actual camera for soo long! I was in so much anticipation. Moral of the story: Always buy yourself things around Christmas.

 Watching the pics show up is probably the most exciting thing ever.

He also got me some sweet-a snow boots, that I want to wear all the time, but there's hasn't been enough snow to justify them since Christmas. 

I got Nate a big surprise and had one of his friends, Sam, do some art for us. He did a family portrait and a pic of Nate playing rugby. He was so surprised and liked it a lot. I can never surprise him, so it was really fun. 

There was so much snow, I just wanted to stay inside and watch the snow fall by the fire. But we had more festivities with my family, so we went out to Linzen's house for dinner and fun. And because Lachelle was finally in town! 
Heyyyy Brother.  (A new installment on the blog) 
Matchy Matchy. I wore this sweater pretty much every day we were down there because Mike promised me every day that he would wear it too and we could be so matchy. Well, he didn't. Day after day (just 2 days, but still). I would show up to the party with my sweater on and a smile on my face, only to see that he had once again forgotten about his poor baby sister. Then the last night he remembered. I wasn't wearing mine, because of heartache and not wanting to be humiliated again! Luckily, I had it in the car and we finally got this amazing picture together.

These two were bobsessed with the cheeseball.  
Sloane and Sienna. I have a feeling these two will be pretty good friends. 

Grandma and the babies. I love this pic so much. They are all so happy and so cute. 

All the cousins PJ-ing it up. 

We were accidentally kinda coordinating, it was fun. 
We almost took family pictures while everyone was here and then decided against it.
This pic is better than those fancy profesh ones anyway. AND no one got flipped off. Win-win.

Christmas was fun, but we were so happy to get back home. We are home-bodies to the max. For New Years, we stayed home, ate chips and dip and went to bed at about 8:30 or 9. Sloane thought it was funny to wake up for the day at 4 the next morning, so we were pretty happy with our decision to be lame. 

We went up to Hardware Ranch last weekend to the Elk Festival. They take you around in a horse-drawn carriage to look at a million Elk and tell you a bunch of facts about them. We went with Lauren and Devin and they were a real good time. It was freezing, but really nice to be outside for a while.
 We are getting better at taking pictures. (This post alone has more pics of us than all of last year combined probably. I blame the baby for making me more sentimental)
Waiting in line for EVER. The line was so long and so cold, I didn't know if this baby would make it! (Also, looking at this picture makes me realize that we look nothing alike. Maybe someday I'll see a little of myself in her, but right now, it's still all Nate. Which isn't the worst thing ever. Sometimes I have to remind myself that she's my baby too, it's weird. Most the time I just feel like I'm raising Nate's baby, is that a normal feeling?)
She was bundled up so much. I think she was pretty confused what was going on and why her face was so cold, but like always, she took it like a champ. 
Graham wanted to know every Elks name, and Lauren knew all of them. Even Cheyenne. She's the best.

  Sleigh Selfies. 

And that's pretty much all we've been up to lately. Besides working on the ole house. Maybe one day I'll post pics of that place. But not today. See ya.