Friday, August 28, 2015

Pregnancy: TMI.

Not gross TMI, just TMI! 
38 Weeks, 2 more weeks to go!
-Feeling huge. 
-No strangers have touched or asked to touch my belly, which I was told would happen ALL the time. I either look really unapproachable and rude or people don't know I'm pregnant and just think I've got a super weird body. Either way, I'm more than okay with it.
 -My dreams are getting really weird and intense. But I'm sleeping great (because I know, I know, I will never ever sleep again after the baby is born. I know!)
-Stretch Marks are coming in hot. I was seriously depressed about this when they started and still sometimes get sad about it, but there are worse things. My pregnancy has been so great and relatively painless, so I guess I can suck it up. It'll just make me more "real" when I start my Mommy Fitness Blog- coming soon!
-My wedding ring still fits, which I'm told is kinda a big deal.
-Still "running" (somehow). It's more of a (very) light jog at this point. Trying my best to jostle this girl down, but she is not having it.
-My doc so lovingly tells me at my appts that "she's still way up there". Nate and I decided that she's too comfortable in there, so we've been coming up with ways to make her uncomfortable. We blasted some music on our drive home the other night, and she wasn't a fan! (Or she loved and was dancing, she's so hard to understand sometimes). My doc also tells me that my bones are not in an ideal position and could get in the way, so to be prepared for a possible c-section. This threw me into a frenzy of reading material which ended with downloading a sample of hypnobirthing-which I'm simultaneously 100% on board with and 100% doubtful of. I have to stop sometimes and remind myself that I get a baby out of this and she will be my daughter. I am so excited! Just gotta keep my eye on the prize. Anyway, pray for my bones to shift, please.

My sweet co-workers threw me a baby shower a couple weeks ago. They rented a room Element's (a fancy restaurant up here) and I didn't know how to tell them that no one at work likes (or knows) me well enough to come. I have a hard time making girl friends, so most of my buddies when I was on the call floor were boys and then I moved to my new position and now no one even knows I exist. So, needless to say, I was a little worried about attendance and I was pre-embarrassed by the fact that no one showed up. I even suggested putting something on the invitation like, "you don't have to bring a gift, just come". But, you guys! People came. And they were so nice it made me want to cry a little bit. It was an intimate little party, but I love all the ladies who came and I realized that maybe I'm not as bad at making girlfriends as I thought. 

I was really hoping for a ward shower, but it didn't look like it was gonna happen because no one was offering and as it turns out, I do have too much pride to beg for one. Then one day my mom called me and told me that sweet, angelic Brooke wanted to throw me one. Brooke is my second mom and has always been WAY too nice to me. I really did nothing to deserve such kindness. She took care of everything in like 1 day and it was such a fun shower. I invited a lot of the "old timers" from our old and ward and it was so fun to see everyone (even if one of them did get me sick, I'm over it). One of the best parts was when Troy came home from fishing and politely nodded at everyone, and then when he saw me he wrapped me up in a big bear hug. That family is my favorite and I won lottery by getting an "in" with them.
The only pictures I got at the shower because I was having way too much fun to think about pictures! 

Everyone who came was so wonderful, there was no one there I didn't want there, or that was awkward to talk to. Kristy told a disgusting breastfeeding story and I got the pleasure of watching Mckay listen to that story. Jann was on one, made the card out to Lindsay's baby and got me an & sign because "I like those". Deanna asked me if I had already had the baby because she "didn't notice my belly". Michael sent a "gift" with Kim that was the best and no one understood why or what was going on. Mckay ate Frampton mom's hair. RaVoe told Lindsay she hasn't seen her for 10 years and Lindsay spent the rest of the shower trying to prove her wrong. I wish I would have gotten a picture with everyone that came, my heart was so happy. Plus, the best is I didn't even get "hot face" or "rash neck" which is super uncommon in a setting like that. 

Here's some progress pics. Things aren't changing too much these days... (or maybe I'm just kidding myself) 

So... As the misery sets in, I'd like to take a minute and list all the awesome things about pregnancy:
-No periods. The other day, I remembered that those were a thing and I got depressed.
-My hair has been AMAZING. I used to lose a lot every time I showered or brushed it, now I lose maybe a hair or two. I know I'll start balding soon, but it's been so nice to have such thick locks. 
-My skin has been great. I haven't had a zit in months-WHA?
-I'm ridiculously proud of any workout that I do.
-I used to try and hide my (what I thought was fat) belly in my clothes, and now I get to accentuate it. It's been a game changer while shopping. Things I would usually avoid because they would be too clingy around the waist, bring it on!
-The ladies at work compliment me every day and make me feel like a million bucks!
-I love feeling homegirl moving around inside me. When she first started it made me feel pretty weird, but now I love it and I might miss it just a little.
-It's been so fun to be pregnant with so many of my friends and family. It seriously bonds you together. Can't wait to be part of the mom club now!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Camping and Other Fun

We went to Nate's family camp at the end of July. I was kinda worried about being miserable, sleeping on the ground, needing to pee 3-4 times a night (not exaggerating) and being hot. But it turned out to be pretty great. We brought our double decker airbed and I was living large! I may never go back to sleeping on my regular pad. I successfully timed my water consumption, and didn't drink anything after like 3pm. Only had to pee once each night-literal miracle. And a cold front moved in right when we got there, so it was actually a little chilly the whole time. Being bundled up in a hoodie and blankets was the most heavenly thing. I cannot wait for Fall!

We played lots of games, ate tons of food and chatted it up all week. Nate and I thought it would be fun to start a new game and got super excited the night before as we got everything ready for it. We stole the idea from Jimmy Fallon, it's the game called Box of Lies. If you've never seen it, here's a little clip. We gathered up tons of objects and grouped them together as cleverly as possible. We were seriously so excited to try it out. We explained the rules and we went first, (Nate's mom gathered our objects, she was also very excited about it). And after all the build up and excitement, no one cared about the game. A couple of them tried it, but didn't quite grasp the concept, so it just ended up being really lame. Like 5 minutes in, they were all starting the game Headbandz. It was disappointing on so many levels. First, we took a lot of time to carefully think out all our objects and some of them were so fun! (Nate even carved a bar of soap into the word "poo". Hilarious right?) And only about 5 of our boxes were seen. Secondly, our game was getting up staged by Headbandz? Give me a break. Here a few of the pics I got (when I was still super excited about it) before the short lived game ended.

 Nate and I were so bummed afterward we just went and cleaned dutch ovens and complained to each other. We'll have to try the game again with a different group. And less children. The kids loved it, but they had no idea what they were doing so they would just show the other person their object. Not the point, kids! We only sulked for a little bit and then joined back in the fun. 

Nate's sister just recently bought a boat, so we all went down to Deer Creek for a day on the lake. Nate's family is not a boat family, so it was fun to see some of them trying things for the first time. I was so sad that I couldn't do anything behind the boat, but I did go for a nice little swim (and almost didn't make it back it the boat). 

Nate wakeboarding like a boss.
 His family thought he was THE coolest because he could wakeboard and ski. At one point we drove past the beach where everyone was and Nate dropped the rope right in front of them and skied up to the beach. You would have thought he had just won the Olympics by the way they reacted. They were cheering and freaking out about how awesome it was. He felt pretty good about himself the rest the day! 

It was a pretty day, but a little chilly and the water was cold enough to take your breath away just a little. 

After a super long day on the boat, we headed for home because I had to work the next day. But remember when I said "we"? Nate just landed a much better job in Millville (5 minutes from Logan) so we totally live together on a full time basis now! His other job ended up being not at all what they had talked about during the interview process, and he was so ready to be done! His new job is going much better already. And we just found out that he beat out a grad student for the position, so he's pretty cool.

Living together is the best thing ever! We can take each other for granted again, and it's such a relief. Being SO grateful for the time we had together was getting exhausting. JK (Kind of). 

I feel a lot more at ease about baby girl coming now that I have Nate around more. Now we just need to kick their bonding time into high gear! At this point, she is probably more familiar with Chris Harrison's voice than her own father. JK guys! (Mostly). 

We got to go the Days of '47 Rodeo on Pioneer Day. We got VIP tickets to the never-ending ribs, brisket and pulled pork dinner before the rodeo started. We were so anxious to get there and stuff our faces that we got a speeding ticket, oops! After the delicious food, we had the most perfect seats, right in front, but not on the ground. I love this rodeo, everything moves so quick and and all the competitors are awesome. 

Our newest little niece was born in July. She already loves her (unborn) cousin, they had their first little sleepover on my belly. It's hard to believe that I'll have my own little babe soon! 

The Tour of Utah set up shop right on our road. They set up last Sunday while we were at church and when we came out we were blocked from our house. We had to disassemble the barricades for a minute to get home. It was madness when things started, but so fun to watch the riders come though and pass our house. 

Friday night we went to the fair because Nate is happiest when he has cotton candy. And also ,there  was an elephant there that you could ride. We opted out because it was the humane thing to do, and also (mostly) because it was outrageously priced. That's about all there is to say right now. 

A post strictly dedicated to pregnancy updates will most likely be coming soon. But no promises.