Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The countdown is on!

Every time I do a life update, I feel like I have to do a pregnancy update too. It's kinda stressful, but this pregnancy is flying by and I might want to remember it someday. I cannot believe I'm already in the 3rd trimester. I still feel SO unprepared.  Everyday I tell myself to read something to prepare for baby, but I won't. It's really gonna be really annoying to not know anything, but I really can't make myself. All the good parents are just winging it, right?

Here's some pics. For some reason I keep taking them right before I go work out, so just excuse the worky-outness.

29 Weeks.

30 Weeks. 4th of July- After the BBQ. It makes a difference people.

31 weeks. 
Yikes. Sometimes I can't believe that is actually attached to me. The scariest thought of all is that I still have 9 weeks left to grow. But the thought that's even a little more scary is that in 9 weeks I will have a little baby to take care of.

I have been mostly feeling awesome. I've been able to continue working out a lot, which I am so happy about. For some sick reason running is getting easier. I have been able to log way more miles than I ever expected. Every time I go, I think (and secretly hope) this will probably be the last time, but then I feel great and know that I'll be doing it again. Honestly, the hardest part is trying not to pee my pants. No matter how recently I went to the bathroom, I run 3 steps and my bladder feels like it is filled to 100% capacity. I have to focus really hard on not peeing which could be why it's getting easier to do the actual running because I am SO distracted that I have no idea what the rest of my body is doing. Maybe I'm not even running-that would definitely explain why it's gotten easier.  I came home from running the river trail on Friday and Nate said, "People must lose their minds when they see you running". Which I chose to interpret that as, "You are so awesome, people are jealous" instead of "You are so huge, it must inconceivable to people that you are running". Pretty sure he meant the first one. Pregnancy is awesome because you have really low expectations for yourself so when you exceed them, you feel like a warrior.

And now for some FAQ's:

-Still nothing really consistent. All these fake holidays though (i.e. Donut day, Fry day, Ice cream day) sure make it hard. All I really need is to see a picture of something yummy and then I want it. Bad. Cut it out with the fake food holidays already.

-Heartburn is real and should not be underestimated. People keep saying heartburn means your baby will have lots of hair. That better be true.
-I cannot sit all day anymore. My legs get pretty restless and itchy and I get really ornery.
-Sleep troubles are starting. Uh Oh!
-I don't know if it's a "symptom" or not, but this girl has been outta control lately. She is moving constantly, I swear she never sleeps. She's going to be exhausted when she gets outta there. She is always moving but it's always gentle, she rarely jabs me or kicks me hard, she is such a sweetheart.

What am I missing?
-Laying on my stomach. I miss it so bad.
-Not being stared at. People are so not subtle about looking at my belly. It's not on purpose, I don't think they realize they are doing it, but it's still annoying. I really hope I wasn't one of those people who stared so hard, but now I'm worried I might have been.

Stretch marks? Not yet, but there's a good chance they could be starting soon. Either that or I had some weird clothing lines going on.

Weight gain? Nunya. I will say that it's hasn't been as much as I was expecting. Some weeks I don't gain any but my belly still grows an inch, so I'm very confused. Weight seems to mean nothing. Or my scale is broken.

Measuring? Ahead. My OB says she'll most likely be on the bigger side, so she probably got the huge head gene from the Cogs.

My belly button is seconds away from popping outward and it is freaking me out. It feels so weird, I try to ignore it, but it will not be ignored.

We still need so much stuff for this baby. It's a little overwhelming. I'm hoping that if I go flaunt this belly at my home ward, they will be so overwhelmed by my mothering glow, that they'll throw me an awesome shower and buy me all the things. Here's to hoping! I did have an awesome shower with all my aunts and cousins and got some fun things, but only a few of the necessities. The way things are going, I'm guessing I'll wait until we're on our way to the hospital and then I'll finally think about buying some diapers and probably do a huge Amazon order.

That's probably enough ranting and run-on sentences for one post.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Cogs do Zion.

The family LaCognata family reunion was this year. New shirts. New place. Same old antics. We decided to go to Zion and my dad got some ridiculous hook up at the Zion Ponderosa Ranch. We got to stay in a super huge, nice house fo free. All the couches were reallllly comfortable. It's really important that you know that. So...yeah. 

The first day we got there at about 3:45 and couldn't check in until 4, and they sure were sticklers about that. We got to the house and unloaded enough crap to stay for 5 weeks and then started making dinner. After dinner, Jaundice (our nickname for my father if you didn't know that already) started feeling really sick but no one knew it because he went and hid in his room. After a while my mom found him and he confessed that he was in a lot of pain. We all debated and discussed what to do for a while before deciding to take him to the nearest hospital. Which is really far away. Turns out he had a kidney stone, they sent him back with some meds and the trip was off to a great start! We still aren't sure if he faked the whole thing just so he wouldn't have to hike. He still hasn't passed the stone, so it's not that unbelievable. 

The next day we went and hiked the river trail and all the cool people continued on to do some of the narrows. Jay to kay, there were a couple cool people that didn't go and sacrificed to watch the littlest people in the crew. 

We didn't go the whole way, because of time and the little people mentioned above. Once we got going it was so great, I didn't want to stop and turn back. The water was perfect, so refreshing and it was so fun. Someday I will go back and do the whole thing. Here's way too many pics of the adventure. 

Starting the narrows. There were eleven hundred thousand people there and it was cray. 

Brandon and Kim.

The Cogs.

Averi is the best. She is so adventurous and up for anything. She always took the route with the deepest water and loved every second. 

28 week belly. 

Averi's walking stick. 

These guys. Brandon's shorts make Mike's look so short. And they were. But not that short. 

Me and Brand. That cold water was a dream. I think baby girl liked it too. 

All Most the cool people

That night we went and swam at the pool and played on the slide. That's all the kids wanted to do all day, even though we were swimming in the river at the exact time they were saying such things. "I just want to go back so we can swim" Said as they bob up and down in the water. Kids are so confused. 
 The pool water was colder than the freaking river water and it wasn't that relaxing. But it was fun to watch everyone go down the slide. Especially Peg, she was supes dramatic. 
Nate and Brandon train. 

 Twin Train.

The next day we were all about seizing the day and getting into the park early enough that we wouldn't have to ride the stupid shuttle for hours. We decided to to the overlook trail. It was super short and not too hard and the view was pretty awesome. 

Apparently I think my belly is way bigger than it is and feel it necessary to stand like a turd.

Luckily Kim zoomed in and got this pic. She really knows how to help a sister out. 

See how nice the house was! This is the only picture I got of the place, but I think you can tell how luxurious it was. And before you get all judgmental and say, "but there's a lamp on the floor!!", just know that there used to be a table there. We needed it so we could all eat together in the blinding dining room. 

After the hike we came back to the house and hung out and ate muddy buddies. We finally ventured over to the resort to use up some vouchers. They had all these different activities like horseback riding, zipline, trampoline thing, rock climbing etc. Most of the kids were loving life, but some of them were the most miserable they've ever been. It was mostly sad to watch.

Nate was forced to go on the zipline. Even though he said it was too much of a hassle (putting on the harness, etc) he still had fun. I couldn't do anything cool because pregnant people aren't allowed to have fun.

Here's the sunset the last night we were there.

That night we had to do a team building/getting to know game that everyone had a real bad attitude about. Can't even remember whose idea it was. JK! My dad made sure and mention it was my mom's idea 42 times. He acted like he didn't like it but he was lovvving every second. We had to fill in 4 squares with different things from a list, i.e. dream job, favorite vacation spot, childhood memory. Jaundice filled his squares to capacity. When it was time for show and tell, it took him a loong time to explain everything. When he finished his first square, Peg said, "Was that only one square?!" Hopefully they learned their lesson and they don't get the courage to try something like for a few more years.

Some other memorable mentions:
-Mike lost his house key within minutes of entering the house. He was too scared to tell my dad, so everyone else knew about it and casually (sometimes frantically) looked for it the whole time. When it was time to leave, Mike finally came clean. Turns out my dad had picked up the key and had it the entire time. Good one dad! 
-Peg's mystery person assignment for thoughts before meals. 
-The s'more fiasco of 2015. We made s'mores and within a matter of minutes all H broke lose. I have never witnessed more chaos in a short period of time. Averi spilled chocolate all over her brand new dress, Baxter peed on the floor, Troy promptly ran through it and tracked it all over the house. Someone had a bloody nose, Henry was freaking out and screaming, Sienna was probably crying and I was standing there in complete disbelief. It was shocking and terrifying and I about called it a night and went to bed. Lesson learned: no more s'mores. Ever.