Thursday, June 25, 2015

Boston, Nashua and the end of Color Vibe.

Nate got a new job in Draper. He is working at a nursery and helping with design work mostly for residential properties. And in case you're wondering, I still live and work in Logan. He commutes some days and stays with his parents other days. It's not ideal. We thought long and hard about this stupid situation and felt like it was what needed to happen. He started at the beginning of June, but had one last event to finish for Color Vibe a couple weeks ago. Since it was his last trip, I decided to come along. And because it was his last trip he decided to only bring really fun people. We had such a fun group, Willy, Sam, Taylor and Bre got to come on her very first CV trip. We flew into Boston on Friday and it took 2 hours to drive 5 miles to get to a station. Our car made it to the station first and there was a hot dog stand so we decided to get a couple and share them to hold us over. And thank heavens we did. We walked the Freedom Trail for a little while and saw the site of the Boston Massacre and some other awesome landmarks.
 People kept saying this was the oldest restaurant in America, but I haven't confirmed that.

 Boston is so charming. There is no better way to describe it.
This cemetery has John Hancock, Ben Franklin's parent, and Samuel Adams all buried in it. All the gravestones were awesome and dated back to the 1700's.

We were all starving because we hadn't eaten all day (besides our car with our secret half hot dogs) but we were on our way to a Red Sox game, so we just decided to eat when we got there because we wanted to make sure we got tickets. We got to Fenway and there was a super long line to get tickets. We were planning on getting hot dogs in the park, but none of us could wait. I hear Boston has great food, but unfortunately, we only ate hot dogs the entire day. Next time, Boston. We finally got into the game, but were way to cheap to pay for anything besides "standing room". After that got old (in about 15 minutes) we sneaked down into some seats and weren't bothered the whole game. I'm learning that even though being pregnant is kinda annoying, it definitely has it's perks. I walked into the movie theater on Friday with a huge water bottle and the guy looked at it, opened his mouth, looked at my belly and then said "Enjoy your movie". Also, some guy gave me his seat on the subway when there 400 people on it, it was real nice. I've finally accepted it and it's time to start milking it as much as possible.

Anyway, Fenway Park is so fun! You can't help but feel American in there. It was a really good game, but the Sox ended up losing.

 We hurried back to the station and drove about an hour to Nashua, NH where the race was.

The next day was the race set up. Everything went pretty quick and smoothly. I got real sick of people telling me that I couldn't do things. I don't know how true it is that you shouldn't lift while pregnant, but it seems to be widely accepted as fact. I felt great and obviously would have stopped if I didn't feel right, so just chill out people! That night we ate some delicious Mexican food, complete with table-side guac and went to bed. The next day was race day! It was the biggest race I had come to, over 5,000 participants. The people were way nicer than any other race I have been to. Way to be New Hampshire. After the race, we cleaned up the course, showered and hurried to catch our flight. NH is a beautiful place, and people aren't kidding when they say there are A LOT of trees.

The best part about the trip was Willy singing and dancing every minute of the day. Bre said to him, "I don't even know you, but I'm pretty sure every minute that you've been awake, you've either been singing or dancing." He fell asleep at the airport for a while and the exact minute he woke up, he was singing a little song. It was perfect. I'll miss going out on the Color Vibe trips and getting paid to travel, but I will not miss Nate working there. That job was hard on both of us and toward the end we had both had enough. Even though we still have a weird sitch going on with this new job, it's a little better and will hopefully be extremely temporary. I can't wait to live with my hubs 24-7 someday.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sometimes I like books...

I should really be doing homework right now, but I just finished a book (which rarely happens) on my lunch break and I'm so fired up and inspired I had to share. I've actually read quite a few books lately and they have all be so so good. Let's start with the one I just finished because I can't handle how good it was.
The Hiding Place.
People, if you have not read this book, please please read it. Nate was trying to get me to read this book for so long and I kept on putting it off. Mostly because it seems like I've read so many books about the holocaust lately and it is pretty emotionally taxing, and sometimes not that fun. This book is a true story and it is so inspiring. The way God looks out for his people is so incredible. Even during one of the darkest times in our history, God is there and there were tiny miracles occurring all the time. The impact these sisters had on their environment was amazing.

David and Goliath.
I wasn't expecting to like this book or for it to have so much impact on me. I mostly read it as a break between Holocaust books, but it ended up be so awesome. It's all about how the perceived underdog actually has an advantage and that's why they win. It talks about why in the battle of David and Goliath, David had a huge advantage being so small and agile and was not really the underdog. It goes through several different scenarios and explains why the underdog wins. It's pretty motivating and really makes you think about how your flaws could actually help you succeed. I read through the first 3 quarters of this book FAST, and I do not do things like that. I wrote down a lot of quotes from the book, but without the context, they won't really make sense to you, but this one might, and it's so good, "What is learned out of necessity is inevitably more powerful than the learning that comes easily."
All the Light We Cannot See.
This is another book set during the time of the Holocaust. It was a great read and surprisingly intense at parts. I loved the relationship between the girl and her father. I can't remember a whole lot of details right now, but I know I liked it. Not as much as The Book Thief, but it's still worth a read.
Visions of Glory.
This book blew my mind. I mostly read it because Nate's whole family had read it and it was the topic of conversation for months. I was sick of being left and I was really curious after hearing so much about it. It's a collection of one (LDS) mans different dreams and visions about the second coming. Obviously a lot of the dreams are his interpretation and doesn't really mean that things are going to go down the way he saw. But there are parts that I totally felt like those things will certainly happen. It completely changed my perspective and made me see things in a more eternal way. It is sometimes a little weird and a little frightening, and you kinda have to power through those to be able to read the gems. It somehow made me a little less scared for the second coming, and more at ease about the things that have been prophesied.

Those are all the ones I've read in the last couple months. And to my 5 readers, if you've read any of them, let's talk. If you haven't, read them! And if you have really good recommendations, let me know, I probably won't read them, but still, let me know.