Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dance, Tulips and Baby.

A couple weeks ago I had my final dance performance for the year. It was so fun to be performing, but it was super different being pregnant. Costuming sure wasn't very fun with a belly and some of the moves were pretty challenging. 
Amy was on the company with me this year and I am so glad. We actually danced together in High School, we kinda felt like we were reliving the glory days. 

My feet got destroyed during show week. They were ripped to shreds by the last night. 

This costume was not the most flattering, but it was fun to have Nate there. He said I did really good and he really seemed like he meant it. My mom and sister also came up to see me. Even though I said I didn't want anyone to have to witness me dancing as a preggy, it was nice to have a little support. Love those guys.
  I had so much fun with all these ladies. At first I really didn't think we'd have much fun, but we became good friends, they are all such great ladies. 

One night, Lauren took me to a girls' night where we talked about some really weird crap. It was a "favorite things party" where everyone brings their favorite things and we put them in the middle and you can choose something or steal. I was really proud of the fact that all my stuff got "max steals" and were snatched up quick. I'm so cool. Obviously the night ended in these psycho face masks. We all looked like killers.  

We went to the Tulip Festival with my fam. It was the last day and pouring rain the whole time, not ideal, but still pretty fun. 

 And now for baby updates. I finally bought some baby clothes and I cannot believe the giddyness that I felt. Just picturing my chubby little girl chubbin in these clothes was enough to make me smiley all day.

And here's the current bump. Shiz is getting real! 

Bryce Canyon and St. George

Nate has been looking for a new job so we can be in the same city for more than 3 days a week. He hadn't heard much until 2 weeks ago when everyone decided they had to have him. Things started happening really fast and we realized we may not get another chance to take a little trip by ourselves. So, we took off to Bryce Canyon to camp and to then on to St. George for warmth and fun and friends. Camping was super fun the first night. We bought our first dutch oven before we left and ate like kings the whole time. 
The first day was super warm and sunny and it was so nice! As the trip progressed the weather got worse and worse. Neither of us had ever been to Bryce Canyon and it was awesome! That place is so beautiful, I can't believe that little treasure has been so close all my life. 

This rock formation is called Thor's Hammer. Lately my dad keeps telling us that Nate looks just like Thor, so we took this little pic for him. 

I felt real good the whole hike, but it sure was hard to breathe. We found out the next day that the elevation in that place is insane. I've never really thought elevation excuses were real, but when we were hiking in Zion later that week, I finally gained a testimony that higher elevations are hard. It was so much easier to breathe in Zion. 

The next day it was rainy the whole day and crazy lightning storms. That was one of the first times in my life that I've ever been scared of lightning/thunder. We were laying in our tent in the afternoon waiting out a storm and the thunder was scary, and earthquakey. We couldn't do a lot of hiking so we just drove to a bunch of different lookouts. The drive was super foggy/cloudy and it was spoooooky. 

That night we were considering just leaving early and going to St George, but the rain let up a little and we were finally able to get a fire going and have dinner. That morning we woke up to this:

Our tent was covered in snow and it was so dang cold. I didn't exactly pack for winter camping so it was....not that fun for me. Nate was still in heaven, he loves camping more than anything. It was super fun to be around the fire and outside. I was a little worried about having to pee every two seconds because pregnancy, so Nate bought me a "go-girl". It was a handy little device that was terrifying to use at first. The only other problem was my achy hips, shoot those guys did not like my pad!  

It was pretty cool to see the place covered in snow, but I was ready to get outta there and into the warmth. We took off and headed for St George. 

The drive out was pretty sketchy. I was not expecting to be on winter roads, but somehow we always manage to catch those terrible storms. There was one point where like 30 cars and 10 semis had pulled over because they didn't want to go down a super icy hill. Nate rolled passed all of them as confident as could be and I was a basket case, white knuckling it all the way down. Good thing Nate is the best snow driver and we didn't even slide a little. Phew! 

I loved the road trip more than usual this time. We listened to 'the hiding place' most the time and talked and listened to some real good music. When we got to St George, our hotel was running super slow and we couldn't get in for a while. We hung out in a church parking and read. Nate had an interview, so we had to force ourselves into our hotel so he could shower. While he went to his interview I showered and relaxed and kept on getting barged in on by cleaning people. That night we went to Capeletti's with Austin and Juje and it was the best. The next morning we went to Bear Paw (Nate's first time!) and shopped around for a while. We were really hoping to play at Sand Hollow, but the weather was still being a jerk. We decided to go hang out in Zion for a bit. 

Hiking to the Emerald Pools. 

These two are so chummy when we get together, it's great. 

 We went and visited Juje's class and shot candy down the halls with yard sticks. 

That night we went to Pizza Factory. It was such a nice trip. It was so fun to have some quality alone time with my main man.