Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby

That title is meant to be sung, think K-Ci and JoJo. 
Welp I'm pregnant. I wanted to write a few memories down that I've had so far, partly because I feel like I'll want to remember them later and partly because my pregnancy app won't get off my back about it! I realize that for non-pregnant, non-mothers this information means nothing and is boring, so no pressure to read on.

The first person we told was the first counselor in our bishopric, wha? About 6 weeks in he asked if I would be the camp director for girls camp this year. bahaha I almost died. He started by asking if I remembered doing it two years ago and I was like, yeah!! unfortunately it's something I'll never forget. The girls had apparently requested that I be the camp director and I was like that's sweet, they must not remember what a little B I was. I said the first time I did it, it was extremely difficult and that I wasn't really excited about doing it again. That wasn't enough, so I said I don't know if I'd be able to get time off work. I only get so many days a year and many of them were already reserved, still these excuses weren't cutting it. So...I pulled out the big guns and said, there's a good chance I'd be very pregnant at that time and I don't know if I could really handle the physical demands of being the camp slave again. Boom. No more questions asked. The first counselor in the bishopric was the last person i expected to be telling our news first, but desperate times people. He said he'd keep it quiet, but I'm sure it was probably brought up in the next ward council. (Nate thinks he is staying quiet) Luckily there's not much of an overlap between our Logan life and our Home/Family life. So even if he did tell, it would have been pretty crazy if that information some how made it down to someone that we actually cared about telling.  

After that the news started leaking out to pretty random people. Nate's work friends found out because one night we were playing walleyball and after about an hour, I felt terrible and we had to go. For some reason, everyone jumped straight to that conclusion. I swear I'm the only one who doesn't immediately think someone is pregnant just because they're sick. From 7-10 weeks I was so freaking tired. I didn't want to do anything and every day I got home from work and barely made it to the couch, where I laid ALL night. It was so lazy, but it's really all I could do. Nate was really good and took care of me, made me dinner and said really encouraging things like, "I can't believe you're letting that little baby push you around like that" and "The baby is the size of a grape? I ate a grape today and you don't see me whining about it!"That's how it works right?

Back in January, when we first found out that we were pregnant! We were excited but mostly didn't think it was real.  

The best part about getting sick is Nate seriously takes such good care of me. This is the breakfast he made me when we got home from Daytona Beach and I was hating life. 
 Some bump pics, again one of the main reasons I took these is because my pregnancy app is so bossy about it. I should maybe just delete it, but then how would I know what size of fruit the baby is? 
19 weeks. 

20 weeks. Halfway there! This is the only dress that still fits comfortably, and there's room to grow. I wore it to Juje's wedding. I don't think it's a maternity dress, but it would explain why I hated how I looked in it in all those wedding pictures. I'm finally to the point that the old rubber band trick on the jeans isn't cutting it. It's time to embrace the maternity pants.

 We found out last week what we were having. We were both pretty sure it was a girl, for no real reason, but we were right! The ultrasound blew my mind. The tech was showed all these things and I seriously couldn't believe it. I always thought it was amazing that bodies could do that, but when you see your own body making these tiny little bones and extra tubes for blood flow, it's the craziest thing. It was such a relief to see that everything looks normal and that baby girl is doing great. She was all cuddled up in a little ball and covering her face. And the really good news is that she totally has Nate's nose, phew!

Gender revealing at the Color Vibe. 

-Apples have never tasted so good, it's all I ever want. Juje and I have a good theory on why, if you want to hear it sometime.
-Ice cold water. 
-Snow cones. Maybe because for some stupid reason I think they'll help decrease the heartburn. Pretty sound logic if you think about it.
Apples and ice water are the only consistent cravings, the rest just come and go like regular non-pregnant cravings. That makes me sound like I'm being all healthy, but believe me, I eat all the candy and chips. 

-La-A (pronounced la-dash-a) get it?
-Candice (after candice the gnome)
Those are fake names, so now when you hear the real ones, you'll like them more. But I'll only tell you the real ones in person, so I can watch your face and know how you really feel, even though I don't really care how you feel. 

-Heartburn. Inferno. Fire. Ouchy. I never knew heartburn could hurt so bad.
-Weird tailbone pain. 
I've been so lucky! I haven't been really that nauseous at all, never threw up and my energy has been great since about 10 weeks.

Missing anything?
-Sleeping on my belly
-Working out without wanting to die
-The days when my boss wouldn't say, "You're eating for two" every single day. 

We haven't bought one thing for this girl yet, but hopefully we'll start soon. Things are finally starting to feel real. For a while Nate and I both agreed that it felt like I would be pregnant for a while and then not, but that it wouldn't result in a baby. Now, we're starting to think that we might actually end up with a baby after all this. But she'll probably be kinda cute, so I guess it's okay.

Daytona Beach

 After NY, I flew home, worked for 2 days and then left with the Color Vibe to Daytona Beach. It was the worst time we could have gone because Spring Break was just starting and our room was sandwiched between two "party rooms" they stayed up all night and blasted music and smoked weed. I felt like such an old grump calling down to the front desk every night at 3AM telling them that some kids wouldn't pipe down. But working a Color Vibe event is super exhausting and all you want to do is sleep. One morning we had to get up at about 5:30 to get things finished for the race and those freaks were still awake "partying" it up. I couldn't believe. I'm so not cut out for that life.

The best part about the weekend was the crew that came. We had lots of fun people, including Willy who makes everything 10X funnier than it is really is. We had a weird meeting at a restaurant/bar called My Tai, which was literally right below a restaurant called My Pie and it was the most confusing place to find. We swam in the Atlantic (first time ever!) for about 20 minutes before we had to get on to the next activity. Willy explained Snapchat to me, and was very patient with all my questions. And Nate finally met his bff nightclub owner that would contact via at least 3 different portals of information a day before the race. It was a good trip, despite getting sick the day we got there. The travel home was so miserable being sick and not really knowing what medicine I could take. It was probably one of the worst days of the pregnancy so far.

Willy and Nate dipping in the Ocean. 

The view from our room.  It is a pretty cool place and it'd probably be really fun to be there when it wasn't Spring Break. We didn't have much time to explore, but the Daytona international speedway was right next to the airport and that thing is HUGE! I can't believe how big it was. Nascar is alive.
After the race. I was stationed in the Merch tent so I didn't get very much colored. Willy was on the stage hyping up the crowd and it was the best thing to watch all day. Everyone loved him!
These events are seriously so colorful and so fun to watch. As we were setting up, a black guy came up and asked me what we setting up for and I said a color run, and he said, "oh, they don't call us that anymore." It took me a minute to get the joke, but it got me and Willy really good. After the race, we cleaned up as fast as possible so we could have a little beach time. We laid on the beach for about two seconds, but it was memorable because it was the fist time I felt the baby move. Next post: baby times.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

NYC. Gnome Edition.

 Last month the gnomes and I took a girls trip to New York and it was the trip of a lifetime. It was an exhaustingly good time. We crammed ourselves into Riana's adorable little apartment and laughed (and cried) all night. It was so good to catch up and watch everyone morph into their gnome home role. We saw as much as we could and ate some delicious food and treats on every corner. These pictures are all out of order, partly because the whole trip is a blur and I can't remember the sequence and partly because laziness.

Just outside of Riana's apt in Brooklyn, about to take to the streets. 

We started out by seeing Rockefeller Center. I loved seeing this place in real life, probably because of 30 Rock. I kept thinking I would see Liz Lemon and Jack arguing about something on the street, but no sign of them. Turns out it really is just a TV show, not real life. 

Times square on a rainy night. 

Mckay made us this hilarious gnome hats and we only dawned them in times square. When we put them on we started acting like gnomes do, you know, heel clicks and Irish jigs? (Apparently we don't know the difference between gnomes and leprechauns.) We got a little attention from some teenage boys thinking we were put on some kind of performance. Unfortunately for them we were just luring them in so they'd take our picture. 

This building was in Little Italy. I loved it, just like the Italian flag. I felt like I belonged way more than I actually did, but it was fun to pretend. 

Eating at Joe's Shanghai in China Town-Riana says it's famous, so...yeah. It was good food but not the greatest service. No one wanted to get us rice and we were panicking about it because we were so hungry, I actually can't remember if there was a consensus on that feeling, or just me.  Juje couldn't work her chop sticks and had to ask for a fork, so embarrassing. 

One night we went to this swanky NY club and rode the elevator up to the roof. They have these ridiculous complimentary plush robes and heaters. We had those robes on in less than an minute and we were the only ones who thought they were completely heinous. Everyone else on the roof was acting like it was a totally normal thing. 

There was a great view of the city, but we couldn't stay too long because it was time to eat and also immaturity. 

This is why we had to leave. Eataly. (Kinda like Italy, get it?) It's this amazing market full of authentic Italian food and gelato. There's also a restaurant in there that makes their pasta homemade. The food was great. Juje had the best experience of her life, just ask her, she'll tell you all about the lemon taste. 
After that. Gelato. It was divine. 

We went to the 9/11 museum and it was pretty incredible. I didn't realize the impact it had on me until after I had gotten home. We took a couple hours to walk around and listen to stories and watch the horror that happened that day. It was so insane to be there. It was so much more real. Watching the news reports from miles away, you are so removed from it. Being there at ground zero, and seeing these people who were there, it changed everything for me. Watching the hundreds of other tourists be so reverent and respectful was pretty amazing as well.

I didn't take many pictures in the museum because they aren't allowed in many parts and also I was too enthralled to break for pictures. But this wall is made up of a bunch of different shades of blue. It's a collection of the shades of blue that people remember the sky being on the morning of 9/11 before the attack. 

After we made it through the museum we all sat on what we called the "processing bench". We talked about our impressions and the things some of us had missed. There is so much to see and learn, it was overwhelming. I was exhausted by the end it. I wanted to see so much more but it almost needs to be broken up into several different outings. 

One of my favorite parts of the trip was riding the subway. (Probably because we were finally sitting and I could take a break from my throbbing feet). We always clumped all together and chatted the ride away. Also, the best part was when Riana would realize that we needed to hurry to catch the train and everyone would start running and panicking because their metro pass wasn't working. 

Waiting for the subway, and being really cool. 

Mckay was making Riana be Felcity and Riana wasn't sure about it. 

Mckay got stuck in the middle of this group of a Utah drill team that were being teenage girls. She glared at them just like this the whole time. 

The pregos of the trip. Oh yeah, I haven't announced on the blog yet, I'm pregnant. Anyone who reads this blog already knows that, I'm sure. We took lots of bathroom breaks together and talked about all the gritty details, it was the best. But since we weren't showing yet we didn't even get to use the "give your seat to pregnant women" rule. What a waste. (I'll write a more in depth post about this awesomely awesome news soon).

We went to this super hip place for brunch. (Sorry Mckay, I'm not photo-shopping your mismatching umbrella and pants.) We rejected Mckay all day because she was the only one not wearing black pants and a black umbrella. 

Juje's umbrella was large and in charge. She took out a lot of people, mostly all of us. We were not fans. 

Dean and Deluca. All we could talk about the whole trip was Felicity. Naturally, I started the series over as soon as I got home. She just cut her hair, so things are getting bad. 

The Brooklyn Bridge was one of my favorite things to see. 

Central Park was great. It's so huge. This beautiful park in the middle of this crazy chaotic city. Plus, so many movies and tv shows came to life. We played a game where we had to name movies filmed in NY one at a time and whoever ran out of movies first lost. Me and Ky played for SO long one morning and poor Ryan had to listen to it all. He was impressed. 

The NY public library was pretty awesome, but we couldn't find any books. 

Grand Central Station. This place was seriously grand. 

The whisper wall. It really did work. It made me so excited. 

I liked this building way more than I thought I would. It's a little breathtaking. 

I didn't mean to end on this, but this cup of hot chocolate was supposed to be the best cup in NY. It was $7 and we all regretted it so much. It was pretty much melted chocolate bars. It was so thick and disgusting and it coated your throat. Biggest regret of the trip. 

Some of the best quotes of the trip:
-"I've always enjoyed wolves"
-"I'll never get on stage with a sword again"
-"I can't cry laying down"
-"They are in this downward spiral of maxi skirts and chevron prints"

Even though it was surprisingly freezing and we all got deathly sick as soon as we left, I'd go again in a heartbeat. I'm so happy and surprised this trip happened. It was just what I needed to lift my spirits and help rejuvenate me. I love these gnomes of mine. I love that we can get together and be in sync in no time. I love that we are all so different but can get along so well and enjoy each other so much. We talked about doing a girls trip as an annual tradition and I already can't wait for next year.