Thursday, November 20, 2014

hay sans nate

Nate's been gone for almost two weeks now. I'm doing surprisingly well. The only time I've missed him enough to cry was before he actually left, because that's the most normal time to miss someone. I was just dreading him leaving so bad and one night I started crying and accidentally woke him up. (I'm not sure why this blog has just become a record of all the times I've ever cried. I should maybe rename it to, "Diary of the Tears" or something.)
Nate: Are you okay?
Me: Yeah, I'm fine. (sniffle sniffle)
Nate: Are you crying?
Me: Maybe a little
Nate: Why? What's wrong?
Me: I'm just going to miss you really really bad.
Nate: You know I'm not gone yet, right?
Oh men, they just don't get it! But if I'm being honest, I don't get it either. What is my prob? I got to the point where I just wanted him to go because I was already missing him and if I'm going to miss him either way, he might as well be gone so that the countdown was at least on! And him actually being gone is way easier than him being about to leave. I guess next time he leaves, he just needs to spring it on me so I have no time to prepare and freak out.
I've mostly been really busy with work and decorating for Christmas and hanging with the other vibe wives/girlfriends and binge watching Gilmore Girls. (Has anyone else been watching that? What is with their clothes? They are so ugly. Who is dressing Lorelei? Why did I never notice how terrible their clothes were before? Why did I used to think that was acceptable? This show is not that old! Like only ten years. Ten years is all it takes to completely despise the old clothing trends? I have also come to realize that I only watch that show for Luke. The actual Gilmore Girls kinda annoy me most the time. Maybe I should start watching something else, if the only reason I'm watching is for one side character!) There I go again writing a whole paragraph about a TV show. If you're not into crying and TV, this blog just isn't for you!
The first night Nate was gone I locked myself out of the house and had to call a locksmith to come open the door. It took him like 30 minutes and it was freezing! The whole time he kept saying, this is a really good lock, over and over again. I was really annoyed until I got into bed later and thought about what a "good lock" I had on my door to protect me. Not even fancy Mr. Locksmith could open it! And then I remember that there's a huge window on the door and if someone wanted to get in they'd just bust the window and unlock the door. But then of course I'd hear that and have enough time to grab my gun and/or crawl out the window and run to the nearest Mcgruff House. Oops maybe I shouldn't be giving out my "escape plan" on the world wide web.

Are Mcgruff houses still a thing? That was the worst idea ever! Want to kidnap a child? Just put a sticker in your window and vulnerable children will come running into your house. Were you chasing a child and you suddenly lost them? Just look for the house with a sticker of a crime fighting dog in the window-that's where they went!
But really, I'm doing great. I actually do love alone time. The only time I have a hard time is when Nate is doing something really awesome, and that's just because I'm jealous and so I start feeling really bad for myself. That usually lasts about 3 seconds before I remember military wives and I get over it. In fact, every time I am sad or missing Nate, I just have to think "military wives" and I get over it really fast. I don't know how those women do it. Serious respect to them.

Well now that I sound like a crazy co-dependent wife, I gotta go, I have a skype date with my only reason for living!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween Times

We've been busy with all sorts of fun. Here's some of our latest happenings.
Riana and Ryan came into town for a quick trip and wanted to take the boat out. We thought they were crazy, but it ended up being a beautiful day and almost every person that got in the water said, "it's actually not that bad!" except poor Riana, it was THAT bad for her.

These two, bff-ing. 

 Nate's 2nd time wake boarding and he was already getting a little tricky. Tried to jump the wake a little. Boys and their stupid natural athlete skills.
Right before my sweater got drenched.
Good people. 

 We had like 10 photo shoots on that boat. We had such a hard time getting a pic of us looking normal. And this pic had to be cropped because for some reason my arm was the size of Riana's thigh, and it was not okay. Right after boating we went to a Halloween party with Nate's family and then another one with our friends in Alpine. It felt so wrong to be on a boat and then dress up for Halloween.

I love the pumpkin walk about 100 X more than Nate. Each year I get more excited and he gets less excited. I think he may have even thought that we wouldn't go this year. But we totally did and I loved it and he couldn't wait for it to be over. I need to go to this event with someone as excited as me so I don't lose all my enthusiasm throughout the walk.

Duck Dynasty. The entire exhibit was pretty fun.

Every year there's one display that is WAY better than the rest and this year it was the lego movie. They all looked SO good. I got such a big smile when I saw it. I could have looked at it all night. 

I just like the Muppets. They are the best. 

We went down to SLC for the Alt-J concert. Luckily, Whitney tipped us off that they were coming and we were able to get tickets. It was an amazing concert. Those guys are one of a kind and the complex is way cooler venue than I thought it was. 

A couple days later we went down to see Thriller. Jami gets all kinds of hook ups at her job, so we got front row ($45 tickets) for free. I've always wanted to go to this show and it did not disappoint. It was so fun to be on the front row and it got me into the halloween spirit.
At one point these Jason killers came off the stage and grabbed Jami and brought her on stage. She was just supposed to play along and she did a great job. I was so glad I didn't get pulled up there, I would have been SO lame!

We went to a friend's Halloween party, this is just part of the group. We played minute to win it games and it was hilarious. We competed as couples and Nate and I totally won. The score board got messed up because we got lazy about recording things, so everyone thought we took 3rd place. We didn't. We won by a lot. But we decided not to be butts and complain about it. Instead we just talked about it the whole way home and bragged to each other about how awesome we are. 

I dressed up at work as "Bob Wiley" from 'What About Bob'. It was a last minute decision and was made possible because Nate is in love with that movie and owns the shirt from it.  My work does a Halloween Costume Contest and I didn't even win it. I blame it on the fact that we have hired so many babies to work here lately, and none of them have ever seen such a classic and probably don't even know who Bill Murray is. From now on, I am going to give a disclaimer that we'll only hire them if they vote for me for the Costume Contest. That should do it.

One last pic of us on actual Halloween. We went to our brother-in-laws parents house, because we used to be best friends with their family. We dressed up as Ferris Bueller and Sloane Peterson and it was great. It was so fun when people would know exactly who we were right off the bat. We weren't wearing our shoes in this pic, but they were perfect. Nate had white shoes just like Ferris and I had white boots-I wish we would have gotten a pic of those. We played some games and watched Zombieland, it was a good night.

In other news, we booked my ticket for Australia! We also just booked all the hostel/hotels we'll be staying at. We are starting in Brisbane and ending in Sydney. I am so excited and so nervous. Nate leaves on Monday and then I'll be solo cholo for 3 weeks. Feel free to call and keep me company even if I pretend like I don't wanna talk to you and I'd rather be alone. I do love being alone, but not for 3 solid weeks. Also any Australia/travel tips in general are welcome. (like how to survive a 14 hour flight, how to not get ebola, etc.) I feel like you have to have like 80k readers to say stuff like that, but whatever, tips are welcome.