Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Year 3 of Marriage

Fall is best. Here are a couple pics from our latest camping and hiking expeditions.

Perfect spot right by the river

Looks like Imma miss, but I didn't! I'm really good at chopping wood now. The form is ugly, but I can do it and that's what matters.
Look at that perfect spot! Every so often a breeze would come and leaves would fall down and it looked like it was raining gold.
Now there's some good form for ya. 

We're new to this whole selfie taking thing. This is the first phone I've had that can take (decent) front facing pictures and it freaks me out sometimes. When I turn on the camera and see myself, I gasp more often than not. 

Hiking the Crimson Trail. It was pretty and we were SO chatty on that hike, especially me. Poor Nate doesn't know what to do when I want to exhaust a topic to death.

Sun flares are hip, right? 

Good thing we (Nate) brought our headlamps because it got dark fast and we still had about 2 miles left til we got back to the trailhead. I twisted my ankle real bad about 20 feet from said trailhead and about 11 minutes after bragging about how I've never twisted my ankle, and how I think people are just being babies about it, because it doesn't even hurt. It turns out, it really hurts bad. Not bad enough to cry about, but bad enough to limp around very dramatically and crawl to the bathroom so that I didn't put any weight on it.

Speaking of crying and drama...yesterday was our Anniversary. Just kidding, nothing dramatic or cry-worthy happened yesterday. We celebrated 3 years by going to 16 stores (don't ask) and having dinner at Olive Garden (major upgrade from last years dinner at Wendy's, but we weren't convinced it would be better). But it was! It was the first time I haven't been disappointed with the OG for a long time, and it was because I ordered the same thing that Nate did. It's taken me 3 years, but I've finally learned to just order whatever he is ordering because I hate making decisions and because it's always 10 times better than mine and I usually spend the whole dinner being jealous of his.

This year has been crazy. It's the most time we've ever spent away from each other since we got married and it has been A LOT of time apart. I really thought our marriage would take a hit from all the time away, but it's actually made it better in a lot of ways. Now every time Nate is home we spend so much more time doing fun things together and we are so chatty. We talk for hours like teenage girls and then realize how long we've been talking and have to start doing other things. When Nate gets home I am a giggly little girl. I laugh at everything he says/does. (This is partly because sometimes, the only person I talk to the entire weekend is the cashier at Costa Vida. I literally eat there every single time Nate leaves, it's the best tradition. And it's partly because Nate really is so funny and I fear that I'm the only person will ever understand just how funny he is-which is so sad for the rest of you. I'm seriously so sorry for you.) But because our time together is rare, we cherish it and for the most part we are so excited to be together that we are all laughs all the time.

It has been hard though, we haven't had near as many weekends to get out and do things together and now we both have all these separate memories and it's really weird sometimes to have such different lives. The good news is that Nate will be home for 3 straight weeks. The bad news is that he is then leaving for 3 straight weeks to Australia. The best news is that I'm buying my ticket to the outback tonight! I am going to go meet him after he finishes all his work and we will spend a week together exploring, wha?!

And now, the best of YEAR 3:

-The 1st day in Disneyland, I got way sick on a ride I knew I shouldn't have gone on. I had to go back to the hotel and rest/nap. Nate was so anxious to get out and explore the park (it was his first time going). But he was so patient while I got my stomach back.

-Nate starting wearing a fanny pack while we play tennis and it's so great.

-My feet got so cold on the plane ride to Hawaii because I was stupid and wore sandals. Nate took off his socks and let me wear them and he went sock-less. That is love, people!

-Nate got the sickest I've ever seen. He was throwing up like crazy all day and so weak. The only thing that sounded good to him was popcorn. That guy loves popcorn.

-Nate had never really watched Seinfeld before this year. He'd seen a couple episodes or so, but never really liked it. We watched all the seasons this year and it was so fun. There is nothing better than watching that show with someone who's never seen it. If you can (you probably can't) find someone who has never seen it, and watch it with them, it will be your most favorite thing.

-He gave me his first class upgrade coming home from D.C.

-It seems every time we read scriptures I have to say the word ancient and every time I say it Nate mocks me for saying it wrong. I pronounce it much like the word anxious, I say anxcient. I just want to apologize to anyone who has ever heard me say that word, I'm truly sorry, I was completely unaware of this problem. It seems like it's too late to change it, but I'm trying.

-I loved watching Nate get into all the projects we've done this year, he goes into beast mode. Painting, building our desk and tiling the entryway, he gets so into it and so focused.

-Nate is so patient with me even and especially when he really shouldn't be. Example: I asked him 3 times where the can opener was and each time he said 'drain rack', but I heard "train wreck" every time, so I started looking in the junk drawer thinking that's what he was talking about. When he saw me going through the drawer he said "DRAIN RACK" as clear as he could and I said, "Oh, why didn't you just say that to begin with?" I seriously can't believe he puts up with me.

-Nate drove the entire time in Hawaii, because I was a scared little baby. I just got to sit and enjoy the scenery the whole time.

-Nate got a "magic piano" app on his phone, it's just like guitar hero but piano version and on a phone. He sometimes plays me songs while I fall asleep and I cannot explain how wonderful it is. And sometimes he reads to me like I'm a child and I love that way too much too.

-You know how sometimes people will text you from the same room and it's ridiculous and a little funny. One night Nate did this but we were laying next to each other in bed and he was doing voice-to-text. He'd say "Text Hayley, Turn that down" And I'd say "Do not send --" And He'd cut me off by saying "Send!" I started laughing so hard and then he said "Text Hayley, Keep it down, I'm trying to sleep" And I begged him not to send it, "I got it, I got it, you do not need to send th---" "SEND!"

- For a while we had the exact same phones and Nate thought it was hilarious to put them right next to each other.  Whenever I would put my phone down anywhere, boom! there was Nate's right next to it. I never once guessed right about which one was mine and it made me so mad every single time. We will never have the same phones again.

Happy Anniversary Nafey. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Snuggies and Fall Times

I had a meeting at work yesterday. One of my literal assignments upon leaving the meeting was to "price out company snuggies". I wanted to ask if that was a serious assignment, but I had already asked three times and asking again would have been excessive.

So now I'm kinda trapped. If I don't price it out, I might look like a slacker when it turns out they were actually serious about that. And if I do the required research and bring up my findings in the next meeting I might look like I actually believed they wanted company snuggies. Not to mention the fact that the research would most likely send me on a strange internet research path.
I guess I'll be getting a price estimate and then bringing up the prices in the jokiest way possible.
We have been doing tons of interviewing as of late. I will never get over the feeling of "what am I doing here?" during every single interview. I perceive the thoughts of the interviewee to be something like this, Who's this little girl? Is it 'bring your daugther to work' day? And then, of course, my mind immediately goes to George Michael holding a purse and saying, "I'm a good little girl" and then I start smiling and give them another reason to think I have no business interviewing people (which I most likely don't)

One of the questions we ask is, "what are some of the things that bother you in the work place?" And every single time I ask it, I picture them saying, "When people that are younger than me are in higher positions than me." And then they glare at me and I resign. I'm always a little surprised when they don't say it.
Enough about work....

I am freaking out about this weather and this season. I feel like I need to be outside at all times but unfortunately it's not happening. I love fall so much, I think I should just start taking off all of September and October and soaking it up. Here's a couple of pics and things we've been up to this week.

We found the weirdest junk yard up Logan Canyon to go shooting. It's the best place because 1. you only have to drive like 5 minutes and usually when you go shooting you have to drive for like 45 minutes to get to a place where you might not shoot someone and 2. it's beautiful up there, as long as you're facing the right direction.
After you turn around, it's not as pretty, but kinda fun. 
 He's never sure why I'm taking pictures. And I'm like, "People don't like just reading blogs, they wanna see pictures!!"

After that we went off-roading up green canyon because Nate had rented an Xterra for work and got to keep it for the night. The colors were too pretty. And off-roading is never as fun as I think it's going to be, maybe we're doing it wrong, but I don't think so.

Guys. This is a big deal. We got new couches! We have been looking for something we like for years (honestly, 2 years) But unfortunately we live in Logan and that means slim-pickings. We also hate pillow backs which means slimmer-pickings. We also didn't want leather, slim-est pickings imaginable. Finally, we found one we really liked and the day I went to place the order they told me it had been discontinued that week-I was all, Are you H-ing me? It ended up being for the best, because then we found a set we liked even more. We had to wait for 6 long weeks for them to come and kept worrying they wouldn't fit and we'd have to put them in storage or something terrible like that. But. They fit and we're obsessed.

So college-studenty. They were comfortable, but I am so happy to be done with these guys. And look at that nasty carpet...gross.

It looks like adults live here! Not pictured is how amazingly comfortable these things are. I was skeptical about the low back, but seriously, it's the way to go. It's the perfect height to rest your head on. Also not pictured is our super cute rug that we got. Nate also installed some tile by the door which has made the biggest difference to that place and he rented a carpet cleaner and made that carpet look bran-clean. And now, it's "halloween-edition" so it's even better than this-if you can even imagine that. Probably not, so just come visit anytime, we want to show everyone we know this new place.

That's about all we've been up to. Except I did watch all 3 seasons of Revenge in about a month. Because holy crap, that show. It's so ridiculous. After every episode I am so mad and I rant to myself (or send Linz a 5-page text) about how much I hate the Grayson's, and how much I love Aiden. Last night was the first time Nate's ever seen me watching this show (I only started it because I needed someone to keep me company while he was gone, and I only watched it while he was gone, but he isn't leaving this weekend, so obviously I had to have a fix) after it was over, I was ranting and talking about how stupid the people were and Nate was like, "I can't tell if you hated that or liked it, but I think you hated it." He was wrong. I love that stupid show. I didn't mean to write a whole paragraph about a TV show, but I guess that's the most important thing in my life right now.

But remember when I said Nate isn't leaving this weekend? YES! It's going to be a good weekend.