Friday, September 26, 2014

The Limbeck Kids

You may not enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed creating it, but the main reason I have a blog is for selfish reasons anyway, so I guess I don't really care. 

Everyone in High School belonged to some group with a stereotypical name - as dumb as those high school movies are-the little groups and cliques really are true. But our group was a mix of everything and there was nothing that could really identify all of us. We had some jocks of all sports, some emo's, some smarty pants, outdoorsy types, music people, everyone.
The only thing we all had in common was that we all loved Limbeck. (And most of us lived in the same neighborhood. What a magical place. If I think about all the amazing people who came out of that neighborhood it blows my mind, there will never be anything like it again) I came to find out after HighSchool that some of the groups in the school would call us "the limbeck kids". We always ate lunch on the stairs by the auditorium. It was a perfect spot because we could see almost everyone, there was a corridor nearby where we could huck our bouncy balls and it had a great view of outside. The only downside is that it was near all the emo's who liked to make out for lunch.

I have been thinking a lot about my old friends, it's been so long since I've seen or heard anything about these people that I wanted to write a little tribute/memory about them, before I forget them altogether. Some weren't technically part of the group that I would classify as the "Limbeck Kids" But all of them were part of the same wonderful part of my life. And there were many other people who could probably be included in this list, but these were the main players.

Cody. He was most mysterious, but so great to have around. Always willing to drive that code machine (what we called his truck) anywhere. He was funny when he wanted to be and he never acted like he liked us girls, but deep down I'm sure he did. I dare say he was the most manly out of all the boys we hung out with, he hunted and knew how to drive a boat. Ryan and Cody would go home for lunch as would Me, Ky and Erica and we would always race back to LP, there were times when we were all sprinting through the halls so we could be the first ones back to the steps.
Us girls took some of the boys to MORP. It was the worst night of Cody's life. Those boys sometimes really seemed liked they hated girls, but we just made them be our friends.

Ryan. Ry Ry. He was so nice and so cute and all the girls had crushes on him at one point in their lives. He was so shy. We had so much fun teasing him just a little. Playing cards with him and his mom, what teenage boy wants to play cards with a bunch of girls and his mom. Ryan did. He was great.

  I have no idea what these dorks are dressed up for. Maybe the academy awards? (Our ward did the academy awards every year and each youth group would make a movie and we'd get awards for them. All the adults would dress up as their doppelganger and it was the best)

Derik. He didn't seem to come around much, but whenever he did something hilarious happened. Like the night that we were trying to get the head on a HUGE snowman and he was using his head for leverage and then his head got stuck underneath. Kylee peed my pants that night. Also the time that he found a spoon in his spaghetti at Macaroni Grill. Good times with that one.

Chris. Oh Chris. You silly boy. So in love Erica. The man in black who terrified us so much at the cemetery, and then pretended you were grounded. Real nice. But you did have a great house for murder in the dark and night games and every once in a while when you noticed I was around, you were kinda cool.

Chase. Chase was the best. We got to have sleepovers with him all the time because Rylee would fall asleep and we'd stay up late playing Goldeneye and laughing really hard about really dumb stuff. Chase was a little older and would drive us up to go snowboarding and while all the girls were about to fall asleep in the back he would slam on the brakes and yell and wake us up in a terrified frenzy and then laugh and laugh.

Trent was probably the oddest one. Trent moved into Chase's old house, so it just kinda seemed like we had to be his friend. He was the most okay with being a complete freak with the girls and we had some WEIRD times and a lot of times where we were just laughing uncontrollably. He has a very unexpected side to him and loves the song Cha-Cha-Cha.

Coons. What a goon. His porch is where the magic happened. Also that basement. It was filled with fity (in this stage of my life I would never say fifty, only fity) love sacs. There were many times when the boys would bury the girls in these fity love sacs and we would come out not looking too hot. The Coons also kept their dogs in cribs, which Kylee and I were not okay with. One time while all the boys were having an all night Halo fest, us girls decided to go and power box them (mostly because we were mad they weren't hanging out with us) Coons was maaad, and it wasn't funny mad. We were a little scared.

Max. He was the cool one. He would come around occasionally and we all felt like we had to do something more cool, so we'd go and get drinks at Kohler's. The first Bloodclot show was in his garage, and it was one of the best nights of the year. We sold 4 shirts at the "Merch" table and they were all handmade and awesome. He is one of the nicest people and will not talk bad about people, no matter how annoying they are. I still can't decide if it's because he's nice and holding his tongue or if he really just doesn't get annoyed by people. Either way, it's impressive.

Jordan was so great. He was so easygoing and so comfortable to be around. You know how sometimes it's hard to be one on one with certain people? Jordan is not one of these people. He doesn't care. It's not awkward with him. He is just nice and funny. The lounge in his basement was a major chill-axin place for us. He was the person who first introduced me to Arrested Development in his dorm we sat on the floor and watched it on his laptop and I didn't think it was that funny. If I had only known, I owe him a lot for that.
Matt, Ben and Jordan in the chill ax lounge. You can also see the Ky-bot on the back wall. We all drew on those cardboard walls for hours it seemed like.

Ben. He was one of the only people who didn't live in the neighborhood but who was still allowed in the group. If Ben's blue van was parked anywhere on the street, you knew that's where everyone was hanging out. I still sometimes turn onto my street and look for that blue van. We would drive around in that thing and listen to Saves the Day so loud. He would draw some terrifyingly dark things that for some reason we laughed at. He was just too funny to take seriously most the time.

Adam. Or Donald. He was the craziest kid around. The best memories I have of him were in Math with him and Kylee and Mr. Ruchti. Talk about a magic combination. I never knew a class could be so fun. We would do the stupidest stuff in that class like seeing who could stare at the sun for the longest and walk out with our hoods on and in a single file line. I don't remember once worrying about what anyone thought of me in that class.(Which is kinda crazy, because I was being an imbecile and also I was always worried about what people were thinking of me)

Matt Robinson. What a gem. He was a pleasant surprise. I had no idea what a weirdo he was. One night me kylee, him and ben rode around in his car and the only way we would talk to each other was by doing that stupid cheer, "when i say _____, you say ____" This is how we communicated the entire night. It was effective and SO hilarious to us. Matt was the perfect boyfriend for Erica, because he got along with everyone so well. And even though I kinda hated him for stealing my best friend, he sure was a great addition to the group and he looked out for me and told me who I shouldn't date and which boys had crushes on me, so that was helpful.

These weirdos do a guys trip to Oneida every year and spend most the week doing the weirdest crap, naked. That's what I hear at least. Chris, Cody, Adam, Derik, Lawls(not sure how he got in there) and Ben

In Timpanogas Cave. (Before I realized that basketball shorts were unacceptable to wear in any situation)

I'll never forget my girls, but just for fun, I'll still give them a tribute anyway.

Kylee. She helped me not to care what other people thought. She taught me how to be more adventurous. She taught me how to not be so cheap or selfish, especially with friends. I can still laugh SO hard with her. We've been all over and done so much. We invented new words and even an entire language. She helped me savor my childhood and made it last so much longer than I thought it could. She was so creative and many times we would start games by lining us up and she would give us our name for the game and that would determine our character. We have so many inside jokes we could talk about them for hours and no one else would have an idea what we were talking about. She is one of the few people who is actually fun to sit at a computer with, we'd edit movies, play the most jacked up version of Sims, and make some really messed up American Girl plays.  We made cat traps, played a game called Poacher that scared us so bad, we were never sure if we wanted to play, and made the most epic movies of all time!

Erica. My besto for so long. We'd communicate with our lights from our houses at night. It was so fun to see her bedroom light start flashing and then I would start flashing my deck light. That's where I had my first sleepover and I was SO homesick. Erica was weird and funny and so great. She taught me how to make friends and I'm sure I would have been an outcast in HS without her. She helped bring me out of my shell and as long as she was with me I could talk to anyone with confidence. I ate over and slept over at her house so often, it was sometimes weird when I was actually at home. I learned how to do a back flip on their trampoline on accident. I learned how to wake board, tube and be a boat person. I helped with chores just so I could spend more time with these freaks. Erica was the reason I started dancing, which is how I have met some of my most favorite people. We had way too much fun performing together. We would laugh so hard on stage sometimes we couldn't even dance. All our teachers in church, school and dance hated when we were together, because we could not control our laughter.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

say it ain't so

I'm back! Sick of me yet? I am. But too bad, there are some things that need to be said.

There are things that sometimes bother more than they should. Lately, most of those things have been stupid sayings that have gotten too popular. This post is going to make me seem extremely negative, and maybe I am, but mostly I just wish people would stop saying dumb stuff that's not funny. I appreciate dumb stuff when it's funny, some perfect examples include "I love that so bad" or "asap as possible", both really dumb but also funny.

This list is just a few of the things I can't take anymore. Ranting to Nate alone about these things is no longer enough. Please feel free to add any more that I may have missed.

-When people say ______for days. It all started with "she's got legs for days" but now people think they can just say whatever they want and put "for dayzz" after it. Some real life examples: selfie for days, beach for days, chicken tacos for days, geek for days, days for days. What? That doesn't even make sense. The most annoying part about this saying is that 9 out of 10 times the word "days" is actually spelled in the most heinous way possible. i.e. dayyzz, daysss, daayyys, dayzzz, you get the picture.
-The "keep calm and whatever" frenzy needs to stop. I used to really like the "keep calm and carry on" poster for it's historical reasons. And it was permissible when the spin off sayings were kinda close to actual saying like "keep calm and yoga on" or whatever.  But things have gotten out of hand. Half the time the memes don't even make any sense!
If you are not yet to the point of hatred that I am, just go online and look up "keep calm and" posters and you'll be with me in about 3 minutes. "Keep calm and come to Chili's tonight for half off appetizers" Why can't you just leave "keep calm" out of it!!
If you know me, you can imagine how excited I was when I came across this! 
Love butterflies? Wth.

-Sorry not sorry. I totally get why this one is used and I have even caught myself about to use it at times. It's not so much the saying as it is the context in which people use it. Most the stuff people post with that hashtag they actually NEED to be sorry about. Just leave off the "not sorry" part and apologize for what you posting. 
-But first let me take a selfie. I think I hate this one most because of how true it is. People have to take 13 selfies before they do anything. This meme is pretty dumb, but so true. I mean....
- Long hair don't care (or any kind of hair: messy, short, blonde, etc) Mostly I don't get it. The only one that even makes sense is messy hair, don't care. (You have messy hair and you don't care who sees it) Half the time people post pics of their beautiful long hair and say #longhairdontcare and I'm like, I don't care either. Is it you that doesn't care or is it your hair that doesn't care? I'm so confused, someone help me out.
-That moment when... Every once in a while this one can be a little funny, but again people have taken this too far and are using it unnecessarily. This should be used to explain things that happen often to most people and it's a funny situation. It should not be used to explain situations that almost never happen, which is where this saying is really getting on my nerves. i.e. That moment when your friend calls and tells you that she can't hang out because her dog just got mauled by a bear and the bear is waiting on her porch for it's next victim. This is just a good story and there is no need for "that moment when" because this will literally never happen to anyone else. Just tell the story, it's good enough to stand alone.

Feels good to get that off my chest finally.

If you HAVE to use any of these sayings, I just ask that you do it responsibly.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

25 things about me.

I'm on a roll here people. I don't know what has come over me, but all I want to do lately is blog. It'll probably only last like 5 days, so I'm going with it, don't be annoyed k?

Everyone has been posting the 25 facts about themselves on Facebook and I have loved reading them way too much. I wanted to post one for myself, but I'm really weird about posting on Facebook, I have a lot of "friends" who I don't know and who I don't trust. I haven't posted a status update for like 5 years, so it seems weird to come back on the scene with a narcissistic post ALL ABOUT ME!  Over-thinking much? Yeah, obviously! Do you even know me? If not, you better read these facts.

1. I love the mountains. I feel most accomplished when I've spent the day doing some kind of activity outside. There is no better feeling to me. That means that in the winter I get a little depressed because I don't feel like I have accomplished anything.
2. I think that my half birthday is a thing and I force Nate to make it a bigger deal than it ever should be. And I kinda hate that about myself.
3. One of my dreams in life is to be able to sing. I have a terrible voice so a lot of the time at church, I just mouth the words because I am extremely self conscious about my voice. (Don't tell Nate though, he always says that I'm not singing, and I get really defensive and say YEAH I AM! But I'm not.)
4. When I am sick the only thing I want to eat is spaghettios. What? That's gross.
5. I learned how to swim this year (like actually swim, I can go and "swim laps" now) and it's one of the accomplishments I am most proud of thus far in my life. I never thought I'd be able to do that.
6. I have a love/hate relationship with running. I ran a marathon, but I hardly ever tell people because I don't know how to say it without sounding braggy. I will pretty much only tell you if you come right out and ask, "have you ever run a marathon?"
7. I have the biggest actor crush on Matt Damon. I love him. Also, Jimmy Fallon.
8. I am a quiet person. I like to sit back and observe. I also get weirdly offended when people call me shy. (probably because I am and I don't want to be. and also because most people say it like it's such an insult. there's nothing wrong with being shy, back off.) Don't call me shy, k?
9. I don't love to read. I like the idea of it and I know I should do it, so I do it. I wish I loved it and sometimes I really do like it. I find that when I'm in the middle of a book, I feel stressed about needing to finish it, so that makes me not want to start new books.  It's really weird and I don't know why I feel like that.
10. I have a really good memory sometimes and I can remember weird details. I think it creeps people out, so I have to play dumb a lot to avoid really awkward conversations. I often say things like, "oh yeah, I thought I recognized you from somewhere" when in my head I actually know their first and last name and where their locker used to be. I'm not creepy though.
11. I miss my maiden name really bad. And I have a hard time spelling my new name aloud. People think I am going super slow for them, but really I just can't ever remember where I'm at.  I can't figure out how to sign my new last name, I had so many hours to practice LaCognata throughout years and years of school notebooks, and I loved the way it looked. I guess I need to practice some more.
12. I hate being the center of attention.
13. Loud noises make me SO mad. You know how sometimes you turn on the tv or radio and it is super loud, this causes me so much rage. That's just an example, any loud noises tick me off, babies crying really loud, ambulances, birds squawking, something falling, loud ringtones, the list goes on and on.
14. I don't usually like fancy food. I have an extremely unrefined palette. I would rather eat candy than fancy desserts most the time. I am obsessed with candy. I want to eat it all day every day.
15. I am probably the least romantic person in the world and Nate kinda hates it.
16. I have some serious road rage. Driving in traffic makes me into a demon.
17. I am extremely awkward when I run into people I only kinda know, or used to know. I will avoid it at all costs, and this sometimes comes off as rude, but I'm not trying to be rude, I am just trying to spare us both the most awkward situation of all time.
18. The number one place I want to go before I die is Italy. I want to see all of it too. I want to go to a lot of places, but Italy is the only one I will be really sad if I don't see it before I die.

19. I am sort of a cheapskate. Sometimes I just pass it off as trying to be frugal, but the truth is I'm cheap. I hate spending money on unnecessary things and I get pretty bent out of shape when I waste money, even if it's only like $3. I have gotten better and Nate is definitely helping me to be more generous, but it's a struggle for sure.

20. I am obsessed with zombies. I had to stop watching 'the walking dead' because I was becoming too consumed with thinking about the possibilities of a zombie outbreak. Everywhere I went I was looking for escape routes, possible weapons and places I could hunker down if need be. I would take inventory of the snacks in my desk and think about how long I could survive if I had to hide out in my office for a while. I once put a cliff bar in my purse for a snack and didn't end up eating it, as I took it out to put back in the cupboard, I honestly thought, "I should keep that in there just in case of zombies, I'll need something to eat when I'm bugging out." (Apparently the main thing I'm worried about is having enough to eat, maybe I just have an eating disorder or something)  Anyway, it got outta hand and I am glad I stopped watching it so I can lead a more normal life. And worry about more realistic problems. But if I'm being honest, I still think about it a lot.
21. I HATE getting ready for the day. My dream is to have a team of professionals get me ready every day. Actually they don't even have to be professional, just someone besides me.
22. My favorite smells are gasoline and exhaust (like the way it smells at the marina when you are pulling the boat in) campfire, and lilacs.
23. I get really sick on roller coasters most the time, but I hate being a buzz-kill so I just go on them and pretend like I love it. I do however love any ride that involves falling, like the rocket or tower of terror, I could go on those rides all day long and never get sick.
24.  I have known some of the greatest people throughout my life. I think about them a lot.  I think a lot of people would be surprised to know that I think about them and miss them. (Again with the creepiness). But really I wish there was a way to remain friends with all these people. Like an entire community made up of only people you know and love.
25. I eat really really slow. I try to eat fast and I cannot do it. Everyone is always done before I am even halfway done. People hate this about me.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Nate's company finally came to their senses and decided that they would allow wives to come on the trip as paid employees twice a year. Previously, only friends could come, no girlfriends or wives allowed, but if you had a friend or cousin or distant relative, they could come and there was no limit to how many times. They mostly just didn't want to bring girls. Their reasoning being that they didn't want to have to get an extra room since a girl was coming, but that doesn't really make sense since husbands and wives typically like to sleep in the same room. (Different beds obviously, but still in the same room). Anyway, Nate made a suggestion and a couple weeks later their policy had changed. (He has no idea how much power he holds in those fiercely blue eyes) So I get to choose 2 trips a year to go on and help out with all the race preparations. So not only was it a free trip, I also got paid to go, which is pretty dang awesome. My first trip I chose was to Manassas, VA, which is just about a 30 minute drive to Washington D.C.

We flew into DC on Thursday afternoon and it was great. I love flying with Nate, he is such a pro now and knew all the little tricks. Of course by tricks, I just mean that he knew you could ask for pretzels AND cookies, not just pretzels. I was so jealous that he got both that I made him share his cookies with me. Lesson learned. The next time I got both and was very pleased with myself. We flew right by the Washington monument and Lincoln memorial and I snapped this pic from the plane.
 Displaying WP_20140911_001.jpg
 It was probably the best picture of the whole trip, we joked that we could just leave because we already got the best picture of the week. When we got off the plane and met up with the rest of the team, no one believed that I had actually taken the pic and they thought we just got it online. The problem with Nate's team is that no one ever tells the truth so they are extremely distrusting and it's really hard to get them to believe anything, even and especially when it's the truth.
Thursday we mostly just got confused on the metro and annoyed the locals by not listening to their advice. We also made it to a couple of the main sights. First we went to Arlington Cemetary (Despite my petition to go to the Pentagon, because it was Sept.11th afterall and I just knew there had to be some kind of awesome memorial or something going on.) That was actually a really awesome place to be on that day. It was so peaceful and beautiful. We watched the changing of the guard and visited some of the presidents grave sites. It was extremely hot and muggy and I was sweating like crazy, and felt really gross.
Displaying WP_20140911_016.jpg

Displaying WP_20140911_009.jpg
After that we went to the National Mall and saw the Lincoln memorial and Washington Monument. This was one of my favorite places I've ever been. It was so beautiful. I even recited the Gettysburg Address for Mr. Lincoln himself.

Displaying WP_20140911_023.jpg

 All the flags around the entire city were at half mast or half-staff (I never know which one is right) for September11th.
You would not believe me if I told you how long it took to get this picture. The picky jogger who took it was just not satisfied with any of the pics he was getting. And after about 5 minutes (or longer) he finally got this one and gave us back our now very sweaty camera. Good thing it's a waterproof camera, sicko!

After this, we realized that it was 9pm and we hadn't eaten since we left Logan at about 7am (besides those pretzels AND cookies, of course). So we got back on the metro and went back and got ours trucks, which we drove one block to where we were gonna eat. We got lost in the most confusing parking garage in the world and ended walking further than we would if we would have just left the cars where they were. We ate at a place called 'The good stuff eatery' and got their famous toasted marshmallow shake.
We finally made it back to Manassas and checked into the hotel. We made a quick run to Walmart because I realized I had made a huge mistake in the clothes I had packed for race day set up. Finally we went to bed.
Manassas is a super cute little town. It's got a lot of history and still relies heavily on a real life train. We had to stop multiple times for the train that transports passengers and coal and is super loud. I loved this LOVE sign at one of the train stations. I wanted to get a picture of Nate and I kissing in back of it and then post it on instagram with a caption like, "Virginia is for lovers". It was going to be so awesome and I was going to get SO many likes, but Nate wasn't really in a "let's stop and take a picture of us kissing for the sole purpose of putting it on instagram" type of a mood, and neither was I, so I hurried and snapped this one, which is way better than what I had in mind. 

The next day was exhausting. We set up flags, barricades, merch, helped with packet pick up, and zip tied until my fingers were raw. I was pretty determined to prove that I could do the manual labor, in hopes that they would think, "hey, she's a girl AND a wife and she is doing just as much, if not more than the guys we usually bring" and then I would be able to get to come more often, but unfortunately I didn't hear anyone say that. They must have just been saying it behind my back. It was hard work. Those barricades are heavy and after tossing sandbags around and lifting hauling boxes back and forth, I was starting to think their "boys only" rule might be justified. (However, just for the record, I still think I was one of the strongest girls they've ever brought and I do think I was more capable than some of the boys they bring, just had to get that out there. The other wife that was there helping is just the tiniest little thing and I felt so bad for her, she was completely wiped out after a few hours. Point goes to team chubs.)
We finished up late. Way later than I was expecting and we really only had time to eat and go to bed.  We got a free meal at Noodles and Company because they were our sponsors or something. The next morning we had to wake up and 5:15 and be to course by 5:30 in order to get everything ready for the race. I helped set up the start line and sell merch. The amount of money that people dropped on that stuff was astounding. I would cringe telling people how expensive things were and then they would come back and say something like, "Okay, give me 3 of those, and one of everything else." After the race started I was dying to be over in the action, Nate came and rescued me and I got to help rile people up for the race. I sprayed the line with color and acted like a freak. I also got to use the leaf blower to blow color all over people as they started the race. That was awesome.

 After the race there is a big dance party. I think it is supposed to be a dance party, but no one was dancing. Nate told me to get on stage and throw out t shirts and color and dance, which I was really excited about. But It was super awkward dancing in front of a crowd who was not dancing and pretty only watching and waiting for the next thing you were going to throw out. When you are holding something (to give away) and dancing you feel like the most famous person in the world, people are screaming and cheering and jumping up and down. But the second you throw it and you are left empty handed, people are straight faced, silent and still just staring at you. It's uncomfortable. I could only handle the stage life for about 30 minutes and then I went back to the merch tent where I belonged. Nate however, owns the stage. He teases the crowd and gets people pumped up. It was so fun to watch. Helping out definitely made me realize how exhausted Nate must be all the time, he never gets a break. It made me really appreciate him and I felt bad for all the times I said his job was just a party all the time.

Look at these heathens. Obviously someone has something in their hand ready to throw out. I wish I would have gotten a picture of them when they were just standing silent, still and stare-ful.

The whole team. We were so dang tired at this point.

After the race, we cleaned up as fast as possible, got cleaned up and then went back to the city. We were pretty tired, and accidentally ended up walking probably 4 miles at least. We walked down to the Capitol building which was awesomely huge.

By this time I had been needing to go to the bathroom for about an hour, and hadn't realized that only one end of the mall had restrooms. I tried to ask some people who worked there and none of them were any help. One girl just said she couldn't answer my question because they were closing. She couldn't even tell me there were no bathrooms, she straight up couldn't even answer my question. And another guy said nothing was open and no bathrooms for at least a mile. I was in bad shape. We finally saw a building across the street with it's doors propped open which signaled to me that they were open. We ran across the street only to find out that they were also closed, they just leave their doors open to mislead people. I finally resolved that I wasn't going to make and started thinking of other options. There weren't many covered or bushy areas to go and since it is the nation's capitol there were cameras everywhere, I didn't really want to be arrested for public urination. But I had no choice. I found a bushy (enough) area right near the the capitol building and went for it. It was one of the scariest things I ever done and I'm not proud of it.  But at least now I have a really good "truth" for the next time I'm in high school and have to play "2 truths and a lie".

This arrow shows the approximate place of the incidence. 

This was a cool place but we didn't have time to figure out exactly what it was, so we just snapped a quick pic.

The rest the night we walked around looking at all the places we wish we could have gone to, unfortunately all the museums and things close at like 5 and we were way too late for that. We did see the White House and saw some people walking on top and around it. We would all freak out whenever we saw a person or any movement. We talked for a good 15 minutes about what would happen if we started climbing the fence, how far we could make it before being brought down by secret service. Apparently you can make it all the way inside the white house. I knew we should have tried it.

For all you National Treasure fans. 

This building literally said Post Office on it. What the. We tried to figure out how a post office could be that big and all we could come up with was that they must have lots of mail there and every single option of stamps you could ever want. We know a lot about the US Postal service. 

The White Houses' way cooler neighbors. We all agreed that this place was way better than the White House and that the Obama's should move.

After that we went back to Manassas and went to bed. We woke up early the next morning to catch our flight. Once we got to the gate, I was informed that Nate got upgraded to first class and I was sad I wouldn't get to sit by him. When I made it to the plane, he was there waiting for him and handed me his first class ticket. He is the best. I think it will probably be the only time in my life that I fly first class. It was exactly how it is portrayed in Seinfeld. They came around right after we took off and handed out hot towels, I almost burst into laughter, I couldn't believe that was a real thing. They served breakfast and all kinds of snacks, anything you could ever want to drink. And apparently when you are living the high life the flight attendants feel like it's their responsibility to make sure you look the part.

The guy came to get my order for breakfast and would not talk to me until I got something off my eye. He was so disgusted by it
"You have something on your eye miss!" I brushed my eye real quick and then tried to order my breakfast
"I'll have the...." He interrupted me quickly
"IT'S STILL THERE!" I brushed my ear vigorously and when it was finally gone, he looked at me like I was a human again and allowed me to put my order in. I am not cut out for first class, and everyone in there knew it, I was not fooling anyone. It was quite luxurious. It was so nice feeling like I could ask for pretty much anything I wanted and I could have it. I feel like I didn't take full advantage and I know I missed out on a lot of things because I didn't know what was allowed. I needed Nate up there to show me the secret "tricks".

This was just a teaser trip, and we will definitely need to go back to DC when we have more time to see everything and go to all the museums and tours and such. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Last little bits of Summer

Finally made it to a Twilight concert a couple weeks ago. San Fermin and the Head and the Heart played and they were both so great. A literal giant came and stood right in front of us and didn't seem to feel bad at all. This picture is super dark and crappy, but you can kinda see the outline of him and me. It was a weird night, but the music was wonderful.

On Saturday, Lauren and I went and did "Man vs Mud" which is the Cache Valley mud run. It was wet. Most the obstacles were just walking through stagnant water and volunteers would yell at you about where you should and shouldn't step because of holes and other things. That was pretty much their only purpose. There was an obstacle that was crawling through ice water, like the volunteers were throwing bags of ice into the water. One of the volunteers asked us if it was cold as we were getting out, but they asked it in such a way that sounded like they couldn't understand how it could be cold. We both yelled that it was freezing and that they could take it easy on the ice.

The best parts of the race were the:
-raft jumping, and the ropes right after that most out of control I've ever felt
-the volunteer from another country who kept yelling "it's easy!!!" She was trying to be encouraging but it came off quite the opposite. She might as well have said, "What you're doing is so easy, if you are struggling, you are a little baby"
-lots of lies to other runners
Good times. We totally qualified.

After the run I "showered", but more just hosed off and changed into church clothes and drove down to the Ogden temple open house. As I drove down I kept on discovering chunks of mud that I had missed. I probably should not have gone into the temple in such a state. Michael had some real good trivia about the temple and half way through Brandon and I got the app and were able to share even more gems of knowledge.
So we took a picture exactly like this in front of the Mount Timpanogas temple when it was first built, and my mom wanted to recreate it, the only problem is that I was much shorter than and so standing in front of my mom didn't really work. It mostly just made me look like a huge jerk trying to get attention. (Huge referring to my size, not the amount of jerk I was being). I wish I had the picture we were recreating, because we were SO much cuter than. We all hate the grown up version of this picture. So let's just look at the cute children instead.

After that we drove down to Station Park in Farmington and ate and shopped for the longest I've ever shopped. Am I the only other person who had no idea that place even existed? Where did that come from and how come I've never seen or heard anything about it?
That night I was lucky enough to be invited to the Reel Hooker Saloon Party. I've seen pictures and heard accounts of this party for years now and never thought I'd be invited. I don't know why or how it happened, but when you get invited to something like this you don't ask questions, you just saddle up and go.

This party is cray cray. Drew has transformed his basement into a straight up saloon from the old west and it is the greatest thing I've ever seen. Everyone dresses up and drinks so much root beer and acts so drunk. It's was wonderful to watch so many adults so dedicated to staying in character. There was a program that was hilarious, confusing and very impressive at times. Some of the things on the program was a demonstration by a steam punk work-friend (I can't even remember what he was demonstrating anymore, but I do remember that he had a flame thrower and nearly burnt the place down). There was an extremely confusing puppet show, that was also quite lazy. The person controlling the puppets was just resting his hands on the "stage", puppets face down, which was actually one of the best parts. There was some singing, a sing a long to "Lil' Sebastian" by Mckay and an amazingly fierce dance by Drew, Syd and the sassiest blonde I've ever seen. After the program things got wild as we took shot after shot and danced around busting beer bottles and throwing beer in the air. I stole some pics from Mckay and they are huge, and there is some weird spacing happening, so watch out.

I also stole a couple from Syd, who blogged about the night here. 


After that Nate finally came home and we went camping for Labor Day. It was our first time going camping alone the whole summer, so sad. It was wonderful, we are way too in love with camping, that's all we talked about the whole time!

A couple days later was Nate's Birthday. He had been saving for a gun for a while and I gave him the rest the money he needed to finally buy it. We are gun owners. For his birthday we went shooting (and my first two shots were dead on bulls eyes) and then like always I started sucking it up toward the end of the sesh. It's a problem I hope will get better with more practice, because I could take down like 10 zombies no problem, but if there were more than that, I might not make it. Gotta work on that. (And yes, all the "real-world" experiences I am expecting to need a gun for are zombie related)
We also went to dinner at a Japanese grill and it was so great. Good food, so entertaining and I actually caught the food he threw at me in my mouth!  (This was my main concern when Nate said he wanted to go there for his bday dinner) I was way too proud. We took this weird picture. And side note, Nate is wearing his other bday gift, an "I met lil sebastian" shirt. And after you've referenced lil sebastian twice in one post, it probably means you should wrap things up.
Also since I like to end posts with super awkward pics, I'll sign off there. 

But. If you need to waste some time, or want to laugh really hard, go check out this blog. Start with this post and then continue your journey however you like. It has been the source of many wasted hours at work lately. And many headaches from trying to suppress my explosive laughter so my co-workers don't think I'm having fun. I need one of my friends to marry this guy, he lives in Salt Lake, so it's pretty realistic, you won't regret it, I don't think.