Monday, August 18, 2014

Rodeos, Lakes and Mountains

Some of the happenings as of late....
One of my bosses was the president of the Days of '47 Rodeo, so I got hooked up with some box seats to the show. Nate was gone for work again, so I took Ky. The food was great, and I felt so fancy being in a box. These were the pics I took to make Nate jealous that weekend. If you know Nate, you know that the popcorn in picture below actually did make him jealous. Again, I can only make him jealous by showing him food that I am eating. 

 We had a really hard time getting a good pic of us in the box, and almost fell out trying to get an awesome pic. We were so distracted trying to get a good pic that I forgot one of my bags in our suite and had to go back in after they were "locked down" with some security guard and walk around the empty arena trying to find the cleaning lady who might have taken it. At one point we got in a sketchy freight elevator to go in the basement to "ground control" or something like that. It was a pretty bad decision on my part, and the whole time I was praying that he wouldn't try and R me. Luckily the elevator ride was only about 15 seconds and the guard wasn't a crazy. Phew! 

  The next weekend I played with Bre (vibe girlfriend) and we had a craft night and needed some extra cardboard, so we threw her in this recycling bin. Side note about my feelings on crafting: I always like making the actual craft, but after it's done I hate it and I want to throw it away. Not because it's ugly, but because I hate the way "crafy" things look,  all homemade-looking. We are gonna have to find a different activity to keep us busy while the boys are gone or I'm gonna either have a house full of ugly crafts or a soul full of guilt, and I don't want either.

The next day I met up with Matt and Natalie at Bear Lake and crashed their family party. I think I should feel bad about it, but I don't because I really just wanted to see those guys. The Innes were just as great as always, and I was just as awkward as ever. It's weird to do things alone, when you're so used to having a husband side kick. We went out on the boat and I held their new little babe, and was a little worried he was getting shaken baby syndrome, because that boat was ROCKIN'! But he survived and slept through the whole thing. Which was astonishing, because it was seriously rough water. It was great to catch up with them and so fun to be on boat again. I wake boarded for like 3 minutes before I decided to be one of those "this water sucks too bad" snobs. After that little meet up, I walked back to my car and started driving home, but I only made it about 2 parking stalls before I decided that I didn't want to go home and I wanted to lay on the beach and read. So I parked and walked back down to the beach and read for an hour and it was glorious. I took one picture this weekend of these random people. Here's a tip: If you wanna look like a creep, go sit on a beach by yourself and take pictures of strangers.

Two days later Nate had a work party at Bear Lake where they stayed the night in a huge cabin with an indoor pool and then the next day they rented tons of jet skis and a boat to play all day.  It was a Monday and Tuesday, because to the weirdos at that company, that is a normal time to do a super fun overnighter. We could only go up for the night because I'm a normal person with a normal job and normal responsibilities. It was a fun night and an awesome cabin. There was a huge lightening storm happening across the lake and we pretty much just watched it all night while we roasted dogs and I tried really hard not to get smoky hair-because there was no way I was waking up early to shower.

 The next weekend was the cache county fair and rodeo. Bre and I met up and got some delicious tacos and funnel cake. We also got corn on the cob with mayo and parmesan cheese, because people were raving about it and some lady behind us bullied us into it, but we weren't even that impressed. People are always trying to make everything a "thing", just give it a rest. Instead of everything being the most amazing thing that has ever happened, why can't some things just be good?  I miss plain old good stuff. When we were in Bear Lake one of the new food joints had a sign that said "least famous shakes" (if you've ever been there, you know that every single place has a sign one upping the sign before it for the most famous raspberry shakes, and I'm very sorry to have to say this, but I've never had a memorable shake there. It tastes like any other raspberry shake I've ever gotten anywhere else, and I do not believe they use fresh raspberries. Maybe like 2 fresh and the rest frozen) Anyway, I loved that sign, it made me want to go in there and congratulate them.

If you haven't guessed already, this was the "make Nate jealous" pic for the weekend. I got a maple frosting on mine and it was a little much, next time I'm sticking with the classic.
After we stuffed that funnel cake in, I left for home. I got home at about 10pm and hung out with Linz and Brandon for a couple hours and then we left to go hike Timp through the night and watch the sunrise. I was so tired when I got home, I wanted to back out, but I have tried climbing that mountain SO many times and every time we've had a plan to climb that bi, something comes up and ruins it. The hiking was great, my knees were being little babies, but other than that I felt pretty great. It was so much longer than I thought it would be, I knew it would be about 14 miles, but in my mind it wasn't that big of a deal. I wish I would have been expecting it to be REALLY hard, because then I could have been pleasantly surprised, when it was just a normal amount of difficult. I had to pee SO many times on the way up, which was fine because it was so dark I could pretty much just step off the trail and go, but on the way back, it was a little tricky. It was so awesome to look down and see tons of headlamps coming up the trail, so many weirdos who decided they'd rather hike than sleep. It's just a little sketchy getting to the top and even more so when it's dark and you have no idea where the trail is. It was extremely cold at the top, and Lindsay had to break the news to some teenage boys that the sun wasn't going to warm things up for a couple more hours.

It was nice to come back down in the light and see all the amazing views. The wildflowers in that place were so incredible, I had to keep stopping to get pictures. The hike down was crazy because we didn't stop once and we were going turbo speed. And it felt like it was 4X longer than the way up. It was a confusing time. Poor Brandon had to listen to us freak out about long it was taking to get down.  By the time we made it to the bottom we were tired, ornery, and so ready to be done. 

So excited and naive. 



 Ignore my dorky face and check out all those wildflowers. 

There she is, in all her glory. 

We've been in full remodel mode in out apt and it is stressful and awesome. We painted almost the whole place, out with the old and in with the new, Nate built an awesome desk, we got rid of our kitchen table and hung our bikes there.Soon I'll post pics of our awesomely new place, it will finally look like adults live here instead of college students. More big news, I got a new bike! It is beautiful and smooth and I'm in love. I want to ride it all day everyday. 

We went down to the Highlands this weekend to see Willy's homecoming talk and it was so wonderful! He was so funny and powerful at the same time. Nate and I were laughing so hard and no one else was even cracking a smile. It is such a shame that some people don't understand how hilarious he is. Later that night we all gathered on the Orton deck and played games, talked and laughed. Willy told so many obscure mission stories, he had us all eating out of his hand. I laughed so hard I got a headache. The night ended with Willy serenading us and it was so great. It has been too long! It was one of the best nights of the summer, nothing I love more than being with good people outside on warm summer nights.