Friday, July 25, 2014

Family Times

July is one of the best months. Here are some of the things we've been up to, and by we, I mostly mean just me, because that husband of mine insists on leaving every weekend for work.
This is me enjoying Summerfest alone. I went and bought some jewelry and kettle corn and sent this picture to Nate because he loves kettle corn so much. Sometimes I try to make him "jealous" of what I'm doing because I'm pretty much ALWAYS jealous of his cool trips and adventures. My attempts to make him jealous almost always include food and almost never work.

We bought a car! Check out that beaut. We have been wanting another car for a long time and now that I seem to be driving a lot by myself, we figured it was time for a more reliable car. I am done breaking down on the freeway between Logan and Highland. It has happened 4 times and 3 out of those 4 times I have been alone, which causes extreme anxiety every time I do that drive alone. It is so nice to have a newer car finally and to not have to worry about the timing belt, radiator or the tires blowing out (all of which have happened to me).
On the 4th, my family got together to play tennis. But first we ate a huge breakfast and waited for it to get really hot before going out. We had quite the tournament. Mike and I played doubles against my Dad and Linz, my dad of course pulled out all the cheap shots he had (and by cheap shots, I just mean shots with impossible spin, totally fair, but extremely frustrating). Nate and I played Linz and Brandon and were victorious! After the tennis times, we decided it would be fun to do races on the track. We did a 100M sprint, I took second, barely. And then we did 400M race and that was not very much fun, I was tired and feeling very lazy. Averi was destroying us all until the last 100M when Nate came out of no where and sprinted to the finish to take the win. We won't talk about which place I took... It was exhausting and fun.

After that we had a BBQ with Nate's family and we made this little beauty. The BBQ was delicious and a lot of fun. After that we went to watch fireworks at Thanksgiving Point, we were in a neighborhood right next to the park and the neighborhood was going crazy. Some guy (who we named Bob) had one impressive show, and after the "real" fireworks went off, we all decided that Bob's show was way better. 

The next week we went to Bear Lake with some of my family. It took a lot of work to get them to agree to camp, but all that work paid off because it was so much fun. Even though the weather was sucky on our main lake day we still had a good time. Linz and I had the worst attitude about the weather, and were accidentally convincing the children that they weren't having fun.

We spent our time swimming, playing horshoes and bocce ball,  eating lots of food, and had some good campfire talks. But the thing we did the most was talk about how much we hated the youth group that was camped out by the bathrooms. They acted like they owned the place and they were not doing appropriate campy things. They learned a pirate dance and blared the theme song to pirates of the caribbean. One night they watched a movie on a projector against the bathroom, and it was SO loud. (who watches a movie while camping? why not just camp and enjoy a fire and talk? what's the world coming too when you'd rather watch a movie than roast mallows??) They were filming something all the time, and it was so confusing. They also set up a HUGE banner in between two trees which pretty much blocked the entrance to the bathroom so you had to duck under the banner and every time you did they would act like you were walking into their tent. They stored all their crap in the dish washing room (expensive cameras and projector in the sinks, etc) Nate was ticked by that and just started moving things around and not trying to be careful about getting water on things, a few of the leaders came over to see what we were doing and didn't even say one word about it. Not even, "hey don't touch our stuff!" or "sorry, let me move all of our junk out of this common area that is supposed to be shared by everyone in all of these campgrounds" That was a long rant about them, but they were the worst.
Bear Lake sunsets are kinda the best. 

Pretending like we actually needed that shade tent. 

The amount of marshmallows that Henry destroyed in a 2 minute period was astounding. He was ticked about it, but it was really funny.

Check out that beauty. Strawberries on s'mores is pretty much the best thing that's ever happened.

This pic is the best because it looks like Brandon is telling Bax something super inspirational or something, but he actually is just throwing a horseshoe.

Lindsay told us to get close together for a picture but I was too lazy to move so we just touched hands.

You can't tell, but Nate did have a good time.

After Bear Lake we worked for a couple days and then left to Nate's family campout in AF Canyon. It was SO beautiful up there. I am in love with that canyon. It was too pretty to take any pics, so there are none. But Nate taught me how to split wood with an ax, and after some coaching I was actually pretty good. It was such an awesome feeling and I was way too proud of myself. It's something I thought I'd never be able to do. He also taught me how to saw logs (not sleep, but actually saw logs) and he explained the expression "sawin' logs' to me. He was a busy little teacher. We played in the river with the children and had some deep conversations with the fam. Nate got really sick and slept in a hammock for a few hours and then I got sick and the rest the trip was pretty miserable. Being sick in the summer is so terrible, it seems like such a waste. 
 The camp host said there had been bear sightings near by, but we still let the children run free in the mountains all day and all night and didn't worry about them being eaten. 

I'm already dreading Summer being over. Don't leave. Please.