Friday, June 20, 2014

If you haven't been listening to this song non-stop like me, you need to be.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The "Vibe" Life

Nate has been traveling for work every weekend since Hawaii. I thought I would miss him but I didn't realize how much. We really only have 3 days a week together now and it's the worst 3 days. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are our days. Mondays we usually have to catch up on a bunch of dumb adult-y things like groceries and laundry, etc. so that really only leaves us two days. We waited all year for summer and now it's here and we don't even get to enjoy it together. We still haven't been camping and it's June-that is not okay. We also haven't had a proper BBQ, played sand volleyball and we only just played tennis yesterday. I am still trying to soak in as much summer as I can alone, but I gotta say, it's not quite the same without my main squeeze.
Last night we got together with some other couples from color vibe (nate's work) and us wives/girlfriends talked about how much we hate color vibe. We talked about how our weekends go and laughed about how similar we all handled it. We compared ourselves to "army wives" and decided we needed to start a color vibe wife support group. We are getting together on Saturday to go to the pool and have dinner.

After we got home, Nate and I decided that it was a set up by the other husbands so their wives could get together on the weekends and stop calling them in tears because they are so lonely and miss them so much. (Apparently the other wives cry every Saturday night at around the same time, and I felt pretty heartless when they asked me and I said I hadn't cried at all yet). Hopefully there's not something wrong with me. Saturday nights definitely bum me out, but not enough to cry about.
I am hoping this play date will be the start of some fun new friends, but I'm not getting my hopes up, since I am not great at making girl-friends.

 It has been nice to have so much family time. One Saturday my parents told me I had to go through all my old stuff in the bedroom closet, I was so annoyed but I started and it ended up being the funnest thing ever. Linz and her boys came in to see what I would find. The first box I opened was full of stuffed animals, toys and weird souvenirs. I dumped it out on the bed and the boys were in heaven. The way they were reacting, you would have thought I had dumped out the entire Disneyland Park. It was fun to watch them love the things I had loved so much and still love so much that I can bring myself to get rid of them. There was a box of old cards and letters and we made up a fun game where I would start reading the card and Linz would have to guess who it was from, she got so many right, it was freaky. Oddly, the hardest ones to guess were the ones from my parents, because they never had more to say than "love ya" on my birthday. We laughed way too hard and got way too distracted playing with everything that we made a bigger mess and hopefully taught those parents a lesson.

Wearing mouse ears and talking about pez.
In other news, my bike got stolen. Mckay, Send in Jimmy Johns!  I am so sad. The morning before it was stolen we had this conversation:
Nate: You can take the car today
me: No I want to ride my bike
Nate: No, really, you can take it, I don't mind riding today
me: I really WANT to ride, I love riding my bike to work.
Then I got home and someone stole it. That's what I get for loving it so much. We keep our bikes in such a private/secluded place, whoever stole it has to be someone we see on a regular basis. This has made me into a rather pleasant neighbor. Everyone I see hanging around our apartment gets a "I know you stole my bike, you worthless loser" glare. Hopefully once I get a new bike I will be able to cut these people some slack, but I doubt it.
Here's the only things that were cool enough to take pictures of in the last month.
 Kylee and I have been able to get together a bunch as we are both husband-less (Dustin is in Ethiopia) We went rock climbing last weekend and I loved every second of it. Such a perfect night.

 It's been so fun to have some quality besto time. We are still such freaks.
We found this purple path on a walk after we had just gotten back from Hawaii. It was so beautiful. Nate shook the tree and danced around in the blossoms as they floated around. It was magical and I giggled the whole time.
 Hopefully I will take more pics this month.