Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hawaii Part 2

We woke up at 3AM to go do the stairway to heaven hike. It's illegal and there is a guard that gets there really early, so you have to try and beat him there. Once you get to the location you have to hike for about a mile to get to the actual trailhead. We ran into a couple people who had already been turned away, but they told us we could probably make it around him since we didn't have flashlights. Boy, were they wrong. The guard was strategically placed right under the freeway so there was a huge lame post shining down and there was no way for us to sneak around him. He was really nice and gave us some other good hikes. On the way down we ran into another group that asked if we had tried bribing him, we didn't even know that was a thing. He said he would try it. I wonder if they made it through. We were pretty bummed, I wanted to do the hike so bad and now it was like 5AM and we didn't really know what to do with ourselves. We got some breakfast and got to Hanauma Bay by 6 and were able to get in free. Any other day 6AM is nice and warm and the sun is out, but not this day. There was some kind of storm going on and it was windy and cloudy and pretty chilly. We only stayed for a couple hours (one of those hours was just hanging out on the beach waiting for it to warm up). There were lots of cool fish and one nearly slapped me in the face, it freaked me out so bad because it came out of no where and was so close to my face. 
The one on the far left is kinda hard to see, but it was my favorite fish. I followed it around forever. It gave me the heebie jeebies a little though, so I tried to keep a little distance between us.
We left at about 8AM and had already been up way too long so we went back to the hotel and read and rested for a while before our parasailing appointment. I found a groupon for half price parasailing, and I thought it was probably going to be our only chance for that in our lives, so we went for it.

I was expecting it to be thrilling and scary, but it wasn't. It was exhilarating but the thing that surprised us was how peaceful it was. It was so quiet up there and we were just gently flying through the air. We got pretty dang high, but I never even got scared, and we kinda wanted to unhook and drop in, but decided against it.
First you start lifting off the boat and it's a little scary and then you get dipped in the water before the chute takes you really high. That little dip was my favorite part, I wish the whole ride would have been like that. By the end we were high, like 500ft up or so. It was such a cool way to see the ocean and island, I'm really glad we did it, even though it was not was we were expecting at all.
Here we are on the descent, just talking about how we wish we would see a shark or a whale, or how bad we wanted to unhook and drop into the ocean. 
Boat rides are my favorite.
After this little adventure we hung out in the water for a while and then decided it was time to see the jungle. We went and hiked Manoa Falls. It was my first time seeing a jungle in real life and it was honestly one of the most incredible things I've ever seen. I was way too obsessed and I wanted to stop and take pictures of every single thing. This hike was where a lot of Jurassic Park and Lost was filmed. The very first thing you see when you walk in is Jurassic Park to the max. Such huge trees and green everywhere, it literally took my breath away. (Either that or Nate singing Jurassic Park theme, both were awesome)

So, funny story about this picture. Behind us is on of the most beautiful places on the hike, as we were walking by we noticed some people who needed someone to take their pic, so I took a couple of really awesome ones, getting all the incredible trees and everything in the background. Then the lady asked if we wanted one, so we said sure and she started talking about how it was going to be the best picture we've ever had and all that. Well usually you give someone your camera where you want them to take the pic and then you walk over to where you would like to be for the pic, right? Well this lady kept getting closer and closer to us, all the while saying this would be our favorite picture ever. Soon she was about 2 feet away from us and we were laughing so hard, because what the heck?? The weird thing is she had just been talking about how amazing the trees were and how big they were and all this stuff. I don't know if it was some kinda prank or what, but I want to start taking pictures for people like this. Thanks for taking a pic that we could have taken on our own. Good one, lady.

Next we went and checked out the only palace in the U.S. and wanted to go inside so bad, but unfortunately the tours were over for the day. We talked the guard into letting us peek in and it just made us want to see more. Next time, palace. 

After that we got dinner at Zippy's (a local joint that someone suggested to us) I hated it so bad that we had to go get another dinner at Jack in the Box. This was the most tired night of my life so we went back to the hotel and I fell asleep by like 8 or maybe even 7:30 I can't remember.


We started the day by hiking the Diamond Head, which is another WWII bunker site. 

After this hike, we decided to go for round to and hiked to Maunawili Falls. It was the muddiest hike ever. It took so long to get to the falls because almost ever step you had to pull your foot out of 6 inches of mud. It was nearly impossible to hike without a walking stick. 

Jumping in the falls. 

Water in Hawaii isn't near as cold at water in Utah.
The second muddiest we've ever been.
After this we went down to the beach and cleaned up and then went to Maui Tacos for lunch. After that we went and checked out the Bydoo-In Temple. 

 Such a beautiful place, I loved it. Unfortunately our camera died at this place and so the rest the day is undocumented. The last thing we wanted to do was to swim out to Chinaman's Hat.

It's shallow enough to walk almost the whole way. It took forever but we finally made it, it was super fun, but I was pretty scared of sharks the whole time. Later we went and met up with some people from Nate's ward and they told us that that portion of water is breeding water for hammerhead sharks. YIKES. I am so glad we didn't see any. We found an awesome food truck later, probably the best food we had the whole time. We even got a second dinner for later.
We got home pretty late that night, we packed up and went to bed. The next morning we caught our flight out and cried a little.
See ya Hawaii.

Some of the best things about Hawaii:
-No allergies, I didn't sneeze once the whole time. It was awesome
-My hands and all my skin was so so soft. I could not stop caressing my hands all day everyday.
-Nate turning up the music super loud and saying, "If this gets too loud, you can just plug your ears" (Such a sweetheart)
-It never got colder than 70 degrees. 
-Everyone is so chill and friendly

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hawaii Part 1

We decided to spend our tax return on a trip to Hawaii. I have always wanted to go there and we figured this may be our last chance to be irresponsible with the return money, so we did it. We found pretty cheap tickets flying out of Boise, so we decided it was worth it to drive up there and save about $400. We found out the cost to park our car at a near by hotel would be like $60 bucks for the whole week, but with a little research we found a hotel that had a room for $47 and you could park your car for free and there was a free shuttle to the airport. Score! This made it so much easier because we were able to drive up Friday night and have a leisure morning rather than waking up at 5AM and having the longest traveling day of our lives. 

We had a 6 hour layover in Seattle and we were excited to get out and explore the city for a couple hours, but then our flight out of Boise got delayed so our precious Seattle time got cut in half, but we were determined to get out and see what we could. The second we landed we turbo walked to the tram to take us downtown. We got off the tram and headed to Pike's market. It was about 5 blocks away and we ran the whole way in the pouring rain. It was so fun to be running around in a city I've never been, dodging umbrellas and getting soaked. We walked around Pike's market for a little while and it was so fun. That city is so great because the rain did not affect anyone's plans. The streets were packed and no one cared that it was raining, they just went about their business, I loved it. We stayed at the market for about an hour and then ran back to airport just in time to eat some dinner and get on our flight.
We got in at about 10:30 (hawaii time) which was 2:30 am for us, so we were super tired. We got our rental car- the guy at the place offered to upgrade us to a mustang for free because he was from UT, but we decided we cared more about gas mileage so we got the Fiat 500, which was perfect and tiny and we could park it anywhere!

We finally got to the hotel at about 12:30 and went into comas. This was the view from our hotel when we woke up.

The next morning Nate was up by like 5am and had gone to the grocery store and gotten some cereal and milk for breakfast. We ate breakfast and walked down to Waikiki Beach, we hung out there for a while, but it was definitely my least favorite beach. There was so much coral, we couldn't really play in the water and there were so many people and touristy things going on, after about an hour we started walking home. Some idiot crashed his scooter into a light pole right next to us and was super lucky that he wasn't seriously hurt. It made me so worried the whole time that we would crash our rental car (because we are way too cheap for insurance). 

Next we drove up to the Dole Plantation. On the way we stopped at a place called Leonard's, which is famous for their malasadas, which are basically donuts with no holes. They were delicious and it was not our last visit to that place. 

We got to the Dole Plantation and it was really fun at first, but we didn't really know what to do there, so we went on the Pineapple Express train and were unimpressed. I think we were just anxious to get out and play in the water and do other things, so we had a hard time enjoying our time there. It was really fun to see the tiny little pineapples and the dole whip was delicious, but we got out of there pretty fast. 
Dole Whip Yumminess

Pineapple Express

Rainbow Tree

These baby pineapples were too cute to be true.

We drove up to the North Shore and started working our way down the coast when we stumbled upon Waimea Bay and the waves were insane there. There were warning signs about the waves and that if you were unsure about getting in, you shouldn't. I was so scared to get in because people were getting destroyed, but I finally got in and it was one of my favorite things we did. We body surfed for hours. This was probably Nate's favorite thing from the whole week. Those waves had their way with me a few too many times. They were so powerful, terrifying, and impressive I never wanted to leave. After I felt like they had busted my ear drum for a second time we decided to move on to something new. 

The waves were much more impressive than this but they got so big that they came up and started washing all of our belongings away, so I was a little too busy to get pictures of the good ones. 
We continued the drive down to Laie and walked around the temple (it was Sunday afterall, I know, I know-we are the worst). It was so beautiful and so white.
After that we continued on down until we got back to the hotel and called it a night because we were so dead. We pretty much were in bed by like 8 every night, that place is exhausting and the time difference doesn't help much. 


We went to Pearl Harbor and barely made it into our time slot because of the weird traffic in that place. Pearl Harbor was incredible. It was so crazy to be there and see it all in person, it made it so much more real. We got the walking tour with the headphones and were able to listen to survivors tell their stories throughout the tour. We rode out to see the Arizona memorial, which is just a memorial that is built over one of the ships that was sunk during the attack. It was such a sobering experience, but I am so glad we went, totally worth it. 

My face is the worst, but in my defense I was listening to some pretty heavy material. 

The rest the day we just beach hopped and snorkeled here and there. 

It was a weird day, we were tired and didn't have much of a plan, but it was perfect to help us get used to the time change and the sun draining the life out of us. 
That night we met up with Nate's mom's mission president and his wife. It was a weird meet up, but it was fun to meet them because we've both heard so much about them. After that we went back to the hotel and Nate fell asleep in about 2 seconds. 
The next morning we set out to hike the Koko Head Crater, which is just a train track to the top of the mountain that was used during World War II. It was 1100 steps up and it was pretty intense, but worth the view. 

 Long way to go
 We were both so sweaty it was crazy.
 Made it to the top!

 The way down was kinda scary, it was very steep toward the top.
This part was the sketchiest part. There was a section that was about 20 feet above the ground, my legs were shaking like crazy. The slits were big, big enough to fall through, this pic doesn't do it justice, just believe me when I say it was frightening.

We headed to Hanauma Bay to snorkel, but found out that they are closed on Tuesdays for some reason. So we headed to Costco for lunch (best tip I was given and best tip I can give- eat at Costco- cheapest meals you can find). We went up to the North Shore to meet our surf teacher. I was SO nervous for surfing for some reason. I had butterflies all morning, I don't know what I thought was going to happen, but if Nate wouldn't have been there I may have backed out. Luckily, he kept me calm and told me I was going to be really good at it. And...he was right. It was definitely my favorite thing we did. And somehow I was actually pretty dang good at it, guess all that snowboarding paid off. We also had a bunch of sea turtles hanging out with us too, which I loved!

I would totally be a surfer if I lived on the coast. It's so fun just to hang out waiting for the perfect wave.

Next we went to the famous Matsumoto's to get shave ice. It was good, but not worth all the hype, in my opinion, maybe I didn't get the right thing though..
Next we stopped by a fruit stand and got fresh pineapple, mango, guava, and a whole coconut. 

Check out that hair! What a dream boat. Right after this Nate grabbed the coconut and tried to run over it with the car so he could eat the inside. It didn't work. I guess the Fiat is too small. We went and hung out at Turtle Bay and snorkeled and laid in some expensive shade. (even the shade costs money there)

One thing about snorkeling is that if you smile it breaks the seal and your mask fills with water. Once Nate found this out he turned into a little jokester under the water. He kept trying to fish to come to him like the way that people do with babies. I wish I had a video of it because it was so so funny and that dang mask was full of water in no time and I was choking to death. His humor is dangerous. 

My hair was driving me insane an I didn't have a headband or hair thing so I improvised. Nate was not too fond of my look, he kept telling me to take it off, but a girls gotta do what do what a girls gotta do. And I'll sign off with that beautiful pic. Part 2 to come....