Sunday, January 5, 2014

December in Disneyland

December was an awesomely busy month. My family has had a trip to Disneyland planned for years and it finally happened in December. We left on the 18th and were planning on getting home on the 23rd, so we had to have everything ready for Christmas before that. We went down to Highland the night before so we could head out my family the next morning. On the way down we got to stop and hook up with some of my favorite people in the world. Matt and Natalie were finally back in Utah and we had a big gnome dinner.
After a hilarious dinner at Red Iguana, we went back and invaded the Innes household, and talked and laughed until way too late. We learned about Ryan and Dustin's weird water issues, that Adam loves talking about cars and boats, and what a chine lock is. We watched a crazy video of people getting jostled around on a boat -which I hated. And Kylee kept asking, "who wants to drive with us?" even though we all had our own cars. I haven't laughed that hard for so long and it felt great. It's amazing how well all the husbands, fiances and boyfriends got along. They are all so different, but somehow fit together, just like the gnomes I suppose.
The next day it was Disneyland time. We drove to California with Mike and Kim and their two girls, in the very back of their traverse. It wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting. I watched all the X-men movies and it was the most I've ever loved a road trip in my life. We had to stop way too many times for adults to go to the bathroom. I expected it with the kids, but I think we only stopped once per a child's request, the rest were from my parents. We caravan-ed with Brandon and Linz and my parents. We stopped at a mall so we could go to the food court, only the mall we stopped at didn't only had a weird a la carte thing. When we finally got there, we were all pretty fussy. Once we finally got some dinner and groceries we had to go pick up our tickets. We all got our tickets except for Brandon and Linz, the lady at the window couldn't find their tickets no matter what she searched for. They had to wait until the next morning to call some people who finally found their tickets were under the name Dennion instead of Bennion. Oops! It was pretty dramatic, and ruined our plans of getting into the park early that day. 
We started the day by going to Cars land in California Adventure. I loved that place. It looked just like Radiator Springs. On our way over there we went past Tower of Terror and saw that the line was super short so a couple of us decided to jump on that real quick. 
This is our excitement before our first ride. It looks like a selfie but my mom was actually taking the picture and couldn't hold the button down long enough, so I was helping her out. We looked ridiculous. Also, please notice the pin Nate is wearing, "1st Visit". It was his first time to Disneyland!
All the cool people in the back row. Peg, Brandon, me, Averi and Nate. Averi was so scared and would not stop clinging on to Nate. But after this ride she would not stop talking about it and it's all she wanted to do al day every day. I think by the end of the week we had gone on this ride 3 or 4 times. It got all our expectations a little high, but was a great way to start the trip. 

 I hope this video works, I've never done a video before. This is all of us on Luigi's Tires. It's like a giant air hockey surface and the tires float around and you control it by leaning together. It was raining a little during this ride and once the ride started the air was blasting and it made the rain go crazy. It was surprisingly fun.

Waiting in the rain. Poor Sienna looked so sad and cold. But she was the cutest little Minnie Mouse around.

This is the new Car's ride, it's super fun and I wish we could have gone again but the line and fastpasses for this one were out of control. I wish you could see Baxter's face in this one, he was so scared of the rides, but for some reason kept getting on them. It was one of the best parts.
After that we split off from everyone for a while and went and got on Screamin', which made me so sick that the ride attendant came and asked if I needed first aid. I kinda wanted to say yes just to see what the first aid people would have done to me. But I was fine. We ate lunch and then went on a couple more rides before I decided I needed a nap. We walked back to the hotel and hung out for a while until I felt better. 
When we got back we went into Disneyland and met up with my family. On our way to meet them we hopped in the "single rider" line for the Matterhorn and got on pretty quick. That ride was just as disappointing as ever. 
Pirates. One of the few rides my dad will go on. I bossed around the guy in the front seat until he got this pic. 

Acting scared on Haunted Mansion.I don't know if Averi was acting.

Nate somehow timed this picture perfectly, it was pitch black and our car turned and Nate decided to snap a pic and this is what he got. Completely shock from Linz. One of the best pics of the trip. 
The rest the day was kinda a blur. Later that night, Nate and I went on Splash Mountain with these random girls, when we got back around the attendant asked if we wanted to go again and we all said yes except the front girl and she got out. We didn't even have to get out of the log! When we got back around again the lady asked if we wanted to go again. We had to go meet the fam for dinner, or else we would have. Now I kinda regret not going. We should have seen how many times we could have rode. It was awesome, especially because that is one of my all time favorite rides. 

The next morning we went to a Character Breakfast. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. There was tons of food and I ate enough to keep me full until almost dinner. They have tons of characters walking around taking pictures and teasing people while you eat. This was possibly one of my favorite parts of the whole trip. Bax and Henry were SO scared of the characters. Anytime one got near Henry would start shaking and Bax would hide.This breakfast was a nightmare for them. Here is a small taste of what we got to watch. Nate and I were laughing so hard that it was hard to get a good video. The last part is the best when Henry looks around to make sure the evil bear is really gone. 

This is the day we all wore our matching shirts. Nate got asked like 50 times where he got it. People loved it way too much. Here's some more pics..

Splash Mountain round 3

Weston's face in this pic is priceless. Poor kid is terrified. 
My first time on the big boat. Pretty cool.

Henry did not want to hear the man tell stories on this ride. 

Before this ride Baxter had the choice to stay with grandpa and others or go on the ride with Brandon. He didn't want his dad to leave him so he decided to go. Brandon told him it would be really scary, but he still decided to go. This picture is so funny and sad. He looks so scared. Brandon was trying to keep his head steady. Needless to say, he didn't have much of a problem letting his parents go for a few minutes after this ride. 


It's a small world was magical all lit up.

Finally got ourselves a turkey leg. This pic looks really weird because you can't see Nate holding it. But he was. 

Becoming bugs. 

Magical castle. 

Overall Disneyland was a great success. It was a lot more exhausting than I remember it being. It was fun to be there with the whole family and to run into each other around the park. It was great to watch the kids and to take Nate there for the first time. Some of my favorite memories from the trip:
-The little kids having to go potty 2 seconds before getting on each ride
-Baxter peeing his pants twice in one day. At point he yelled "It's running down my leg right now!"
-Mike's phone telling him he walked 45 miles during the 3 day period
-Eating churros every day
-Brandon and Chiptole 
-Characters and scared children
-Henry rolling his eyes all time
-Getting soaked on grizzly bear rapids

That's all I can think of right now.
We came home and had Christmas, it was a nice and relaxing day. Look how excited we are for Christmas morning!

Gotta go to church now. I hate late church.