Thursday, December 12, 2013

November Happenings.

November was full of fun times. We went on a little getaway to SLC so I could go to the SYTYCD concert with my sister in law. We decided to meet up with Juje and Austin for dinner since they were going to the concert too. We had a little extra time to kill before dinner so we decided to go do a little exploring. We went to the capitol and wandered around, it was my first time in there and I loved it. After that we went to an awesome Catholic Cathedral, but I felt too awkward to take pictures in there.

After tourist-ing it up we went to Macaroni Grill so we could see Mckay. It was delicious, and the service was some of the best I've ever had! Mckay hooked us up with all kinds of complimentary delights. The best part of the night was when Mckay sent over one of the opera singers they employ. He had the most beautiful voice and sang about love in Italian. It was quite magical, even though he was singing to Juje and Austin.

Here we are! Austin is big sauce-sucka! Someday he'll learn.
Then we went the concert! I drove with Juje and Austin because I was already with them and Jami was going to meet me there with my ticket. I had to go the bathroom pretty bad at the restaurant, but decided to just go once we got into the concert. Bad idea. Once we got to the Maverick Center, I realized you couldn't get in without a ticket. Crap. Juje and Austin went on their way, because Juje had to go to the bathroom too. I called Jami to see how far away she was but she didn't answer and then Nate started texting me with updates on her whereabouts. She was on speaker phone with her husband who was trying to help her navigate and Nate was with her husband giving me updates because Jami was too frazzled to talk to me. She was lost. I waited patiently at first and talked to some usher about how bad I needed to go to the bathroom and he just laughed like I was trying to flirt with him or something. After about 20 or 25 minutes, it was getting bad. I drank way too much at dinner and my bladder capacity is pretty pathetic, it was getting to the painful stages. I got desperate and started thinking about offering some kind of collateral to give to the usher while I went to the bathroom. My phone? No, too risky. Purse? Maybe, but I'd have to take all the valuables out...My Boot! Perfect, I'll go tell him that I'm leaving my boot here and I'll have to come back for it, he'll let me go. So, I went up to him and  proposed my plan, he looked at me like I was a crazy person. Which now, I realize, that did sound crazy. He just shrugged and said he still couldn't let me go. Shoot. He now knew the whole "bathroom bit" wasn't some disgusting pick up line. I'm doomed. By this time the show had started and I didn't even care. All I wanted was to go t
o the bathroom. I thought about buying another ticket to get in, so now I had to evaluate how much a wizz was really worth. Not worth it, I decided. So I sat down and waited. At least I had scared that usher away, he didn't bother me again. I decided to try talking to an older usher, so I found what looked like the "main usher" and told him about my predicament. He said, "oh, no problem, let me get someone to escort you down to the bathrooms" What? That was easy. All I could think was that I was going to kill that other usher. I was overly thankful to this lifesaver and probably creeped him out. I made sure to glare at the other usher as I was being escorted down the stairs. After thanking my escort a ridiculous amount of times, I returned back to my post and was sure to ask the other usher if he knew about the "escort" trick. He claims he didn't. Yeah right. Jami showed up a few minutes later and we got in and found our seats so quick, we barely missed anything. The show was awesome and a little surreal.

Here's a crap fest picture- as Natalie would call it. 
Juje and I met up at intermission, talked about the annoying people next to them and took a picture.
This may be the weirdest picture ever taken. We meant to get a pic at the show, but since we decided to sprint outta that place the second it ended, there was really no time. We regretted it when we got home, so we tried to recreate it but it ended up just being really weird and also funny. And now we have this picture to prove that we had tickets to the concert and that we were able to find a logo online and enlarge it. 

In other news, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Nates family. No one even threw up at the table this year, so it was huge success. (Last year not one, but two of our nephews threw up at the table, almost on it. It was the most disgusting thing and everyone had the weirdest reactions. The smell was overwhelming, so a couple people straight up bolted down the hall into a separate room and shut the door. Some people just sat there and continued to eat-that was probably the weirdest reaction of all.  I gagged, stood up slowly and went downstairs casually, trying to act like I needed to go down for something and it wasn't because I was about to throw up. Later that night I had a miniature panic attack. It was a very overwhelming day and I was so done with family, especially because now we all probably had the flu!) But that was last year, and this year was great. No one brought sugar or gluten free anything (which also happened last year, some pretty nasty tasting things happened. That may have been why those little boys threw up. jk They really did have the flu). We looked at ads and talked and ate so much pie. It was perfect. Nate and I didn't really want to go black friday shopping, we weren't after anything and I just wasn't in the mood, so we went home and watched a really stupid movie with my parents and went to bed. The next day we did a little shopping, but nothing too serious. 
Nate fully participated in Mo-vember this year and he loved every second of it. He got way too many compliments on that stache. He said that for every compliment he got, he would extend the life of the stache for one month. We went to my work Christmas party a week ago and everyone went crazy for that thing. I think if he was really doing a month per compliment he probably would have been up to about 3 years, no joke. The next day at work I had people emailing ALL day about that stache, everyone was so obsessed. It was kinda fun, but I couldn't handle living in the shadow of that stache, so I gently encouraged him to shave it. But I mostly told him to shave it because no one would ever take him seriously like that. I must say, I do miss it a little.  We leave for Disneyland in 6 days for the Griswald family vacation! I'm so excited and can't wait to blog all about it. Don't worry, we all have matching shirts that say "Disneyland Shirt" on the front.