Thursday, November 7, 2013

October Fest.

I love October! Definitely the best month. We went on 2 ghost tours. First Max and Derrik's ghost bike tour. It was super fun, but mostly because there's nothing I love more than being in a bike gang, especially with Max yelling in megaphone about ghosts and stuff. Also, they gave us an EMF detector so we could know when the ghosts were trying take our souls. So "ghost hunters".
After that, we wanted more and heard the Logan ghost tour was really good. There was only one good story in the Ellen Eccles theatre, it was creepy. The rest of the stories were told by thes-pos, (thespians) and they were being way too dramatic for me to be able to enjoy the story. At the end of the tour some sensitive candy maker fed us some nasty fudge. He literally told us before we ate it that if we didn't like it to not tell him because he couldn't take the criticism. If you have to give that kind of disclaimer, you may want to change your recipe. Just sayin. 
I went to a corn maze with the Young Women, and we couldn't find the exit, so we just went back through the entrance. Way lame. 

We went to Canadian Thanksgiving. Mckay sure does know how to throw a party. The turkey was a little under cooked, but it would be a gnome dinner without some salmonella, right?  It was a good year, but it was harder to make fun of Canada because there was an actual Canadian there. I was really looking forward to singing "I'm Proud to be an American" but no one stepped up. But it's alright, it was worth it to see old friends. 

Next, it was anniversary time. We went and stayed in a poshy place in park city. We shopped, ate, and watched way too much walking dead. It was such a nice weekend. We were planning on going to a nice dinner one of the nights. The first night we went to Wendy's because we needed something quick. But we were in for a big surprise, because the Wendy's in Park City is the best in America. It was honestly one of the best burgers I've ever had, what? I know. And so naturally we ended up going there the 2nd night for dinner too. Romantic, huh? 

Luckily, the night before we left for Park City we went to this new restaurant in Logan called HoHut. Sounds weird, but it's delicious and entertaining. You get to load up all the food you want and then the chefs cook it all up for you. I can't believe we've already been married two years, but then sometimes I think it's been way longer than two years too-not in the bad way. Probably just because we have been together for so dang long. And now, some of my favorite memories from our 2nd year of marriage:
-All the weird things that happen when I'm half asleep and Nate is reading. He tells me interesting things he is learning and I try and repeat them back to him and they are 100% nonsense. 
-For some reason I make Nate be in charge of setting the alarm for me, even though I have to wake up an hour earlier. He uses his phone, snoozes it once every day and then turns it off. I'm such a little baby. 
-One of the best inside jokes from this year was one night when I kept asking Nate if he was talking to me. He made fun of me for a while and then said something else, and I said "who, me?".  We laughed for a good long time, and now he always clarifies that he is talking to me. 
-Nate is so good to me. He cares about the stupid things I care about. He lets me know how the decorations would look best, sadly, he has a way better eye for that than me. 
-Mostly I just love coming home after a long day of work and making dinner together while we watch stupid TV shows. Marriage is so much better than I thought it would be and now when I accidentally end up at "singles events" I cannot believe how I used to live like that. It's so nice to just have a perma-BFF, always having someone to sit by and talk to when things get awkward. Sorry for the sentiment, but it's true and I meant it. 

One day I went on a  fall bike ride extravaganza and went to all the places in Logan that are best during this time of year. It was the most beautiful day of 2013. I loved it and even took some selfies, and hated myself for it. 

We went to a super fun Halloween party and dressed up as Rick and Lori from The Walking Dead, because that show has consumed our lives a little bit lately. I wanted to be something else, but Nate won and I guess it was kinda fun. 

One of my favorite things about Logan is the pumpkin walk. It is so much fun to see all the awesome displays. Even though I didn't like the movie that much, the "wreck it ralph" dispaly was too impressive not to love. It's been a season with plenty of pumpkin recipes, caramel apples, scarfs and sweaters. I'll miss you fall. I sure do hate you winter, you better not be a jerk this year.