Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Youth

So I did such a good job as camp director, I got promoted to be a counselor in the young women presidency. It's been mostly fun, but also a little crazy and stressful. A few weeks ago we went to a youth conference up at a cabin in Bear Lake. I love doing anything that is combined with the young men because the leaders and young men are all so great and so funny. Plus, they do all the hard stuff that I usually have to do when it's only the girls. We went to an awesomely big cabin with a huge play room in the basement with all kinds of tables-foosball, pool, ping pong, air hockey and more. We ate so much delicious food and played a lot. Here are some pictures from the weekend. 
We went on a hike at dawn and though it was nearly impossible to get everyone up and out, it was totally worth it. 

Some of the group, the rest of the boys thought it would be cool to go off the trail and bush whack until they found the car. We are all really good leaders, so we let them go, and then talked about how funny it would be if they got lost and we had to call "search and rescue". 

We went and "swam" at the lake, but it was so dang cold. The girls played in the water for like 10 minutes and then shivered and whined for about 2 hours before we took them back to the cabin. See what I mean about the "good leaders" thing. 

This picture is perhaps the greatest miracle that ever happened. We were all gathering to take a group picture but it was taking everyone so long, so I just kept taking pictures (with the timer) until everyone got there. There is a swing off to the left of the picture that that boy was on, I told everyone there was 3 seconds left on the timer and he somehow jumped at the exact perfect time and we got this gem of a picture. That poor boy who is on his knees got flattened moments after this picture was taken. And I started freaking out because it was the coolest thing ever, so everyone ran over to see the picture and the flattened boy got trampled. Poor kid.  

Then we finally got the whole group together. Such a small but fun group. 

We also did a talent show last week with the young men/young women and it was the best thing ever. I took some really crappy pictures with my phone, but they are too crappy to post. I'll just tell you how great it was. One of the boys is good roper- so he told his other friend to run around and he would try to rope him. The leaders decided they should let the boy out of closet, and let him run wild- so it seemed more like a rodeo. The boy came out like a crazy person and was running around while someone else yodeled or something. It was hilarious chaos, but the roper finally caught and tied his feet together, it was perfect. One boy taught us mathematics, and made up this insane story problem about a velociraptor chasing you around and how fast you'd have to run, blah blah blah. He made up this story problem because he wanted it to have real-life application. Someone taught origami and there was a comedy routine from Bill Cosby. The young women did the "cup song" and then a really annoying song from girls camp. Now you know why I love the young men so much. Don't get me wrong the young women are awesome and I love them all. 

Those are all the fun updates from my calling! Because that's what people really want to read about on a blog, how someone's calling is going. You're welcome. At least my calling isn't a gospel doctrine teacher or something, that'd be way boring to read about- probably. 

And in case you are mad you read this whole thing and feel like it was a waste of time, here is something you can be happy about. Kyle is finally on SNL, here is a video to cheer you up.

And if you don't know who Kyle is, you need to get real and watch these clips. 

I don't know why I think he is so funny, but I do. And I hope you do too. See ya.