Sunday, July 21, 2013

"If I make it out of here..."

So much has been happening lately, it's hard to keep up. But here are some of the things that have been going on.

We went to Havasupai with Juje and Austin. It was more stressful this time because I felt like I was in charge and I nearly lost our reservations and ruined the trip, but I finally got a hold of a really nice indian who was very helpful and made the whole trip possible. The week we decided to go was the week of the "heat wave", all these heat records to be broken, blah blah blah. I was pretty nervous about the heat, because sometimes the heat makes me not want to be in a good mood. Luckily, everyone was really supportive and encouraging. Not. The weekend before Juje called me because her dad "didn't have a good feeling" about us going. I hate going against parents feelings, because those are freaky things, but we had been planning for too long. The night before I left my mom texted me the following. "Lachelle's friend lives in Havasupai and she said it was 127 degrees today, the birds are dropping dead. I love you and have fun!" Way cool. So now that I was super nervous of dying of heat, we were on our way and as we pulled out of St. George at about 3 PM, we realized our A/C was not working. We tried and tried, but nothing would make it work. We did what we could to cool, but it was too hot. I started texting Lachelle who lives in Las Vegas and she said we couldn't keep driving because it was 117 degrees and they had been rushing people to the hospital all week because they were driving without A/C. (My family is very dramatic and it gets me all riled up). So I was freaking out and Nate was calm as could be.
We kept our bandanna's nice and wet and finally made it to Vegas where we tried to recharge the A/C, didn't work. Nate let me go with Juje and Austin because he knew I was on the verge of losing it. After leaving Vegas the A/C was touch and go, but it would come on every so often and that was good enough for me. 

Finally we made it to the trailhead. After a crappy 2 hours of sleep we decided to head out on the trail at about 2:30 AM

The trail down was really hard for me this time. My body sure hates the things I do to it. Every down hill I had to go super slow because my legs were aching too bad. I was a pretty sad sight. See what I mean...
But we finally made it in. I don't know if this place would be as beautiful if you didn't have to suffer through the hike before. It is the most amazing site to see that first glimpse of the amazingly blue water. 

We set up camp and got in that water as fast as possible. 

We spent the first day playing in the first waterfall and trying to get as close as possible. It was a fun and sometimes scary game. 

We got an awesome new waterproof camera that we had way too much fun with. It's the perfect camera for jumping pictures. 

We played some games, Juje got loopy and we all wished the day would end so we could go to sleep. 

The next day we hiked down further to this huge waterfall. You have to climb down the cliff while holding on to chains and ladders, sometimes it's a little scary. 

Hiking around and finding treasures all over. 

We found this awesome little place to swim and play behind the waterfalls, and pretty much stayed there the rest of the time. Until this huge group of like 20 girls in sports bras came and invaded. We left for a while and then came back to reclaim our spot. It was the perfect place to swim and play all day. Probably my favorite part of the whole trip. 
Hiking back up the cliff-side. What a heart throb. 

By the time it was time to do the hike out, I was in bad shape. My feet were all torn up, all my muscles ached and I felt a little nauseated. We started the hike out at 8PM, hiked about half way and slept/lied on the trail.  I say lied because Nate was the only one who really slept. A little while after we settled down to sleep there was the most terrifying sound coming down the canyon toward us. Sounded like some kind of bobcat in heat or something. The boys got up and threw rocks at it until it went away. But I couldn't get the noise outta my head and thus, couldn't sleep at all. We woke up and started back on the trail at like 3 AM and Juje and I felt like we could puke any time. I forced down some cliff bar and somehow managed to make it out. I destroyed the switchbacks, didn't stop once, thanks to Nate's sing-a-long. 


The trip was an overall success, even though Juje will never eat "fruit and nut" again.