Monday, June 24, 2013

Life is happening.

So far, summer is going way too fast and we have been so busy! We have been camping so many times and it has been so fun! We have been collecting awesome new camping gear all year and have been so anxious to get out and try it all out. Over Memorial Day weekend we went on a canoeing and camping trip all weekend and it was awesome! 
We had this little cove all to ourselves. So beautiful!

Canoeing into our campsite.

The next day we decided to try to canoe the Logan River across the entire valley. We may have put in a little too soon, because the river was swift mcgee. We probably could have managed it if there wasn't so many overgrown trees. The branches were hanging so low they turned into little death traps and kept tipping us into a chaotic frenzy of scrambling for your life in the coldest water ever. The first time we tipped I definitely hyperventilated and couldn't get control of my breathing until Nate gave me a mini-pep talk. After a few more tips, a lost cell phone and a gruesome battle wound (poor poor allison, so sorry!) we decided we should head for open water. We dragged the canoes through a field full of mud, cow dung and annoyed cows. Before getting to the car, Micah said I wanna try and see if I can find my phone in the river. My first thought was "waste of time!" but whatever. We went back to one of the first places they had tipped and looked into the river. Micah and Nate got in and started feeling around, and they actually found it! The most shocking part is that the phone still works. Miracles are real. 

Much safer out on Newton. (Except for those tiger muskies) This place always reminds me of Skyler, Dan and Dave, it's the only place those boys would go boating. As we were putting in, a boat of rowdy boys came floating in to the dock, and what do you know, it was the Newton boys! So fun to see them all grown up and married and such.


Nate is always posing. 

These guys are such troopers. I love that they both wanted to keep going even after the fiasco's on the river. 

We went camping up Green Canyon, and made the most amazing tin foil dinners I have ever had. That's pretty much all we talked about all night. 

Until these happened at least. Do yourself a favor, spread marshmallow cream on a strawberry and roast that over the fire. It's the happiest my mouth has ever been. 

Green canyon is a beaut. 

Some other news, I'm girl's camp director and I'm a little stress fest. Can't wait til it's over, mostly because I can't wait to see if actually happens and if the girls survive. We also did the dirty dash with my fam and it turned out to be super fun. 

Posing before the race. Originally we were going to do the race with other friends, but then they decided they would rather move away than have to do it with us. And the other ones decided to go to Hawaii to get out of it. Babies. I was so surprised when my family said they were in, they stepped in at the last minute and they were the best replacements ever. 

After the race. "Being silly"

So muddy. Nate was insane during the race. Every obstacle we went through he took to a whole new level of madness. Swimming and diving through the mud, it was my favorite thing to watch. The best part was when he canon-balled into the last mud pit and went 100% under the mud. 

Some of the other best parts
-michael asking every single parking attendant which way we were supposed to go
-the overly-enthusiastic/suggestively dancing parking attendant
-michael pouring chocolate milk on his head like runners are supposed to. 
-when we all decided to go for the 10k, even the injured tmzz, atta girl
-freezingest cold showers ever, most miserable part of the whole thing

The last thing worth mentioning in my life right now was the half marathon I ran last weekend. It was a super fun course and so beautiful. I love AF canyon so much, and it was so fun to do a race there. I thought I had trained pretty well for it, but every long run I did in preparation I still had pretty slow miles. The Tuesday before I thought I'd do one more "easy run" to get ready and I couldn't even run 2 miles without my body whining, so naturally I was feeling pretty good about the race. Before I even signed up for the race I had decided I wanted to run it in under 2:10, because that's sub 10 minute miles. By the time race day came, that goal was not even really in my head, considering the crappy week and stupid slow runs I had done. And to top it all off, my ipod broke 2 minutes before the race started. I am a little crazy about having music and I checked it like 40 times that morning to make sure it was fully charged, my brand new playlist was on there, I was so ready to go. I left it off until they started the countdown to the race and when I went to turn it on, nothing. I couldn't even get that stupid apple to show up. My thoughts were "There goes my PR, and my fake goal of sub 2:10 and the finish line". I had a miniature panic attack and freaked out to the girl standing next to me and decided I would just have to settle on finishing this race and nothing more. Turns out I'm a little more awesome than I thought. My time was 2:06 ish, and I could not be more surprised or happy with that time. I know that's still kinda slow, but all things considered, I am pretty proud of myself. It was one of the best-run races ever. Free massages and a full Kneader's breakfast afterward-what? Who gives out free massages after a half marathon? It was the best surprise. 

That night when I was messing with that stupid ipod, the little b-word decided to turn on, I could have sworn I heard it say "psych!". I got a new one (mostly to teach the old one a lesson) and it is so awesome. I love the new nano. 

After the race. Looking pretty gross. 

Nate was the best little supporter. He even woke up at 4 AM to take me to the buses! Love that guy. 

That's all for now. I'll probably post again in 6 months, because that's the pattern these days.