Sunday, January 20, 2013

Winter Times

This winter has been so cold and I have been a little baby about it. Pretty much anytime I go outside I get really mad about how cold it is. Today we walked to church and it was - 11. It gives me a headache because I clench my jaw and tense my shoulders, I'm in pretty bad shape. 

It's so cold that Nate and I literally have to chisel our way out our door whenever we leave. For some reason our apartment door collects all kinds of condensation and then it gets so cold it freezes and then we get trapped inside, or outside if we're gone long enough. 

See what I mean. (I realize this picture kinda makes us look like we live in a dump, but that's the worst piece of carpet in the whole place and the door isn't that bad in real life. Our apartment isn't as nasty as this picture is trying to make it look.) 

Despite me constantly complaining about being cold, Nate has been trying to convince me to go winter camping for months. He went a couple weeks ago with Brandon-our brother in law. I was so relieved that Brandon wanted to go and I thought he would get it all out of his system and I'd be off the hook. Unfortunately, it just made him more serious about taking me. I tried to convince that we shouldn't go when we'd watch the weather and they'd talk about how these days were the coldest in 10 years, but he was determined. We went and talked to the ranger on Friday afternoon and even she thought we were crazy. She kept saying, "Make sure someone knows exactly where you'll be, so when you freeze to death it'll be easier to find your bodies" (She didn't say the last part in those words exactly...or at all, but that's what she meant)

Anyway...We went! And it was so much more fun than expected. I made myself stop drinking at like noon that day, because I really didn't want to have suffer the consequences (exposed butt in 10 degree weather). We got the tent and everything set up quick and then focused all our efforts on building a fire. Nate has built many fires in his life, most the time he can do it on one try. But for some reason, when you need a fire to survive it' takes 10 times longer ignite. Maybe it was the fact that the wood was so cold, or had frozen moisture in it, but it took us about an hour of trying to finally get a fire going. I lost patience pretty quick and starting going into panic/survival mode. I called on all the hours of Man V. Wild and other survival shows I've seen and starting doing jumping jacks and running around the campsite. I was really worried we wouldn't be able to eat or worse, get warm. But thanks to Nate's patience we finally got it started just after dark, and it's a good thing because I was ready to pack up and go home.

Finally enjoying the fire and some hot cocoa.
My hair wasn't frozen yet, but I did wake up with some frozen locks that I was way too proud of. 
Nate had the time of his life.

For my tent book. It looked so beautiful with the sunrise hitting the snowy mtns in the background.

It was so nice to get outside, out of the nasty inversion and enjoy a campfire. I love sitting by the fire so much. I get cabin fever really easy and I needed to get outside.  It was a little warmer than it was in Logan, it was about 15 degrees when we went to bed. The hardest part about winter camping is trying to keep your face warm in bed without suffocating. The blanket I was using to cover my face got covered with frost during the night, when I woke up and felt that I was so sad. I had to get all the way in my sleeping and breathe breath all night. When we woke up (when Nate woke up, I had a full bladder despite my best efforts of dehydration- needless to say I couldn't sleep too great) there was frost all over the inside of the tent, it looked awesome. I'm glad Nate forced me to go, it was so much fun and not as cold as I expected, however I was expecting to freeze to death. There are some definite perks to winter camping, no bugs, no dirt, it's easier to pee (I'd explain why, but that may just be TMI for some people) there's no other campers, you don't have to worry about bears or other animals eating you, you can leave food out and little animals won't come and eat it and infest it, and you don't have to worry about starting a forest fire. 

We're trying to convince our only couple friends to come with us next time, so hopefully this won't be the last camping trip this winter. Next time I want to build a snow cave to sleep in.

The Aftermath-Taking off my thirty layers and standing in my favorite place, in front of our heater. It took me all day to get the chill out my body. It was worth it though. (please excuse the sideways picture, technical difficulties)