Sunday, September 23, 2012

Summer Catch Up

Summer is over? What the. That went way too fast. It was mostly spent the boring, adult way-working. Nate landed an awesome job with Logan City designing parks, he beat out over 100 other applicants. He has already designed the new "Welcome to Logan" sign/park that will be built next Spring. He is working on a huge project right now that will be a park/path taking the place of the flooded houses in the island (if you know what that means) All he does is draw pictures all day.
But Nate and I also did a few fun things, some of the highlights:
-Reading good books by the pool. I finally read the hobbit, I've been waiting my whole life for me to do that.
-Nate started playing tennis with me-and then started to be able to beat me-so we stopped playing. Not really, we stopped playing because Nate pulled his stupid hamstring and it won't heal.
-I won a tennis tournament and got an awesome golden cup trophy. (To be fair, the competitors were all beginners and had only been playing for like 3 months.)
-Went to lots of "townsy" things.
-Parades galore!
-Highland Fling-of course
-Bear Lake -I accidentally forgot to take any pictures of this.
-Night bike rides
-Lots o' snow cones
-Moab - Went on the scariest bike ride of my life, I cried twice on this one bike ride because I was so scared. That bike ride alone doubled the amount of times that I have cried in front of Nate, needless to say he was confused and maybe a little scared by my high emotion. The first burst of tears came because Nate stepped on my toe with his biking shoes. It really did hurt, but not bad enough to cry about. This is right before it happened, you can kinda see it in my eyes that I'm about to lose it. Just holding it all in.

 (Since then every time I've hurt my foot, Nate has chanted "don't cry, don't cry, don't cry").
I have only been "mountain biking" like twice before that, and it wasn't really on a mountain, just a dirt road. This ride was so intense, I hate when I am that responsible for my life. One wrong move of the handle bars and I could have been a goner. I couldn't believe it when I made back to the car and I was still alive. I used so much energy on the ride and it was so emotional draining that I was pretty worthless the rest of the day. But we still went on about 6 hikes. Moab is exhausting-ly fun.
-Road trips and family get-together's
-Way too many BBQ's
-The fair
-Home run derby

I can't think of anymore things at this time, but I know I'm missing something lots of things. And if you hate reading without pictures, here are the sad few we took this summer.