Saturday, January 14, 2012

what is updawg?

I really need to post about my life, because it's pretty awesome. I just don't blog anymore, it's not because I'm too busy, because I definitely am not. It is because we don't have the internet. We're too cheap to pay for it alone and too scared to go ask our neighbors to share with us. I've tried to think of how to knock and the door and say "give me the password" in a normal and nice way, but it's really tricky. We've lived there too long to go have a "meet and greet" and there's really no other reason for us to go over. Plus, every time we see them out in the 'parking area' it is way too awkward. The husband doesn't understand conversation cues and the I've never actually seen the wife's face. She can keep it hid extremely well somehow (kind of like Wilson from Home Improvement). Anyway, that is why I don't blog. Right now, I'm at the library pretending to be a student, and everyone is totally buying it.

Some things that we've been up to...

Nate finally found a job working at the car wash which is awesome because I have been supporting both of us on my fake job at the call center, so now we have 2 half/fake jobs which almost equals a real one. Why don't I use my college degree to get a real job, you ask? Well for one, I really like my job and for two, I hate learning new jobs, and I'm not crazy about the degree I settled on. But I'll use it, it's my new years resolution to get a big person job.

I entered into Ellen's 12 days of giveaway's and I was 100% sure that I would win every single day, and I didn't, which was really surprising for some reason. More surprising than if I had actually won something. Oh and I also have been such a good homemaker and have tried out a lot of new recipes, most have been really good. Sometimes I even put my ingredients in tiny little glass containers, so, I'll probably have my own cooking show someday.'re all caught up. That's what we've been up to.

Being married is fun way less scary than I thought it'd be and so far, way less hard than everyone says it is. Yeah it's only been 3 months, but so far I haven't even had an emotional break down, which I hear is pretty routine during the first little while of marriage.

I don't have any pictures today, but maybe I will someday. And maybe I will muster up enough courage to go and talk to the neighbors.