Sunday, September 25, 2011

some engagements.

engaged to be married.

Sorry for the spoiler alert of a title. About a month ago (august 26)I was packing up all my stuff. It was Friday and I had to be all moved out of my house by Saturday. I didn't have anywhere to move to though. I found a really nice girl who was about to get married and told me I could live with her until her new husband moved in. It bought me a couple weeks to look around and find a place to live. In the middle of packing everything up, I decided I needed a break and I would go to crossfit. Not much of a break, but a nice change. As I was walked out my door I was surprised to see Nate standing on my front lawn. He was supposed to be in Highland, or at least that's what he told me. I asked him what he was doing there and he said he had to come up because we had reservations at Gia's. (Gia's is a fancy Italian restaurant that we love). I went and changed and we were on our way to dinner. After dinner, he surprised me yet again by saying we were going on a canoeing. We went out west to the marsh lands of Logan and it was beautiful. It was sunset just when we got in and the water was completely still.

Please don't mind my terrible posture. Just look at that view. Perfect.

After canoeing for a while, we made our way to the middle of the canoe. Nate got out a present and told me to open it. I opened and inside were a million plastic rings. I think he said something like, "choose which ever one you want!". I dug through the rings, hoping I could find the biggest ring with the pinkest diamond. In my search I found a ring box in the very bottom. I opened and inside was a beautiful ring. Nate asked me to marry him and I think I said yes or something. It was such a weird feeling and I couldn't stop looking at the ring, which made it very difficult to row back to the dock.

We are engaged! And there is a mosquito on Nate's face. Nate brought a bottle of "Off" and we sprayed it almost the whole time. The mosquitoes were relentless so we headed for land pretty quick after the proposal.

Then we went to McDonald's and got a mcflurry. I don't think that is typical post-proposal protocol, but we wanted one. We didn't tell anyone for a day or so, which is also abnormal. We just wanted to enjoy the excitement before we were bombarded. I'm glad we had that time, it's been non-stop wedding since then.

We are getting married October 20. See ya there.