Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer is cool.

Summer has been way cool so far. And I can prove it.
Brandi Carlile concert. It was such a great concert. Juje was so crazy, crying and getting so mad about how great Brandi was. She really did rock it, I loved her.
Mothers Day pedicures. I look like an idiot. It was fun to be with the girls and get my first pedicure ever. It was nice, but it tickled a lot and I think they gave me ingrown toenails.

Summerfest! I love Logan when Summerfest is happening. Those Navajo tacos were so good. I won a CD because I knew some music trivia and it really boosted my self esteem.

These pics are from Deer Valley. Lols and Dar Dar took the kids on a little adventure to Deer Valley and it was so beautiful. The pictures suck, because boys suck at taking pictures and just snap away without counting or warning you.

We took George out on the town one night and he had a good time. Juje also had a trampoline in her backyard for a while and it was awesome, until her neighbors became indian givers and went back on their word. Now they put their tramp on the other side of their yard so we can't use it. But that didn't stop Riana from jumping on it topless (or so she says).

Now Juje is gone forever and I am keeping so busy with the weirdest things. I have been making friends with strangers at the pool. I've been working hard to find a boat friend, and I think I just may have done it. Also, I became obsessed with Xmen this weekend after I saw the new one. I watched the first three again and I will be watching Wolverine tonight. I can't get enough. I have three white hairs in my bangs and I am crossing my fingers that I will turn into Rogue.

I'm talking about weird things, so see ya.

Gnome Quotes

Moving out of the gnome home was quite the task. It was fun at first to go through everything that everyone left, but by the end I was throwing away everything in sight. Some of my favorite things I came across while I was still in a happy, sentimental mood was the black paint that chel and nat used to make themselves black people for halloween. Such a funny costume. All the greenware that we bought together at DI that made Sunday dinners so special. The awesome awards that Riana would hand out randomly. And probably my favorite thing I found, all our most famous quotes. I hadn't read them for a while and they got me laughing really good. You probably won't understand most of these unless you were lucky enough to be there when they were said. Just keep in mind that they're a lot funnier and a lot less inappropriate when you know understand the context they were said in. Here goes:
"I'm glad I'm not a real person" Mckay
"It smells like poison" Juje
"Can anyone spare a sip" Riana
"This water is boiling so you guys BETTER watch out" Riana
"She's a little round, borderline 'you need to go run'. Mckay
"Let me make myself nervous real quick. Get nervous!" Riana
"Do we have milk now? Don't answer that! Don't answer that!" Mckay
"I'll find a wild she-male" Willy
"That deserves a million dollars" Riana
"Guys, I can go pretty far before intentions come into play" Mckay
"You're great live" Collin-fiance
"Wouldn't you rather keep your clothes on and touch a little bit?" Natalie
"That is a big secret for a gnome to keep!" Mckay
"Being a slave wouldn't be so bad" Hayley
"... and I like Brett" Colin-FHE
"If someone cries, I'll cry" Juje
"Do you not want me to go? Is this a romantic thing?" Riana
"The next time I catch your mouth in my mouth, you're a gonner" Juje
"I brought 500 days of summer...the movie" Juje
"I'm going to wax my legs, drink a pepsi and love my life" Mara
"This pizza is crisps" Riana
"Honk at that shiz!" Riana

Good times. They all have such great stories behind them, we were so funny.