Monday, May 30, 2011

family olympics

This weekend was a crazy time. The LaCognata's had their reunion at a nice little cabin in Brianhead. The cabin was nice, but a little bossy. There were notes all over telling us what we could and should do, and suggestions for how to use things. Some of my favorite notes were "don't touch the TV until you read this." I liked it because none of us read it and the TV was on for most of the time entertaining children. My of other favorite note was, "don't move, touch or look at anything in this closet." Really? Don't even look at it? Needless to say I opened it up, expecting to find a pile of dead bodies, but it was just some boring cords.

Brianhead got 10 feet of snow the day before we came, according to the cabin owner, and the trip almost didn't happen. Luckily, she came clean and said the snow was taken care of and now there just a lot of mud. There was still a lot of snow though. Enough for Averi and Mike to go sledding every day, it was funny and ridiculous to watch.

The theme was "family olympics". It was a good time, with some funny events. All the events that I would have won a gold on got eliminated because of the snow and mud, so I only came out with 2 bronze medals. The babies even got to compete, but none of them really wanted to. The baby events included a stair climb, ball throw, golf putting. And the adult events included golf putting, ping pong, and pool.

Opening Ceremonies. That bag of popcorn was the torch.

Troy loved eating his medals. And linz and I fought it out in ping pong, she was a good competitor, but I came out on top.

An awesome sunset. And baby golf.

So many babies in the shower. I kept wishing someone would turn on the water.

Family pictures. And I don't know why Averi was spanking Kim.

Closing ceremonies/Rave dance party.

I love that my dad gets us matching shirts, I'm getting a great collection. It was so much fun to be with the family. 4 one-year olds is way too many though, it was pretty chaotic. And no one got much sleep.

Some of the best quotes:
"Baxter is like a man. Except he likes kid shows" -Averi
"I'm Tom Linge's daughter" -Mom
"Why are there two tiny little babies out here by themselves?" -Kim, post trip, but still
"Whenever it's their turn you put on your A-game!" Mike

"somebody should bomb this place"

Last week I went the to U2 concert with Jo and my boss and his wife, along with a lot of other people I didn't know. It was a funny/weird combo, but I loved every minute. My boss is way cooler than I thought and I finally understand why he always has people in his office laughing it up, he is quite funny.

Before the concert we had a hard time finding a park, but none of us cared about missing the Fray. We all agreed they only had one song we knew, until we were walking toward the stadium and recognized every song they played. We were a little sorry we missed it. The concert was CRAZY. I'm not the biggest fan of U2, and I only knew maybe half of the songs they played. But when I did know a song, it was awesome. I can't imagine if I would have known all of them. The stage was the most incredible thing I've ever seen, and I often found myself hypnotized by the lights and completely in a trance. When I wasn't in a trance from the lights I was thinking about how old the band was. They are so old. Way too old to be rocking out like they did. Aside from that, there was way too much propaganda. And I feel like there was a lot of subliminal messages, but I can't figure out what they were yet. Here are some pics of the show:

That last picture is during "with or without you", I really do love that song. I just wish I could listen to it without thinking of lauren and dave. That was their song in high school and it makes me so mad that I remember that.

The encore of the concert got really weird. On the screen there was these weird little aliens that were talking. I was convinced the claw stage was going to close up and grasp Bono's head and then take off into the sky, my boss was convinced that we would finally experience the rapture, and no one else really knew what was going on. It was a weird time.

One last thing that really bothered me, why does "the edge" get such a cool name and the other band members just have to use their regular name? It doesn't seem fair. That's all.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


A few weeks ago I graduated. Kinda. I am finishing up one more class during the summer, but I pretended to graduate with everyone and it felt very real to me. So real, in fact, that I have completely neglected my summer class and I am already failing. Gradge (as peg likes to call it) was pretty great. It was super short, there was only one speaker and she spoke for like 1 minute. There was an African king there too, and his royal family. They were in awesome, colorful robes and I watched them the whole time. They were there to support their son. I'm gonna try to get him to marry me and then I can have a royal wedding of my own. One girl in the row in front of me was literally a basket case, crying almost the whole time. I don't understand why she was so sad to be done with college. The lady that announced my name actually managed to mispronounce my first name, not just my last name. My mom didn't recognize the name so she didn't get a picture of me walking across the stage, but she did get this one. Juje came and watched me graduate and even sat with parents. She helped them find the royal family and me. We are best friends in this picture.

Photo shoot on the quad. Good times USA, and USU.

I'll post some pictures of my new house sometime soon. I have a real room now, with a window and everything.