Friday, April 29, 2011

It is my birthday.

It is my birthday. I love my birthday! I have gotten so many birthday wishes from so many people, including a couple people I have never met. There's at least two people that I don't know that said happy birthday to me on facebook, and possibly more. Is that a normal thing to do? When I see it's someone's birthday I usually don't say anything unless I know them and have talked to them in the past year or so. Maybe these people just add a bunch of strangers and wish them happy birthday because they're nice, or maybe I really do know them and just don't remember them (that is unlikely, because I have a really good memory when it comes to people, it's so good that it makes me seem like a creep sometimes). Or perhaps they are the creeps. Either way, I guess it makes me look more popular, which isn't so bad.

Today I am 22. I got a card from Mara with a $2 bill (I always complained to her that my grandparents never did the $2 bill thing, so she felt bad for me and now she sends me one every year. She is such a good grandma). I also got cards from Lish and my parents. I love getting mail, it makes me way too happy!

Besides the gay blizzard that just ripped through Logan, it has been a great day. I am all done with classes forever! Now I'm off to cross fit, dinner with Nat and Juje, and then USU is throwing a huge birthday party for me. I hope Sean Kingston sings "happy birthday" to me so bad.

p.s. crossfit is awesome and scary and hard. Mon-Wed I was pretty immobile due to the soreness, but my body feels great now and I am starting to crave crossfit.

Friday, April 22, 2011

life and some shout outs

Geez, that last post was depressing. Too bad it was up so long. Don't worry, I'm much better now. I have had a busy but great couple of weeks. I got rid of that rash which was probably the best part. I also had my last dance concert of my life. It was so much fun. I felt really good after it and I didn't have any huge mess ups. My mom and grandma and all my aunts came to watch and they sat on the second row. It's always weird to spot people you know while you're dancing. Even though I know they will be there, I don't like seeing people I know, for some reason it freaks me out. Juje and brother came, it was fun/weird that he came. I loved it and I will miss dancing so much.

The gnomes went to support Nat at her second marathon and she did so great. It accidentally made me want to start running hard core again. Dang it. I am signing up for two half marathons this summer and possibly a marathon...I haven't decided if I want to go through the torture again or not. But I can't believe it's almost been two years since my last one.

I am pretty much done with school, I only have one more final. But I finished all my assignments and homework last week. Without homework and dance I have had a lot of extra time. So Juje has stepped right in and filled those holes up with fun. We have been so busy with all kinds of things. Tennis, italian ice, going to the movies, bbq's & s'mores, and weird campus activities. Last night we went and listened to the real life "Hitch". He is the guy the movie was based off and he was pretty entertaining. He gave us all some good dating advice and told us why we were single. At the end he said, "good luck out there". I like to picture everyone on campus today asking people out and "putting themselves out there". Too bad I'm at the high school today, I can't and shouldn't implement any of the new tips I learned.

I went and watched Natalie teach yesterday and she was the bomb. I loved her class so much, I want to go back every day. It was like a party, I looked around and almost every student was laughing and engaged during her lesson. At first I thought, "this is probably too fun for the students to be learning anything". So, I tried to think of what I had learned and I remembered everything! I think those students are accidentally learning a lot about history. I know I did. I didn't even try, but I know so much more about the Civil right's movement now. Her students are great too, I was laughing the whole time at them. Some kid was talking about how we were going to be hit by a tornado, some girl wanted to learn more about slave internships. They all love her. Good job, Mrs. Innes, keep it up. Now I just gotta go see Juje teach. Someday soon.

I'm starting cross fit on Monday. I'm so excited/scared. But I can't wait to be fit. I bet I'll be able to run so fast once I get some muscle on me.

I have such bad senioritis. I can't wait to be done with school right now.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday’s are the worst

My day today:
6:30am-1:15 pm Work
1:30-2:30 Class
3-5 Dance
5-10:30 Class (two different classes, but still)

And on top of it all this week I have to dress up like a boy for a presentation I have at 8. I am breaking out in hives thanks to the amoxicillin I have been on for over a week. Thanks dr. for letting me pay you $35 and for letting me wait for over an hour so you could come in and pretend to listen to me for a minute and a half. Thanks for your mis-diagnosis and for the antibiotic that is now reacting to my viral infection. Doc knows best.

I can’t stop itching, it's all I can think about, itchy itchy itchy. And now the rash is creeping up my neck. So, now I’m going to look like I’m super nervous for this presentation, and I get rashes when I have to be in front of people. I can’t wait until I don’t have to dread Wednesday’s anymore.

I wish I were a snake and I could shed my skin.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Weird Post

I received a text from Nate on the morning of April Fool's that read, "I'm not talking to you today." Rude. I wasn't even planning on tricking him because he hates it so bad. I issued him a fake parking ticket from the USU police, but there was a very nice note inside, so he wouldn't be mad. He spent the whole day trying to make me hate April Fool's, but he was unsuccessful. I still love that stupid holiday. I love that Google pulls elaborate pranks on the whole world. I gotta get in with them and start pranking on a global level.

In other news, my house is "drama little mama" right now. One of my roommates who I will now refer to as home-wrecker, did just that. Came in, and home-wrecked. I don't want to give too many details on the world wide web, but if you want some weird, dramatic stories, let me know, I have plenty now.

I am one month away from fake-graduation and it feels so real! I will have to take one online class in the summer, but other than that I will be a real college grad. I picked up my cap and gown and I am ready to walk across that stage again. College has been great, but I'm so done with it for now.

I wish I knew what I was doing next in life, but I just don't. If anyone has any offers or awesome ideas with what I should do for the summer, let me know. I am up for just about anything.

My birthday is coming up (April 29). I am not afraid to announce it, your birthday is so much better when people know about it. I will miss the infamous gnome bashes, but I hope it'll still be an okay day. I am going to be 22! That is pretty old. Hopefully I will get a camera for my birthday and my posts will stop being so boring. Sorry folks.