Monday, February 28, 2011

Week of Winter Fun

This last week was a winter wonderland and I probably would've hated it if I didn't participate in so many winter activities. Monday I went snowboarding with Juje and Nate and it was so much fun. We were all so tired and we were perfect for each other. There was a lot of fresh snow, but not too much. Juje and I discovered this awesome little path in between the trees that made me respect the Beav a little bit more. Tuesday I went ice skating with Nate and his whole stake. It was awesome because it was free and we didn't feel bad for leaving after only an hour. Usually I stay until my feet are so sore that I'm miserable, all because I feel like I have to "get my money's worth".

But the best part of the week was Saturday. Juje,Nate and I got free rentals from the ORC for going to Banff. We used those rentals for some cross country skis, but I totally would have paid for them. It was awesome. The night before it snowed probably 2 feet and it was powder-licious. I pictured it being really hard and not that fun, but it turned out to be really fun and not that hard...Well, not that hard, as in strenuous. It was however, surprisingly hard to stay upright. I fell over more times than I can count. Nate was leading us and it seemed like every time he looked back me or Juje were tangled in skis and poles. I got good and tangled one time and I had to lay there and wait for Nate to come help me while people passed and looked down on me. It was a pitiful sight I'm sure.

We picked a perfect trail up green canyon. It was a clear day and after removing a million layers it was a great temperature. I loved every second, even when we got stuck in a powder trap and couldn't escape, and when our knees got wrenched, and when we almost got chased by a moose. I am ready to invest in some cross-country ski's of my own.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blackjack, Cookies and Love.

So much to blog about, but so little all at the same time. I had a fun weekend and Valentines. On Saturday I got to dance at Mardi Gras all night. Mardi Gras is the second biggest party at USU, and it's pretty fun. They set up a whole casino and have tarot card readers, freak shows, and a mentalist. I played blackjack for a while and I was so good at it. Everyone was way impressed. I have Mckay to thank for that, she taught me well. If I didn't have to dance, I could've won so many chips/money.

We were dressed quite indecently, in corsets and fish nets. It was really fun, until you saw someone you knew, or kind of knew. It's not the way you want to see someone from a class or your ward. They got the completely wrong idea about me. I only have one (real) picture from that night. And you actually can't even see it, because facebook will no longer allow us to steal each others pictures. Lame.

Valentines was a real good time. Juje and I made and decorated a million cookies. We ate all the cookies that turned out ugly, which was way too many. It was fun and a little gross. We thought we were pretty funny that day.

On Valentines, Nate told me to come over and he had made a huge delicious steak dinner(he knows how to get to my heart) with sparkling cider and candlelight. Romance. No, I'm not engaged. I don't know why so many people asked me that. Nate knows me so much better than they do. Valentines day engagement doesn't really seem like my thing. After that we watched Cinderella Man, which has sentimental meaning to us. I love that movie, I forgot how great it is. Anyway, it was a great night. I really like the idea of Valentines. It's so great, even if you don't have a significant other to share it with, it's fun to just spread some love to friends and family.

Some day I'll get a camera so my blog isn't so boring and wordy. Words without pictures are not very fun, sorry.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

cars are the worst.

I have really bad luck with cars. In the past 3 or 4 months my car has "been in the shop" 4 times, I think. It's really absurd. And the worst part is that it's not just quick little fixes, they are long, expensive things to fix. I won't go into the boring details of what exactly is happening to it, but just know that I know. I know so much more than I ever wanted to know about cars. Anyway, the point is, my car is broken again. It smokes/steams out the hood and smells when I drive it. Sometimes when I have my heat on my car fills with smoke and it scares me just a little, but instead of turning the heat off or stopping the car, I just switch it over to the circulate air from within the car option. Fixed.

So my car has a lot of annoying, huge problems. So far, I've dealt with them pretty alright. But today, something else broke. My right turn signal now blinks twice as fast. You would not believe how angry I have been getting today. I turned right today and I thought, "what is that horrible noise?" I looked down and my blinker was going nuts. I was so mad. I thought maybe if, I turned off my car it would go away, so I pulled over. (kinda funny that I won't stop for a smoke in my car, but a haywire blinker nearly got me outta the car) I restarted my car and it still blinks like crazy. I have stopped using it now, and I just hope people will know that I'm turning right.

Kylee and I used to talk about how bad we hated the hyper blinkers that blinked so fast you could barely tell it was blinking. I remember thinking that there was something wrong with the people who had those cars, and now I'm one of them. I feel bad for judging them. Maybe theirs was an accident too.

It's crazy how many times I've thought, "I should have bought Nat's maxima, but I really should have. Nice leather seats, and normal paced blinkers. Plus, I bet it would not have required so much service.

Can't wait to sell that sucker and start riding my bike again. Cars just aren't for me.