Saturday, December 10, 2011

loving this song lately

click here and have a listen.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

best time of the year

the first month of marriage has been great. just look at these pictures and you'll believe me, or you should at least.

Carving pumpkins on Halloween. We carved the biggest pumpkin ever. It was fun and exhausting. Can you guess who is on our pumpkin?

Pumpkin Walk

Calvin and Hobbes, Corpse Bride and Angry Birds were my favorite displays this year. It was so fun.

That's all for now. Someday, I'll have enough time to do a better post. Have a Happy and Thankful Thanksgiving.

look who's back

love this.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I got married! I have been putting off blogging about it because in mind it needed to be the best post of my life, and that is a taunting task. Maybe it's because I'm lazy or maybe it's because if I tried to put that day into words, I would fail miserably. Sorry for any disappointment, but all I'm going to say is that it was perfect.

The reception was beautiful thanks to my mom's countless hours of preparation, the Brooks, and my mom's team of decorators. I'll post pictures of that someday.

Here are some I stole from my friends:

I sure do love that boy. We've had quite the journey, but he was worth the wait.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

some engagements.

engaged to be married.

Sorry for the spoiler alert of a title. About a month ago (august 26)I was packing up all my stuff. It was Friday and I had to be all moved out of my house by Saturday. I didn't have anywhere to move to though. I found a really nice girl who was about to get married and told me I could live with her until her new husband moved in. It bought me a couple weeks to look around and find a place to live. In the middle of packing everything up, I decided I needed a break and I would go to crossfit. Not much of a break, but a nice change. As I was walked out my door I was surprised to see Nate standing on my front lawn. He was supposed to be in Highland, or at least that's what he told me. I asked him what he was doing there and he said he had to come up because we had reservations at Gia's. (Gia's is a fancy Italian restaurant that we love). I went and changed and we were on our way to dinner. After dinner, he surprised me yet again by saying we were going on a canoeing. We went out west to the marsh lands of Logan and it was beautiful. It was sunset just when we got in and the water was completely still.

Please don't mind my terrible posture. Just look at that view. Perfect.

After canoeing for a while, we made our way to the middle of the canoe. Nate got out a present and told me to open it. I opened and inside were a million plastic rings. I think he said something like, "choose which ever one you want!". I dug through the rings, hoping I could find the biggest ring with the pinkest diamond. In my search I found a ring box in the very bottom. I opened and inside was a beautiful ring. Nate asked me to marry him and I think I said yes or something. It was such a weird feeling and I couldn't stop looking at the ring, which made it very difficult to row back to the dock.

We are engaged! And there is a mosquito on Nate's face. Nate brought a bottle of "Off" and we sprayed it almost the whole time. The mosquitoes were relentless so we headed for land pretty quick after the proposal.

Then we went to McDonald's and got a mcflurry. I don't think that is typical post-proposal protocol, but we wanted one. We didn't tell anyone for a day or so, which is also abnormal. We just wanted to enjoy the excitement before we were bombarded. I'm glad we had that time, it's been non-stop wedding since then.

We are getting married October 20. See ya there.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

done with college.

Just took my last quiz of college. Now I'm a real college grad. It feels the same as being a fake college grad.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a trip of comedians

Such a great weekend of fun and freedom! Everyone on the trip was hilarious and I never stopped laughing. Nate Rob was in rare form and I could not stop laughing and egging him on. We went on an extreme rafting trip where we nearly lost some girls in 3-ordeal (a rapid that you should never take, and that tipped two out of 4 rafts and dumped about 18 people out into the rapids). The raft I was on perfection. We didn't tip, no one fell out and we got to the boat port perfectly. It was a good raft full of strong paddlers. The water was really high and the river was raging the whole time. It was one of the most thrilling things to see the huge rapids ahead and have our guide yelling "PADDLE!! Don't stop paddling!". Nate Rob was making me laugh so hard it was hard to paddle. I want to get back on that river so bad!

After the rafting ordeal we went back, cleaned up and had a BBQ and went to Idaho Falls Fireworks. They were the best I have ever seen in my life. It was like a finale the whole time and they lasted longer than any other fireworks I have ever been to. It was incredible. It was a perfect 4th and I wish it didn't have to end so soon. Here are some pictures I stole from Mckay, who also blogged about the experience:

And here are some really great quotes and/or memories from the trip:
"Everything I touch gets pregnant"
-The movie line game (Beethoven, Titanic, Ninja Turtles)
-Nate Rob's mom "Busted! Call me!"
-The ridiculous questions during stargazing. No one could form a coherent question, especially Nate Rob. "What is the definition of the moon?"
-"'s not a newt"
-"OMG!! They have 'Meet Joe Black'!
-"They're listening to weird music in that car"
-Nate Rob talking to the rapids, "Not now, not like this!"
-"I'm gonna hit you up at 3AM"
-"That movie is off the market"
-"I still haven't decided if I'm going to go"
-Syd's F bomb
-"You look like two different races. I mean species"

Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer is cool.

Summer has been way cool so far. And I can prove it.
Brandi Carlile concert. It was such a great concert. Juje was so crazy, crying and getting so mad about how great Brandi was. She really did rock it, I loved her.
Mothers Day pedicures. I look like an idiot. It was fun to be with the girls and get my first pedicure ever. It was nice, but it tickled a lot and I think they gave me ingrown toenails.

Summerfest! I love Logan when Summerfest is happening. Those Navajo tacos were so good. I won a CD because I knew some music trivia and it really boosted my self esteem.

These pics are from Deer Valley. Lols and Dar Dar took the kids on a little adventure to Deer Valley and it was so beautiful. The pictures suck, because boys suck at taking pictures and just snap away without counting or warning you.

We took George out on the town one night and he had a good time. Juje also had a trampoline in her backyard for a while and it was awesome, until her neighbors became indian givers and went back on their word. Now they put their tramp on the other side of their yard so we can't use it. But that didn't stop Riana from jumping on it topless (or so she says).

Now Juje is gone forever and I am keeping so busy with the weirdest things. I have been making friends with strangers at the pool. I've been working hard to find a boat friend, and I think I just may have done it. Also, I became obsessed with Xmen this weekend after I saw the new one. I watched the first three again and I will be watching Wolverine tonight. I can't get enough. I have three white hairs in my bangs and I am crossing my fingers that I will turn into Rogue.

I'm talking about weird things, so see ya.

Gnome Quotes

Moving out of the gnome home was quite the task. It was fun at first to go through everything that everyone left, but by the end I was throwing away everything in sight. Some of my favorite things I came across while I was still in a happy, sentimental mood was the black paint that chel and nat used to make themselves black people for halloween. Such a funny costume. All the greenware that we bought together at DI that made Sunday dinners so special. The awesome awards that Riana would hand out randomly. And probably my favorite thing I found, all our most famous quotes. I hadn't read them for a while and they got me laughing really good. You probably won't understand most of these unless you were lucky enough to be there when they were said. Just keep in mind that they're a lot funnier and a lot less inappropriate when you know understand the context they were said in. Here goes:
"I'm glad I'm not a real person" Mckay
"It smells like poison" Juje
"Can anyone spare a sip" Riana
"This water is boiling so you guys BETTER watch out" Riana
"She's a little round, borderline 'you need to go run'. Mckay
"Let me make myself nervous real quick. Get nervous!" Riana
"Do we have milk now? Don't answer that! Don't answer that!" Mckay
"I'll find a wild she-male" Willy
"That deserves a million dollars" Riana
"Guys, I can go pretty far before intentions come into play" Mckay
"You're great live" Collin-fiance
"Wouldn't you rather keep your clothes on and touch a little bit?" Natalie
"That is a big secret for a gnome to keep!" Mckay
"Being a slave wouldn't be so bad" Hayley
"... and I like Brett" Colin-FHE
"If someone cries, I'll cry" Juje
"Do you not want me to go? Is this a romantic thing?" Riana
"The next time I catch your mouth in my mouth, you're a gonner" Juje
"I brought 500 days of summer...the movie" Juje
"I'm going to wax my legs, drink a pepsi and love my life" Mara
"This pizza is crisps" Riana
"Honk at that shiz!" Riana

Good times. They all have such great stories behind them, we were so funny.

Monday, May 30, 2011

family olympics

This weekend was a crazy time. The LaCognata's had their reunion at a nice little cabin in Brianhead. The cabin was nice, but a little bossy. There were notes all over telling us what we could and should do, and suggestions for how to use things. Some of my favorite notes were "don't touch the TV until you read this." I liked it because none of us read it and the TV was on for most of the time entertaining children. My of other favorite note was, "don't move, touch or look at anything in this closet." Really? Don't even look at it? Needless to say I opened it up, expecting to find a pile of dead bodies, but it was just some boring cords.

Brianhead got 10 feet of snow the day before we came, according to the cabin owner, and the trip almost didn't happen. Luckily, she came clean and said the snow was taken care of and now there just a lot of mud. There was still a lot of snow though. Enough for Averi and Mike to go sledding every day, it was funny and ridiculous to watch.

The theme was "family olympics". It was a good time, with some funny events. All the events that I would have won a gold on got eliminated because of the snow and mud, so I only came out with 2 bronze medals. The babies even got to compete, but none of them really wanted to. The baby events included a stair climb, ball throw, golf putting. And the adult events included golf putting, ping pong, and pool.

Opening Ceremonies. That bag of popcorn was the torch.

Troy loved eating his medals. And linz and I fought it out in ping pong, she was a good competitor, but I came out on top.

An awesome sunset. And baby golf.

So many babies in the shower. I kept wishing someone would turn on the water.

Family pictures. And I don't know why Averi was spanking Kim.

Closing ceremonies/Rave dance party.

I love that my dad gets us matching shirts, I'm getting a great collection. It was so much fun to be with the family. 4 one-year olds is way too many though, it was pretty chaotic. And no one got much sleep.

Some of the best quotes:
"Baxter is like a man. Except he likes kid shows" -Averi
"I'm Tom Linge's daughter" -Mom
"Why are there two tiny little babies out here by themselves?" -Kim, post trip, but still
"Whenever it's their turn you put on your A-game!" Mike