Friday, December 31, 2010

Tribute to the Gnome Home

2010 was a pretty alright year, it was definitely no 2009, but it was alright. The biggest accomplishment of the year was finally going on a plane. One of the best things that happened was Cruise, it was so weird and miserable at times, but I still look back on it with such fond memories. The worst thing that happened in 2010 was the Gnome Home being dissolved, losing 3 of the main gnomes really hurt us bad, but Juje and I and sometimes Mara were able to keep it going pretty good. Now, Juje and Mara are leaving, and the wondrous times of the gnome home are no more.

These are some of my most favorite times: (I don't know why it's weird spacing)
The Dinner topics of conversations
Nose goes for the prayer
Late night conversations

Bird funerals (RIP dexter/daxter)
Debates about man thighs and skull crushing abilities
The countdown to Britney
Book of Mormon read-a-thon
Juje moving in

Havasupai meeting (minutes)
Sleepy cowboys
Willy serenading us
Summer of the blondes
the love sac

Dance parties
Meter solutions
Fight Night Friday
Mara's wild party
Juje and Riana's dedication to the garden
Tanning on the roof
Neighbor Helen

Canadian Thanksgiving’s
Trash time after ward prayer

The gnome-napping

Spice Girls music video
Sorcery Night

Scaring each other with George

Lots of Good times below

And these were times that just happened in the house, don't even get me started on gnomes on location!

RIP Gnome Home.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snowy Things

This morning I woke up to a lot of snow, I had a final at 7:30 and I wasn't even mad about it. The snow was such a great surprise for some reason. It was beautiful, there weren't many people awake by that time so it hadn't been tampered with yet. It was just a huge white blanket over all of Logan, and walking through campus has been wonderful.

Things have been way cool lately. The gnomes and I went to Cabin last weekend and it was just what I needed. I loved being with old friends, eating rubbish and watching movies in the cozy cabin. Rummikub is so much better than I remember, and snowball fights are so much more tiring than I ever remember, even when you are in a 5 foot radius of all your opponents. I love playing in the snow, I need to do it more, it's always more fun than I think it will be.
Stole this from Ky. Something weird happens to me in the snow and I look like a boy. The snow was the most packable snow I've ever experienced and I could make stands in the blink of an eye. Other great things that happened this weekend were: driving with kylee, golf balls with faces on them, nuts, me and nat rocking sequence, game juje, sledding, shawshank, listening to weird-o music, and lots of laughing. My only regret is not making Riana get on the rafters again.