Tuesday, November 23, 2010

La Cognata Time

JSYK you might get bored reading this unless your last name is LaCognata.

We made a quick trip to California this weekend to go to my Grandma's funeral. It was an insane trip and reminded of the good ole' days of road trips with the LaCognata's. Even though we're all grown up now, it was no different. Thankfully, we flew to California and avoided our inevitable break down, that happens no matter what car we take.

Those trips were so miserable at the time and I do not know what Peg and John were thinking taking four kids and dog in a sketchy van to California. I'm real glad they did though, because the memories are the best. If we weren't broken down, Lindsay was puking, or I was smearing candy all over my face. One year, on our way to Bear Lake, our misfortune started real early. We were pulling out of Vista Drive and realized that the back of the van did not get closed tightly. All our stuff (that took us hours of strategic packing to fit everything) was the road. The sleeping bags were rolling down the street and almost made it down the hill. We pulled over and all scrambled in between cars to get our stuff, and after that bad omen, we thought it was still a good idea to go. About a half hour later, in Centerville, Lindsay was already car sick. That's right, nothing but freeway, but she couldn't take it and threw up all over. It was usually about a four hour drive to Bear Lake. Perhaps, this is why we can relate so well to the Griswold's. But anyway...

The LaCognata's were airborne for the first time, and it was so great. Peg and John had to take an early flight on the way there, and it's a good thing because they were able to prepare us for everything. John called us multiple times to make sure that we were going to make the flight. The second time he called I pretended we were just waking up and he did not think it was very funny. He made a call to tell us that there was snow on the way to airport and to leave earlier than we had planned. This gave us two and half hours to kill instead of just two. We roamed around and made fun of people, we saw the McAllister's running to catch their plane and wished them luck, we ate an early lunch, and accepted a magazine from a lady during the announcement that said not to accept anything from strangers. We are so bad at "airporting". John then called us to tell us that they landed, and to warn us about the "low-key" airport at Long Beach. "It's not like SL or LAX, I just wanted to warn you. You walk right off the plane onto the tarmac." I told him we'd be ready, and we were.

Once we got to California, and reunited with some long lost family members, me, mike and linz concluded that we are doomed to craziness. It just comes with the name.

It was a fun little trip with a million inside jokes. I always knew we had a lot of inside jokes as a family, but I didn't realize how fast we can accumulate them. We got some good ones this trip that will probably last for a long time.

I love my family, they are so great. It was good to hang out without kids for a little while and re-get to know each other.

This is us at the funeral.
I'm so grateful for my Grandma LaCognata. She had an awesome name that I used to brag about in Elementary and made my friends memorize: Donna-Zetta Gibson Fox Lawver LaCognata. She gave me the name LaCognata. She raised my dad, she gave him his tendency to worry, but also his capacity to love and quirky sense of humor. I'm so excited for her and that she can finally be reunited with her husband after living for over 40 years without him.

I can't wait for Thanksgiving to see everyone and play with a million babies.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Brag City

I have been on top of the world this week. Watch out, I may be a bragger-blogger for a minute. I have written 20 total pages of papers this week. I was thinking the quality was probably horrible, I did not have time to go back and revise and/or edit so I had no idea what I was even writing most the time. I was just cranking papers out. Today I got one of them back (I love when teachers are fast at grading) and my teacher said you get the gold star, this was probably the best paper in the bunch. He is a great teacher and because he expects so much it makes me write better. I felt ten feet tall. It was a great ending to such a busy week. I realize that everyone is probably thinking, she had the best paper in the bunch, who are the chumps in her class? But I promise I write like a scholar in the real world. When I blog, I pretty much just barf up all my weird thoughts onto the computer screen.

I have also been so good at work. Yesterday I won $25 because I am awesome at making people pay back their loans. In the work meeting, I had so much to say and my boss kept talking about how great all my feedback was. He came back to my desk after the meeting and asked my opinion on a bunch of new policies and kept saying, "yeah, that's what I thought too". May not sound like a big deal to you, but just take my word for it, it really is.

I don't know what happened to me this week but I really love the way I feel. I think this must have been how it felt to be chosen to work in the ALL store at Highland Elementary.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

phoens, i mean phones

For some reason, I have an issue with phones. Every one I touch gets ruined. Currently my phone is having a lot of issues. They're just little problems, nothing way essential, just annoying that they don't work. For example, it can't make noise. I found that out the hard way when my alarm was silent and it tried waking me up with just a lit up phone-strangely enough it woke me up. Also, the down arrow doesn't work so I have to go up to get to everything, it's really hard to get to some things. I can't hear anyone when they call, so it's all one sided conversations. And the last and probably most annoying feature is that the delete key doesn't work, so texts can get really confusing. Here are a few real life examples: "Just let me know when its i mean you are dyn i mean done." and "Thanks sipter, i mean sipter, i mean sister." I think it's really funny to say "i mean" more than twice in a text and they've been getting me laughing pretty good, mostly because the recipients must be so confused. It's harder than it seems, you try not deleting ever. One good thing is that my texting accuracy is really improving though.

If you know of a very durable long lasting phone, let me know. I think it's time for my next victim.