Tuesday, August 24, 2010

HAGS (had a great summer)

I've been thinking about quitting this whole blogging thing, I'm really not cut out for it. But then I went back through a bunch of old posts and it reminded me why I did it in the first place, I'm really glad to have all those good times documented. So, for now, I will continue on in the madness.

Summer happened and it was pretty cool. Not as cool as '09 :Live Summer, but nothing will ever compare to that. School has been starting up all over Logan, and I feel so bad for the little suckers in their cute new school clothes. Then I realized that I start next week, and I don't even have new school clothes, so really, I'm the sucker. I miss school clothes and the "back to school" Fashion Show we used to have at Kylee's house. We'd eat popcorn and judge everyone's outfits and it was so much fun. I usually only lasted the first couple rounds (1st and 2nd day of school) before I ran out, but I still loved it. I miss that.

Anyway, some cool things that I don't want to forget about this summer will now be listed...
-New roommate, Anneleise and her antics
-Working the pools with Riana
-Taco Tuesday-so much better during the summer
-Floating Cutler (a not-so-fast moving stream that is most enjoyable at night)
-Anneleise almost losing her car in Cutler
-Biathlon with Brandon
-Highland Fling
-Sports days at the LaCognata's
-Baby photo shoots and family ties
-Weird get togethers at the Orton's
-Tennis Tournament (1st place, nbd)
-Picking raspberries at the Malouf's
-Getting way good at Volleyball
That's all I can think of right now...and in case you don't believe me, here's some proof.

Funnel Cake in Long Beach at a messed up place.

4th of July, it was 2 degrees. Nate wanted to be the flag, and he got pretty close.

Fireworks in a sketchy town where we almost got r-ed.

Biathlon with Brandon, we were very excited to finish.

Willy was really on one.

He's wondering where his twin is

Photo shoots with 4 babies and Averi, not the best idea, but I do love this picture.

Cousin reunion '10. Still missing like 42 cousins in this picture.

See ya Summer.