Friday, July 2, 2010

no one told me

I went on my first plane ride this week. Unfortunately I got there with plenty of time to spare and didn't get to reenact Home Alone. Next time, I guess.

But as for the plane ride itself, it was majestic. No one told me how beautiful it is to be above the clouds. All I heard was that the planes aren't as smooth riding as they look on the movies and that it's really loud and that you always have to sit next to fat people. But no one told me about the clouds! I was all smiles staring out my window. No one told me that planes go so fast that you go through time warps, I was honestly only on the plane for 20 minutes, max. My ipod can prove it, I only got through a few of the songs on my aviation play list. I love flying. For some reason I couldn't stop thinking of the Wright Bros while I was flying, I know they were watching me and were proud to see someone so appreciative of their genius invention.

Then I hopped off the plane at LAX and got lost in a matter of seconds. I followed some people down to where I thought my uncle would be waiting for me, but he wasn't there. There at the bottom of the escalator was Nate, cutie pie holding a sign that read "LaCognata". It was precious and made me smile like an idiot the whole way down the escalator.

California is great and my cousins are way too smart for their own good. I've learned so many new words already. They must think I'm a real idiot, today Connor asked me, "do you know who the Lakers are?" Just because I don't know how to use fancy words in every day conversation doesn't mean I can't watch basketball.

I've let them play way too many video games and I feel like I'm ruining their genius little brains and destroying any potential they have. And if the video games don't do it, the sunburn I gave 'em today will give em skin cancer for sure. I'm going to be a horrible mother.