Monday, June 28, 2010

Powell Pals

It's been far too long since I went to Lake Powell. I was worried I would never go again and that I definitely would never has as much fun as I did with the good ole' Rovigs and company. We had some good times down there. I often dream about going again and would go with almost anyone who invited me, probably even if it was Wanda Barzee. (kya, 2010)
But thankfully the Utley family invited me instead. They are very welcoming and had no problem bringing a couple of strangers to their family reunion. I felt like a part of the family almost instantly, after the initial hateful judging looks we got as we rolled up. We were all best friends by the end. As soon as we got out of our denimstuff and into our swimsuits the fun literally never stopped.

We ate way too many punch bags.
We formed a weird club, weird because Riana was the president. We all just followed her around and did whatever she wanted.
We had book club that lasted about 3 minutes before we were all either hot, asleep or bored.
And Riana and I kayaked to some cliffs and got real good and sore. Later we became bioracers and kayaked bodies across the lake, Cary and I won. I am such a good bioracer.
We played a lot of scrabble and used way too many fake 2-letter words. And watched an anti-climatic lunar eclipse. Thanks to Pat and the fam. It's risky to go on trips with strangers, but I learned that strangers aren't as bad as my parents used to tell me. Strangers don't always mean danger.

Monday, June 7, 2010

I live a good life

Summer is flying by, and all this good time off school is being wasted on rainy days. It will not stop raining, but when it does, we sure make it count. So far, we've been to Summerfest (a fun townsy thing) we went to farmers market, played so much volleyball, and tennis and started swim lessons. We went to porcupine for a dutch oven cookout and later a good camp session.
I forgot how beautiful it is there, but I never will forget again thanks to Juje's constant reminders as we drove there. Thanks to our friend Andy and his handy hookups we got to canoe across and camp on the other side. The ride was exhilarating and so beautiful. I also found out that due to an accident last year, I now have a phobia of tipping canoes. It was a good time with some weird company.
A couple weeks ago I became a real bi athlete. I participated in my first multi-sport race. It was weird and fun. I had a sorry excuse for a bike and hope to get a real bike someday so the other competitors will take me seriously. Brandon and I did it together, and he beat me by about 10 minutes. I blame it on the bike, but it probably has more to do with the fact that I only did one bike training session before the race. I'll be more ready next time. I have
pictures, but am sick of waiting for them, so just take my word for it.

We recently made a trip up to Bear Lake to participate in the annual Bear Lake Marathon, 1/2 and 10k. This year we went the wussy route and just did the 10k, but it ended up being a good decision because everyone who ran the 1/2 and marathon got very dirty and looked les miserables. Here are some pictures I stole

The night before the race we stayed at Dusty's cabin. It's a cute little cabin with so much character. I loved it there and want to live there for a little while.

We all finished in pretty good time despite some issues we were experiencing. Janelle did great for her first race and I hope she becomes our new race buddy for life.
That's about all I can cover right now. See ya in a month!