Friday, March 19, 2010

california knows how to party

Torrance, jump on it! Spring Break with Aunt Laura never disappoints. She was yet again the best host ever. Gift bags, fresh towels every day, homemade cookies, and the best sandwiches. This is why we utilized almost every mode of transportation to get to her house. We came by car, train, bus, and plane. And it's true what they say, they really do got more bounce in California.

giant pineapple

most awkward we've ever been

best parts of the trip:
-claim jumper. "they just put two words together that don't make sense at all"
-"lets just skip the ocean"
-"can i just park my own car?" "no, valet only!"
-pacific coast highway
-fighting about being lost
-reading every sign we ever passed
-"going" to church
-sun baby
-juje's weird song for showing our path along the map
-realizing we're slaves to our candy addictions
-awesome beach game
-boogie boardin

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I am overcome by love for Juje. She is serenading me. Her voice is incredible, and the quiet strumming of her guitar strings is perfect. She has more passion than anyone I know. It is filling me up with joy. I am bobsessed with her. I wish I had that power over people. I am under her spell. I have chills all over. Juje, please never go so long without playing your guitar again. While we're on the topic of Juje...I feel I should pay tribute to her other perhaps equally as awesome talents. She is a wonderful cook, I wish I could whip things up like her. She has the best bad attitude. She's got so much heart. She is such a good listener. She makes everything so much more fun. She is very scholastic. She is beautiful and doesn't even know it. She is hilarious, and has some of the best quotes. She is a great lil' lady. That's all.
See what her singing does to me. Makes me all sappy and creepily in love with her.
I really need to learn how to sing and play guitar.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We can see you!

I hate people that stare at themselves in window reflections. Why don't they realize that there are people on the other side. We can see you and you look like an idiot. And most of us hate you.