Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I am way too proud of my Italian heritage, it's honestly annoying. But I am working on a project for my culture diversity class where I get to learn about my heritage and culture and then write a paper on it. This may be the first time where I can't stop myself from researching long enough to write the actual paper. I am completely captivated. It has always been a secret goal of mine to go live in Sicily for a couple months and do family history and just be engulfed in that culture. Today I found out that my ancestors were more specifically from Ragusa, Italy. I started looking at pictures of this place and it convinced me to go. I have ta.
I have to go now. I am going to start saving and hopefully I'll be able to make it there soon. I would love to spend my summer there, but that is not too realistic.
I am so proud to be a LaCognata and I secretly want to make my husband take my name because I do not want to part with it. Perhaps, that's the underlying reason why I keep putting off getting married. I am going to Sicily. And I will ride on the back of a scooter with a handsome Italian man just like Lizzy McGuire.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Right on Target.

I miss '09 a lot already. But 2010 looks cool so I'm gonna give it a chance. I accomplished a lot this last year. I looked at my goals from 2009 and my laziness while making the goals really paid off, because I was able to complete every single goal on the list. Some of them were: -Don't miss too much class -Read your textbooks more -Don't be as mean and -Run a marathon. I remember thinking they were the worst goals ever while I was making them but that still didn't stop me. They were vague, with no time limit, and really no way to measure the success of them, and the one about the marathon was completely unrealistic. It's sad because my father really did teach me better, he is a goal fiend.
But, maybe it's better to make horrible goals because I am seriously proud of myself for some sick reason. I didn't miss TOO much class, and I think I really was not AS mean as before. So, success. It's by a miracle alone that I ran that marathon, and most the time I have to convince that it really happened.
I haven't made any definite goals for this year yet, except one: go on a plane ride. preferably with natalie.
Another goal is to get a car, that one is already accomplished though. After two and half years of riding my bike and bumming rides off of everyone I know, it was time. I can't wait to be a real person, and finally be takin' seriously.