Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's on!

Gingerbread contest '09

Mike and Kim working on their beach house for Santa's after Christmas getaway.

Hay and Nate-ivity.
Linz and Brandon didn't take the contest very seriously this year, they mostly just goofed off as depicted in this shot. And then they wonder why they lost the competition.
Mostly everyone said it was a tie between the nativity and beach house, but if you think about the real reason for the season, you'll know who the real winners are.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cabin Fever

CABIN 2009!
I already miss 2009.

I love when the gnomes are on location. It was such a great little getaway.
The weekend was full of snow, good food, laughter, snow, conversation, and more snow. It was the perfect way to end finals week.
some of my favorite quotes from the weekend, that are still gettin me:
"this pizza is crisps"
"it's kinda yeasty"
"i would rather wrench both my knees" (juje explaining why she isn't a skier)
"you have your eye something?!"
"you'll wake me up, won't you remote?"
other unforgettable moments:
-riana playing taboo
-juje playing anything
-the rafters
-sardines and finding out mckay is scared of the dark
-hiking to church
-locking ourselves out of the cabin
-riana calling her dad to tell him we locked ourselves out of the cabin
-home alone
-mckay bustin' up during mrs. doubtfire
-nat and i sucking it up at pool
-the land line
-mara playing nuts
-juje answering to her raging sisters
-the moment at sunday dinner when nat and i realized the same thing at the same time
-truman actually making an appearance
-colin letting us boss him around from the rafters
-dale always looking out for us
Can't believe it was a whole year ago the gnomes were on location in Hurricane. That year went way too fast!

Friday, December 4, 2009

True Blooded Aggie

My favorite day of the year is when we go pick out a tree and then walk it home. People loved us this year, we had a jolly black man on a bike yell, "Merry, Merry Christmas!" and a family in a truck that stopped and asked us where we live and if they could help us home with it, luckily we were smart enough to know it was just a trick to steal the tree from us.
We got home, decorated the tree while listening to Christmas music on the record player. Then we cozy-ed up to a roarin fire and watched the lights bounce around on the glass ornaments. Our house has a strong scent of pine that engulfs you when you walk in the room. The new arrangement is intimate and encourages meaningful conversation.

The second best thing to happen this week was the huge basketball game on Wednesday. BYU vs. USU. This year the cougars finally mustered enough courage to show their sorry A's at the infamous Spectrum, and chances are it'll be years before they return again. They got destroyed. The line outside the Spectrum started days before the game, people were camping out in tents and when the big day finally came the line grew and grew all day long. We got there about two hours early and by that time we would've had no chance of getting in, but we found some nice people close to the front of line. It was so cold, but so worth it. We ran some laps to stay warm and played stupid games to pass the time. The good news is that we made it! We got in. There were thousands that weren't as fortunate but we fought our way in. The energy in the Spectrum was insane! Since everyone in there had to fight to get, they had to be dedicated fans, thus there was no one sitting or "too cool" for the Scotsman or the demoralizing cheers. It was epic. I love Aggie Basketball. I love the Spectrum and the cleverly bad sportsmanship. I'm so proud to be an Aggie.