Sunday, November 29, 2009

Joys of Aunthood

My family makes it very hard to forget the fact that I am single. I don't mind being single that much, I actually rather enjoy it, although I do miss out on all the married club benefits like getting matching pants, sleeping in a bed, and having a partner for competitions and such. That is why this Thanksgiving I am so grateful to have my niece/best friend Averi. It's just been me and her for quite some time now, and we have grown to be bff's forever.
Now I have a new niece and nephew and they are both s'cute despite the fact that they are newborns. I love being the cool aunt. I love the children. This weekend was Baxter and Sienna's baby blessing and it was really neat to have everyone there and watch the babes get blessed. Averi is my girl. I had been looking forward to playing with her for a long time now. Due to an unfortunate series of events the one night I could have played with her all night I was trapped in Provo watching video games. I was so bummed. The guilt trips from family coming in via text message didn't help much. It is a little ridiculous how upset I was that I couldn't play with her, but that just illustrates the strong bond we have. Just when I thought I could not get any more sad, my brother told me how sad Averi was. She drew a picture of a girl with a frown that said something like "please come", and later that night when she was saying her prayers she prayed that she could "be good enough to play with hayley tomorrow". Then she ripped up the picture she drew.
Rip my heart out! I felt like such a failure. I love this rambunctious little girl, we have so much fun together. And I hope I never let her down again.

we have sleepovers

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Logan is getting so cold. It's going to be a long sad winter and I am not prepared. For some reason I keep telling myself that it can't be too cold yet because it's November, and technically its still Fall. This stupid reasoning has been getting me in a lot trouble lately, cold trouble. Thinking about that always remind me of Nate, Mara's Nate. Shout out to Nate; he believes you have to dress according to the seasonal equinoxes, meaning you can't wear a coat until Dec. 21, and you have to wear it until March 20, and then just a jacket until June 20. I love that reasoning. I love Mara's Nate, I can't wait to meet him soon.

I really wanted to remember this Halloween, because it was the weirdest I've ever had. I had to perform at the Howl aka naked nasty fest, and it was much more fun than expected. We did a messed up version of Alice in Wonderland. When we weren't dancing we were supposed to go throughout the line and scare/creep out the anxious party-ers. Anyone who knows me, also knows that it takes almost nothing to make me laugh and it's even worse when I am supposed to be serious, so that simple task proved to be much more challenging. By the end of the night I was an expert though, those sluts were so scared. I even started creeping myself out. A lot of funny things happened that night, like this freak on the company who was so into her character (mad hatter) that she damaged a lot of university property. Watching her trip over chairs, fall into people's laps and break the ticket table were the highlights of the night. It was a fun Halloween, but I did miss being with my friends. Next year I really want to have a group themed costume..i.e. gnomes.

This is the whole group
We were rabbits, and were supposed to look that miserable.
The end of the semester is coming quick and I cannot wait for a break. My little brain is all tuckered out. I can't wait to go home and play with my family, it's been too long since we were all together.