Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mountains and Magic

Logan is the most beautiful I've ever seen it right now, at least since last year. The bike rides are magical, weaving in and out of the leaves covering the road, speeding down the hill and looking out over the whole valley that is painted a million different colors. I went for a run yesterday, it was maybe the best run of my life. I ran up the canyon, and found this awesome trail with tons of trees covering it and had leaves falling all around me. I turned off the music and soaked up all motha nature had to give to me. There were lots of fellow runners and as we passed each other we exchanged huge smiles, everyone up there was so in love with their lives at that point in time.

When I got home we got ready to be witches for the evening. After watching Hocus Pocus the night before, I was ready. It was so fun to be with all the Relief Society sisters dressed as witches, drinking brew, making pies, and cackling.
It was a treat to have Riana's mom there to teach us how to make pies and answer Mckay's important questions.
Mckay: "And what if you don't have one of those?"
Riana's Mom: "Well, then I guess you get one."
She wasn't trying to be a smart A, but Nat and I got a big kick out of it. A funny answer for a stupid question. Thankfully, she didn't stop with the ridiculous questions throughout the whole demonstration.

In other news, I finally have a nephew! I can't wait to tease him to death and to be his favorite aunt. Welcome to the world Baxter!