Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bear Lake.

One of the best boating days yet. The pictures say it all.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Top of Utah

It happened. I ran a marathon. It's okay if it's hard to believe, because I still don't really believe it. Nat and I have been training for months now. We've sacrificed alot of blood, tears, sweat, and barf (just natalie). We woke up every Saturday morning at about 5:30, sometimes earlier, to run. We walked like fools every Sunday, limping and gimping about, our poor feeble legs begging us to stop the madness. We suffered through injuries, muscle spasms, and stiffness and soreness beyond measure. But it wasn't all bad, and in fact I would probably do it all over again. I loved feeling energized and healthy. I loved driving the course with Natalie on Saturday mornings when it was still dark out and she would drive so illegal, on the wrong side of the road. I think she was unconsciously trying to kill us so that we wouldn't have to do the long run. We would laugh so hard, partly because it was way too early, partly because we were scared to death for what we were about to do and mostly because we really are that funny. I loved coming home and laying on the good carpet while drinking protein shakes and gatorade, and doing some weak stretches. I loved the feeling of accomplishment after a run that you thought you could never do. I loved Riana giving us massages the day after. I loved when Nat would make me eggs and toast just like my mother.Running into the finish line.
I loved being a part of the elite hard core running community and using cool terminology. Those life long runners are out of their minds! I loved the spiritual aspect of running and how I couldn't have done any of it without praying incessantly, sometimes aloud, the entire run. I loved running around this beautiful town, the canyon is so wonderful and it's cool to know it so well now. I especially love the bond between fellow runners, I feel closer to Nat and her sisters and all other "marathon runners". There's something about running that far and training that long that you can never understand until you do it.These are my wonderful supporters. It meant so much to have almost my whole family there cheering me on and running beside me as long as they could. My gnomes came and held posters, I could not ask for better roommates and best friends. I said I wanted signs that said homegirl on it, because it's my favorite thing to be called and they really pulled through. Riana and Natalie even ran with me for a few miles and kept me distracted during the hardest part mentally for me. Turns out the distance run was actually 26.7, a highway patrol man said there was an extra half mile added because they weren't able to close down the highways like was previously planned, so I took 5 minutes off my time to compensate. I finished in 4hrs 40min, it's a little upsetting that Oprah did her marathon ten minutes faster, but I just blame it on the fact that black people do everything better, so I don't feel too bad about it.

I am so glad it's over, it's always been on my bucket list and I can't believe I already accomplished it. I know I'm not done running yet and hopefully I can get involved with triathlons and relay runs so it's a little easier on my body.

Next week Natalie and her sisters run the St. George Marathon. I'm so excited to go watch and support them! Good luck Kaelee, Melissa and Nat! Finish before Oprah or else.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Welcome Gnome!

It started out as a heinous prank, as the weeks passed it became more apparent that this was no joke, but rather a vicious hate crime.

All the Gnomes were taken from our home.

The room once filled with friendly, adorable and perfectly innocent gnomes laid empty. We began the candlelight vigils. People started getting cutsy/clever/annoying and calling us the gnomeless home. We threatened, we raided houses and cars, we cried, we got serious, we offered rewards, but nothing. The unimaginative bandits played no games and got nothing out of it, except the loss of our friendship and gnomes' trust.

After what felt like an eternity, the Gnomes were finally returned. None of them had a scratch on them, but they were pretty shaken up when we found them. From the looks of it they had spent the whole duration of their captivity crammed into boxes. The note that accompanied them was offensive and unappreciated, and most of all confusing. The captors were mad at us. They were mad at us because they stole our gnomes. I don't get it.
The important thing is that it they are back.
We took turns cradling each of them and welcoming them back.Candice is right where he belongs.

Despite what the gnome-nappers were trying to teach us, the only thing we learned is that we definitely need more gnomes.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

In the zone.

Yesterday marked my last "long run" before the marathon. It was the most confusing run of my life. Nat and I drove up the to the same place the marathon will take place. We clocked the 20 miles we had to run leaving water bottles at 3 mile increments to keep hydrated and also help us keep track of our mileage. Something strange happened on that run that I still don't quite understand. According to the clock, and our bodies we had only about 3 miles, but the water bottle station told us otherwise, apparently we were really at 5. We should not have been there that fast, and we should not have felt that good. It got weirder as the run went on, when we reached the 11 mile marker, it felt like we'd only gone 8, and the amount of time it took us to get there was just not realistic. We would have had to have been hauling, but it felt like we were taking it pretty easy... we got home, and I felt good. I knew there was no possible way that it was 20 and something had to have been wrong with the 'mileage counter' in her car. But we went back up in a fancy car, fan-cy ca-ar and we were completely shocked to find out that we did indeed run 20. We were in twilight zone. It was great because it was so distracting, and I spent the majority of the run doing equations in my head trying to figure it out. I hope at the real marathon they post the wrong mile numbers so I can be confused and not think about running.

2 weeks and counting, I'm getting so excited to defeat it, and be done with it. I'm excited for running to stop running my life.