Tuesday, July 7, 2009

America the Beautiful.

We went to the infamous ranch not too long ago. It turned out to be a complete disaster.
Exhausted after we played "Michael's tag"
Possibly the hardest I've ever laughed, on the back of a four wheeler at least. Nat-lie and I struggled to hold on, thankfully Dale was wearing the perfect shirt that came equipped with handles fastened with a sturdy button. He was also very helpful preparing us for what was to come by yelling things like "brace!" and when there was any kind foliage coming up and we needed to duck, he yelled "folage!", it's purposely misspelled, that extra syllable would have taken too much time and it would've been too late to get out of the way.
Natalie is so great in this picture.

Some other things we've been up to:
Rafting Oneida. Juje just about died, it was funny, but sad and a close call.

Bridge jumpin

True friends watch fireworks in a circle.

The Fourth of July was great as always. I'm pretty sure that it is my favorite holiday, it never disappoints. This year I got to camp out in my back yard in the Taj Ma-Cog with my favorite brother and niece. Then we ate a nice American breakfast and headed home to Logan. I got home at the most perfect time due to an Independence Day miracle, and we headed to Idaho for an epic rope swing swarming with white trash and bad mouths. The people there were great, a few of them I never want to forget, like the poor slave boy who lives there and risks his life daily to throw the rope back to every jumper, and the girl in the cheetah bikini who swore right before she hit the water and right when she came out every single time.
When we came back we headed to the cruise-in, AKA the best thing to ever happen to Logan. I didn't know Logan had it in it to throw such a party. The streets were lined with people until about 2a.m. and every truck in the valley was draggin' main with people oozing out of the truck bed. We decided to go on a late night ride and see what kind of trouble we could get in. We ended up gettin' 10 hollas, 2 high fives, 7 honks, 3 nips, 1 crack, and 1 "best woman in the world" award. Mooch's has made Mckay quite the celebrity among the white trash of this city, it's funny that everyone knows her as the "gas station" girl.

In other news, I have started physical therapy. It's great, I feel like I'm some hard core athlete. It's real painful and hard, but a good kind of hard. My hip will be back in commission in no time.