Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm Paralyzed!

The gnomes and I have been training and gearing up for quite some time now. And today it all paid off. We spent the night in Bear Lake so we could be ready to run at the crack of dawn. We were able to stay in a palace of cabins with an incredible view of the lake and all kinds of toys. We went out rode four wheelers while the affordable cleaners finished their job. It was so fun to be on the back of Riana's four wheeler, I trusted her so bad, and we looked good together.
Helmeted. Just enjoying the view, and critiquing Mckay's running form.
It was such a funny day. I wish Mckay only got 4 hours of sleep every day, and I think I'll start taking puffs albuterol more often, it made me feel way weird and made me laugh way too much.
This is the girls' quarters. 3 bunk beds with pink comforters. There is a boys' room opposite this one, with 3 bunks with blue comforters. It's adorable. As cute as it was, I hope I never have to sleep there again, it was the roughest night ever. Almost none of us slept, just tossed and turned.
At about 2:00 am:
Me: (big sigh), "kill me" in a whisper
Nat: "Oh good, I thought I was the only one not sleeping"
Juje: "I can't either."
And then we were back at it, fightin' to fall asleep.
I finally remembered how to fall asleep at about 3am, and at 5:01, just two hours later the alarm went off, and then it was time.

Nat and I left at 6am to catch the "last busses" to the beginning of the course. We were scoping the competition and choosing all the people we planned on beating. As we exited the bus the bus driver said, "Good luck, and don't break a leg!" Simple, but good advice. Then we got to wait for an hour and half in the freezing cold rain until everyone got their sorry A's up to the starting line. Finally it was time to begin and after just .10 miles, a sign read 13 more miles! It was a little overwhelming, but slowly it worked it's way down and before I knew I was passing the finish line with my supportive roommates yelling and screaming SO loud! Right before I came into the finish line, a guy in a wheelchair passed me, using only his arms to travel all those miles, it was so inspiring. I just about started crying, partly because of his dedication, and partly because my legs were in so much pain and beggin me to stop the insanity.
My other favorite fellow runner on the course was this old guy, probably in his upper 70's. I chose him as the person I would beat, which makes it sound like I'm not being a very ambitious goal-setter, but you should've seen this guy. I'm pretty sure he chose me as the person he would beat too because we were neck and neck the majority of the race. He was so cute, and he ended up beating me, not by too much, but he did. I blame it on the fact that he's been doing it alot longer, and on my bum hip.

Here we are! Riana, Juje and Mckay all did the 10k and did so great! It was so fun to be there all together and to accomplish such a feat with all of them.
This picture is great for three reasons: 1. Riana and her sweat bib and amish outfit, 2. Juje's face. 3. Riana's hand cupping my neck. We are all now suffering severe paralysis, we are a pathetic sight.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Injuries and Demotions

We are down to just one week til the race. I am so excited about it, and I love that all the gnomes will be participating. I am looking for someone to do some hip replacement surgery, but the recovery period needs to be about 3 days, if you know anyone please let me know. I got diagnosed, and by that I mean that I diagnosed myself with the help of 'Yahoo! Answers' with a strained left hip flexor. It hurts real good and my left leg goes numb after a while of running. It doesn't seem like the best idea for me to run the half this Saturday, but I've worked too hard not to. I will probably walk the whole time and be bawling by the end, half from shame, half from pain, and half from feeling like a failure. That's 3/2, improper fraction, oops.

Yesterday we all played tennis for a good two hours, it was a joyous occasion. You wouldn't know from looking at me, but I really did thoroughly enjoy it. Nat and Riana are naturals and will soon bypass me in my skills, but that's alright.

Good news and bad news: my place of employment is going under. I got a message from my boss a couple days ago that said don't worry about coming into work the next couple of days. It was nice not to work, but not very nice knowing that soon I won't have job to look forward to missing. The future of the company looks optimistic, but people are getting "reassigned positions" aka demoted, all over the place.
So there you have it.
Pray for my recovery, and please embrace the limp bizkit I am and will be for the rest of the summer.