Saturday, May 23, 2009

what you see is what you get

I have never been ashamed of the moles on my face. On occasion, I even take pride in them. Probably because no one has ever commented on them, or thought that I just had something on my face, or tried to get it off. Not until today at least. Three people told me I had something on my face and Brooke even licked her thumb and began rubbing away at it, but that mole wasn't going anywhere, and isn't going anywhere. It's here, get used to it.

Summer is also here and I am loving it. I'm really excited about all the goals the gnomes and I have set, some of them include:
-Marathon '09
-10 pull ups by the end of summa
-Getting good/better at sand volleyball
-Reading lots of books
-Cartwheel on the slackline
-Improving our tennis games
Juje and I started playing tennis together this week and we had some really great times. Both were filled with rage, the only difference was that on the first outing we were able to harness the anger into playing good. Why were we so mad? Because a group of puke lil 13-14 yr. olds in sickening gym clothes were yelling obscenities at us. "Get off the court, bi's!" over and over again. Didn't their mothers teach them to respect women? I was fuming. It was one of the times I wish that I flipped people off, or mooned them, or beat the crap out of strangers for no real reason besides they made me mad. But I don't, and never have and it seems like a waste to start now. So I just listened to the little pieces yell and got all riled up on the inside. Then we found a court away from the snots and played like champs. Second outing, not so good. Anger and rage, yes. But ability to play was completely lost. We threw several tantrums and yelled so loud we scared the children and worried the mothers at a park nearby. It felt so good to let it out, screaming and punching the whole way home was therapeutic. I may never play tennis again after the experience, but it was hilarious and memorable.

Some of the goals already accomplished:
-Getting ready for the day more often
-Meeting new friends
-Wizardry/Warlock night
-Garden/grass (in progress)
Training is going great. Ran 10 today, without my trustee partner to pace me, but my pace was still pretty good. I have some fatty blisters, but I don't blame my shoes. Bananas are changing my life, they are a miracle fruit, whether it's placebo effect or not, I can't be sure, but it doesn't really matter. All I know is that I feel invincible when I eat them and my muscles love them. Riptide rush is one of the best things ever, and today proved to be motivation enough to keep me running-turns out it doesn't take a lot.

And then there were none...

Today Madie got hitched marking yet another one of my best friends marriages. It was a great day and she looked beautiful as usual.
Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one bites the dust
Hey, I'm gonna get you too
Another one bites the dust

I had never related this song to marriage until today. But it's pretty perfect for it. People are getting married like it's going out of style, all the single ladies are droppin' like flies. I really need to go easy on the cliches/metaphors, but it's so easy to do when talking about such a subject matter. "hey, I'm gonna get you too" is taunting in this context. Marriage is on the prowl for everyone of us, and it will get us too.
Watch out.

It was weird to not be a bridesmaid, it seems like I always get appointed, but not this time. I tell myself it's because Madie knows I would be unwilling to wear pink (one of her colors), but only because I don't want to face the possibility that maybe I just wasn't cutting it as a best friend.
The wedding was a blast from the past, without Brendan Frasier. I saw way too many people that I thought I was done with, and had given 'em up for . I don't know if it's just me being selfish or what, but when I don't see people I just figure they aren't living anymore. The worst part is how surprised I am when I find out that they are.
In addition to that profound lesson, I also learned that napkins with dye on them only make mess worse, people don't change-Limbeck was right, and I love Highland 11th more than anything. Seeing the ward members always makes my heart so happy, it's truly like family. I love the generation below me, they are all way cool, but not the kind where they know it. Just the genuine kind. I fear the day when there will be no more cool kids to carry on this great legend.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

when i get older, i will be stronger

Life is so good these days. Finals are over and Logan is a ghost town. I secretly love when everyone leaves for the summer, it means only the really cool and hard core people are left, and all the brainiac nerds that are there for school are gone! Riana put it so well when we drove past some people packing up and leaving, "good riddance!!"

Riana is gone to D.C. and it's bittersweet. Bitter because she's gone and less entertainment, but sweet because of the textual updates about what she's doing, seeing Obama in his pajamas, the crazy itinerary the fam is following, and the people on her plane.

I just celebrated my 20th birthday. That's right, I'm no longer a teenager. The birthday was so much better than expected. It all started with possibly the best gift I've ever been received. Drumroll please.... a SNUGGIE! It was so thoughtful. I never thought I would own one, though I have fantacized about having one since I first saw them. It was from Collin and Traci. They had us over for a mexican themed dinner and dessert and some "AI". Natalie broke some dishes-typical. The gnomes all shared in my enthusiasm when I opened it, it was like it was all of our birthdays. It looks great on, and fortunately one size fits all. It's so whimsical and warlock-looking-I can't wait until wizardry night!
I especially love that one of the uses is for cuddling, holding babies can get SO cold!
Riana got me a cute lil cactus plant which really brightens up the rape room and a motha cinnamon roll for breakfast. Nat and Juje got me a henna kit so we can tatt it up this summer. Brech got me such a good and thougtful present, he didn't say there was a theme, but I'm pretty sure if there was one it would've been "everything hayley is obsessed with": planet earth, gnome books, chapstick, steak, and funfetti cake! Brooke sent me some goodies, and Kya sent me a golden, knocking cat, it was such a good surprise.
I didn't mean this to turn into an inventory of birthday gifts, but it did so deal with it.

I'm now a full time working lady and surprisingly I don't even hate it. Co-workers are great, customers are funny and it's always exciting wondering what our new company name will be, it changes every two weeks.

K'naan, Wavin' Flag is the last little magic in my life. I can't get enough of this song, it is getting me. Especially this line, "Cause we just move forward like Buffalo Soldiers"
That line got me through work today, I just kept moving on like a Buffalo Soldier.