Friday, April 24, 2009

My Time to Shine.

It happened. I lost my voice.

Those who know me know that this is quite possibly the biggest feat of my life. Despite my many attempts, the closest I have ever gotten is a borderline rasp. Ever since I can remember I have been trying to lose my voice but have never been successful. Erica and I would scream in a raspy tone for hours and hours and nothing, I made Madie cough on me when she got sick and lost her voice, but still no results.

I heard once that Celine Dion can't even talk on the days that she has a concert or else she'll lose her voice. She has to whisper or sign the whole day. Oh, to have such fragile vocal cords. Maybe it's because she pounds on her chest so hard when she sings, I'll have to start incorporating that.

My voice box is too strong. I bet it would take way more than 15 pounds of pressure to crush that little tin box in my throat.

On April 20, 2009 I got the closest I have ever been. My voice began shorting out, and it was high and airy and barely comprehensible. My fifteen minutes of fame only lasted about 10 minutes and then my super human voice box strengthened itself back up and restored the damaged vocalization.

And before I could whisper good-bye, my voice was back.

-One more really good memory that has to do with voices:
Kylee cried when we watched this movie.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To the Arts

This semester I enrolled in a class devoted to "culturing" students. Though the class is not quite over, I am proud to report that I am now oozing with culture. I have seen it all. Through this journey I discovered Black Violin, they are wonderful! It's the perfect study music, stimulating but not boring enough to put you to sleep. Just listen and embrace.
Thank you, Arts Symposium. Cheers.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Baby Animal Day

Three words: Baby Animal Day. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate the Easter season than going around and petting and holding baby animals. Animals are great and all, but I'm mostly fine admiring them from a distance, but put a "baby " in front of it and I want in. Pigs. They're alright. Baby pigs, cutest things in America. (Someone told me today that pigs are the new dogs, what? They said that pigs will soon replace the dog as 'man's best friend'! Who are these people? And have they ever seen Babe? Pigs are not loyal, and Babe ruined anything they had goin' for them.)

Anyway, lots of babies all over the place! Some other wonderful highlights of this blessed event included: watching a sheep be sheared, Riana almost stealing a baby goat, the crying little girl who had to tell Riana to step away from the goat, crazy Indian man that was holding a leather pouch with a human shaped baby inside, pony rides, the 1917 house and the man who used the same one-liner on every guest, and probably my favorite thing was that we ally sneaked in. We fully intended on paying the outrageous $8 it cost, but somehow we didn't see the one hundred signs that said "tickets" until after we had already stolen a whole lot of fun. We bought some neat hair barrettes from the Indians though, so we feel like we're even.
Stealing fun is the best thing to steal, because even if you get caught, they can't make you return it, they can't take your memory (not yet at least...steal as much as you can.)
I do find it just a little ironic that we snuck into an Easter-like celebration, a little counterproductive.
NOT a baby.
Baby lambs are my favorite
kind of baby, besides the humans.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A couple nights ago I attended the art lecture by Frank Warren on his project called PostSecret. I got there just as it was starting and the place was packed. I sat in between two fanatics of this man and his project. I didn't know much about it going in and by the end I was a fanatic too.

Frank is a collector of secrets. He's got a mighty good collection too. The simple concept of the project was that completely anonymous people decorate a postcard and portray a secret that they had never previously revealed. There are only a couple of conditions that must be followed:that it must be completely truthful and must never have been spoken before. Entries range from admissions of criminal activity and confessions of secret desires, embarrassing habits, hopes and dreams.

After his little sh peal about his project, he let it be open mic for anyone who cared to share any secrets. I was appalled. People got up and shared things that they had never told anyone, and for good reason. I couldn't believe the things people were willing to share with this huge room of strangers, I suddenly wished I had a big secret, but the truth is...I don't really. There's no one that knows everything about me, but collectively I bet I have told everything there is to tell. I have been digging deep to find some, and I found a few, but nothing real good yet, I'm still working on it. I realize it's not a very noble cause, but you would want secrets if you heard this man speak too! The irony of it is that one of his goals to help people escape from their secrets and to share them, but it just inspired me to create some and then keep them.

These are just a few, but this is the blog that posts new ones periodically...